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Can You Live a life without some self-deception?

'We were looking for nursery rhymes on the Internet and landed on a page that showed a 16th-century woodcut of a person being decapitated. As I was hurriedly scrolling elsewhere, she demanded to know what we had just seen. I said something silly like “That was an old and very impractical form of surgery.” This left her suitably perplexed, and she remains unaware of man’s inhumanity to man to this day. However, I doubt that even this lie was necessary. I just wasn’t thinking very fast on my feet.'

This little example, this momentary, singular slip, serves to establish Harris as nearly as human as the rest of us. Even moral absolutists can err, he implies, but they can mend their ways. But is there anything to mend here? What exactly is wrong with the way Harris responded to his daughter’s question?

  • Mar 20 2014: Showing Rhymes is good, But the solution is to take your kids to the zoo and tell them
    "Dear see the poor animals, Its a sin to put animals in cage. Think of yourself being in a cage not being able to play", This gives them an awareness that animals have every right to live free and they are no different from humans.

    Take them to an orphanage and tell them:
    "Dear , look at all those kids , Be thankful to your parents. This will make them a good parent"

    Our duty is to show the proper way to the next generation. For that, hiding some truths {hiding truths and lying are entirely different} are not wrong. Just my opinon.
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      Mar 20 2014: Excellent suggestions Prakar.

      '...hiding some truths...are not wrong...'
      A very good paraphrase.

      '...hiding truths and lying are entirely different...'
      Excellent point again although many wouldn't understand that.
      • Mar 21 2014: Hiding truth has been excellently observed in "the mahabarata" in the lives of "Drona" {The father of Aswathama}

        """ Knowing that it was impossible to beat drona conventionally, Dharma on advice from Lord krishna hid the truth and told Drona that Ashwatthama had been killed by Bhima (when in reality, Bhima had just killed an elephant of the same name). In despair, Drona drops his weapons and begins meditating, and while he is defenseless, he is decapitated by Dhristadyumna."""""

        In short:
        Drona had a son named Aswathama
        The pandavas knew that It is impossible to defeat Drona in the war.
        So they upon an advice from Lord krishna, Killed an Elephant in the name of Aswathama and told Drona that Aswathama Died.
        Drona got shaken and asked Dharma {The righteous Man and one of of the Pandavas} If Aswathama is dead.
        Dharma will never tell a lie in his life and hence said "Yes Aswathama is dead".
        Drona drops his weapons and begins meditating, and while he is defenseless, he is decapitated by Dhristadyumna."""""

        Here , Drona asked Dharma {Who never mediates from What is right}, Whether aswathama is Dead. Dharma will never tell a lie and he said "Yes Aswathama is Dead". Had Drona asked, If my Son Aswathama is dead, Dharma would surely had said, Yes Your son Aswathama is dead.

        This is the difference between Hiding truth and telling a lie.

        Even wikipedia did not understand the difference between lying and hiding truths.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ashwatthama
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          Mar 21 2014: I know the difference between Hiding truth and telling a lie. But I don't see the difference between "Yes Aswathama is Dead" and 'Yes Your son Aswathama is dead.' Do you mean there were two Aswathamas?
  • Mar 16 2014: We cannot begin to solve problems until we become aware of them. However, small children should be kept busy solving small children's problems. The correct response is to close the book, make meaningful eye contact, then, with more drama than the book itself, engage the kid with a small child's problem. If you can't think of one then let the book "staying closed whether you like it or not" be the problem. The exact problem here is that Harris was COMPLACENT.
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      Mar 16 2014: Great of you to pinpoint the exact problem Rodrigo. When Harris said: 'I just wasn’t thinking very fast on my feet.', maybe he was really being complacent.
  • Mar 21 2014: Poch Peralta,
    yes there were two Aswathamas.
    Since Dharma Will never tell a lie, Lord krishna gave an advice to kill an elephant named Ashwathama. Then they went to Drona and told that Aswathama Died. Drona will never believe anyone except Dharma as he is the most Righteous Man.

    Droṇa knew of Dharma's firm adherence to Dharma and that he would never ever utter a lie. When Droṇapproached Dharma and questioned him as to whether his son was truly slain in the battle by Bhīma, Yudhiṣṭhira responded with the cryptic Sanskrit phrase "Aśvatthāma hathaḥ iti, narova kuṃjarovā...." (Sanskrit: "अश्वत्थामा हतः इति, नरोवा कुंजरोवा..." meaning 'Aśvatthāma is dead. But, I am not certain whether it was a human or an elephant').

    Lord Krishna also knew that it was not possible for Dharma to lie outright. On his instructions, the other warriors blew trumpets and conches, raising a tumultuous noise in such a way that Drona only heard that "Aswathama is dead", but could not hear the latter part of Dharma's reply.

    This is called Hiding the truth.


    {Dharma has two names and other name is Yudhistra}
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      Mar 21 2014: Oh my dumb Prakar sorry. I read too fast and missed the elephant named Aswathama!
      Now I see the wisdom of what Lord Krishna did. Westerners call it parables---illustration of truths.