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Can modern day media, be used to positively help and serve a cause for a movement that will benefit a society though propaganda?

For instance, using social media to raise awareness on how TED ideas can be spread and implemented for a better world. Ideas such as open government, educational reforms, architectural and technological innovations and much more. I believe it is feasible on a small scale and trying to access different perspectives to successfully achieve that goal. Nicholas Christakis speech demonstrate that we are influenced by our social network and there are other factors that affect the latter, while Amy Webb showed how she can reverse engineer online dating, my approach to the question is what is we can reverse engineer how people interact on social networks to where we make them aware that they, as citizens, have the power to influence their government to seek and open government or reduce corruption, among many more ted ideas with the proper collaborations.


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    Feb 13 2014: Elvin, Propaganda is neither good or bad ... it simply only presents one side of an issue. As a modern day example we all heard the value of having the Affordable Care Act ... we did not hear the rest of the story ... even though it was know by the drafters. Only a few people bothered to read the "law" ... and no one in Congress, the Senate, or the media was among the readers. The misleading ... lying ... and deceiving of the American public won the sponsor the LIAR OF THE YEAR award. To be fair the award should have included Congress, Senate, Supreme Court, and the media. The public should get the sheep of the year award.

    Which brings us to the second part of he issue you present ... the media. If the media did their job of informing the public of the facts ... both good and bad ... then yes. However, that seldom occurs as the owners have political agendas and use their media to further their agenda.

    I have received many e-mails that express something I really want to believe ... however the simplest of searches prove it to be a false story ... to my shame I have passed some also because I did not do my homework.

    Mother Thressa did great work for years ... no one cared and all of a sudden her work was noticed.

    There is a lot of good going on ... people who care .. people in need. They do not seek notice they go about their task everyday. It is up to us to be the evaluators of "our facts and truths". We may get it right and we may get it wrong but we will not be led by those with a agenda.

    In the final analysis .... "we" are responsible ... don't get caught up in the blame game.

    If it sound to good to be true .... run from it.

    I wish you well. Bob.
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      Feb 13 2014: Robert,
      The operative word is "homework". The media puts out all kinds of "stuff", and if we, as individuals, really want accurate information, we need to do a little exploration, as you seem to have discovered, based on what you wrote in your comment.

      I wholeheartedly agree....."we" are responsible.....don't participate in the blame game. As a member of the public, I do not accept the "sheep of the year award" because I do my homework:>)

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