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Is humility and success in the corporate environment mutually exclusive?

In a recent 1:1 meeting with my supervisor, she told me that my work product is excellent, but if I want to go further in the company, I am going to need to learn to sell myself.

I have always held to the assumption that my hard work will speak for itself. In addition, one of my personal goals for 2014 is to practice humility.

So my question to you......can one remain humble and still rise in the corporate environment?


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  • Feb 14 2014: There is being humble or being a wallflower. You can sell yourself and your ideas but sometimes you have to be forceful. Instead of asking a question, make a statement. Do not be the non-participant in meetings - that is a good way to be lost in the shuffle.

    I hate to say this but getting ahead fast means you have to be a squeaky wheel. If you do not mind taking a little longer, being the person that asks the right question (never be afraid of asking a question - even a dumb one) or making a statement. If that is not being humble, than you statement is correct.
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      Feb 15 2014: Wayne
      I appreciate your perspective. Humble or wallflower.....never thought of it that way. Great advice on making statements instead of asking a question.

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