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Dose a sense of security mean much to you?How do you achieve that feeling?

dose there exist a sense of safety which really makes you comfortable?what is it that provides you with a sense of security?Money?Love?Career?or a successful relationship?

  • Feb 16 2014: I am secure in the fact that those people in this world that I care for know that I love them and will do anything I can for them. I am secure with who I am because I don't try to narrowly define myself, I just try to treat others how I would like to be treated. I think the need for security comes from not accepting the impermanence of this world. Nothing lasts forever, but if you commit yourself to doing the best you can with your time, you can at least be "secure" with the thought that you have wasted none of the little time we have here. I still worry about my loved ones, will they be safe, healhy, happy, but i cant protect them from every danger, disease, or strife. I cant live their lives for them and I wouldn't want to, that would deprive them of experiencing this life fully. Great question, a real headscratcher!
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      Feb 18 2014: Love can always secure everything.
      Can't agree with you more about the last sentence, I do really think they have the rights to experience or enjoy those danger,otherwise our life would be plain and mundane.
      As you said,to experience life fully.
      ^_^ merci!
  • Mar 12 2014: Security for me is freedom from the oppressive security messures placed by the authorities.
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    Mar 11 2014: .
    It does mean much.

    To achieve that feeling is easy
    If we know invalid happiness.
  • Feb 16 2014: One way is planning. I get paid once a month so I plan ahead of time all expenses and pay them immediately upon getting paid including budgeted food and other expenses. Then my basics are covered for the whole month and anything left over I can play with.
  • Feb 15 2014: Yes.

    Being able to share and offer this same sense of security to my family also means something to me.

    Being a good citizen and trying to constantly improve my community makes me feel secure. Avoiding dangerous places and practices makes me feel secure. Keeping a healthy sense of skepticism, situational awareness, and personal fitness also keep me secure.

    Working at my job and my marriage also offer a measure of security.

    In general, security in my life can be achieved by doing as much as I can to keep myself, my family, and my country safe and secure from external threats; by working and preparing to reduce the unknowns related to these things to the best of my abilities; and to realize there are some external threats and unexpected situations that will occur in life that will cause me some loss in security that might require help from others to overcome.

    My strategy is to keep myself prepared to handle as much of the unexpected as possible, to keep myself as independent from the help and support of others as hard work and preparation will allow, and when they occur, work through them to the best of my ability allowing other to help me if absolutely necessary. Similarly, I will try to help others through these things to the best of my ability when they need help.

    This sort of strategy enables you to enjoy life as you prepare for the unknown, to not waste time with worry or remaining idle, and to meet life challenges as you are faced with them.

    As you meet life's challenges, the magnitude and the number of challenges proportionally increases you confidence in your ability to meet new challenges, and even reduce apprehension about the unknown challenges. Although not written in law, you might also gain good will from others as you help them in trying times that can help you survive when you are over-whelmed by a situation.

    I think confidence and a reduction in apprehension increase your security. Both are a function of time.
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      Feb 18 2014: So,you mean that a safety on the mental level could survive any insecure feelings one has occurred materially?For instance,a man in poverty with confidence could still feel safe? I think this is a question related to the theory Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
      • Feb 18 2014: Yes.

        Security and happiness are not dependent on material possessions, although they can be related. An impoverished man can still feel safe in some sense, but perhaps at risk in others. Depends on the man and the situation.