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Provide at-risk individuals with a framework for describing abuse and loaned or donated cameras so that they can document it

As a victim of child abuse, I developed PTSD. It has severely limited my life and given me time to really think: How could this have been prevented? In my case, I knew what was happening was wrong and that "abuse should be reported to the police," but I didn't know how to describe what was being done to me. Also, my parents made it clear that if I tried to tell, they would increase the abuse or kill me. In my mind, I needed to make sure that I could talk to the police without them present and be able to prove the abuse enough to make sure they took me away from my parents. Unfortunately, I was never able to safely and accurately tell someone and get help escaping.

What if there was a website or a dropbox at every police station and school where someone could write down their information and select from menus types of abuse. They would also have a space to go into whatever detail they could. With this, would be a 24hr chat room with a police therapist or a way to discretely contact you so that someone could give you guidance. Since our system is flawed and the burden of proof is often on the victim, they (or a non-profit partner) could provide you with a journal to document abuse and a discrete camera and/or tape recorder.This way you have a framework to help you talk about what is happening and a way to prove it. If I had had this, it would have made all of the difference in the world for me.

I know there are logistical concerns, but how can we start such systems nation - and world-wide?

(Addendum: Loaning or Donating cameras to (low income or at risk) minorities could also be used to curb police abuse/profiling and other, related concerns.)

  • Feb 16 2014: What they need is both audio/video spy cameras that cannot be detected. If they are caught being filmed the results would most likely be catastrophic. However video evidence is undeniable in court by either party.
  • Feb 16 2014: I video tape everything when I have trouble with a neighbor, landlord or any problem. Then if the police have to be called I don't say any thing I just show them the video and say you decide. When I moved into my apartment I video taped every problem that need to be fixed and faced with the evidence they decided to drop part of my move in cleaning deposit. It only takes a few minutes and saves all the posturing people like to argue about. There is no he said, she said stuff it is all there in living color and sound.
    I have also used two cameras to distract people, one hanging from my neck that is on all the time and one in my hands which I politely ask them about and start talking to them while fiddling with the camera pointed in another direction and obvious not at them like I don't know what I am doing. When I walk away I have all the video I need and sometimes even a confession.