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Can modern day media, be used to positively help and serve a cause for a movement that will benefit a society though propaganda?

For instance, using social media to raise awareness on how TED ideas can be spread and implemented for a better world. Ideas such as open government, educational reforms, architectural and technological innovations and much more. I believe it is feasible on a small scale and trying to access different perspectives to successfully achieve that goal. Nicholas Christakis speech demonstrate that we are influenced by our social network and there are other factors that affect the latter, while Amy Webb showed how she can reverse engineer online dating, my approach to the question is what is we can reverse engineer how people interact on social networks to where we make them aware that they, as citizens, have the power to influence their government to seek and open government or reduce corruption, among many more ted ideas with the proper collaborations.


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    Feb 12 2014: Hi Elvin,
    The Media and technology are tools in our extensive toolbox, and as with most tools, it depends on how we, as individuals, and as a whole, choose to use them. I wholeheartedly believe that it is a beneficial tool, which can contribute to raising awareness of issues, and can influence people to the point of changing our world in various ways, which the media has already begun to do.

    For example, abuse and violation of human rights thrives in isolation. With the ability to connect immediately around our world, it is more difficult for corruption, abuse and violation of human rights to continue. We cannot "make" people aware however. We can offer the tools, and people have choices regarding how to use the tools.

    There are several conversations about this on TED....have you checked out any of them?
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      Feb 13 2014: Ms Colleen,

      I am fairly new to the this section of TED. I will definitely try to find conversations related to this topic. It appears to be you have been on TED for quite a while, and I am happy an experienced member like you took the time to converse with me. I had a few questions for you as an experienced TED contributor; does any of the ideas or debates ever results in real life collaboration to achieve some of the goals that may be deemed as useful? Or is it just like being on other forums and sharing opinions? Furthermore I would also appreciate it if you could your time to check my profile, where maybe you could have an insight of why I am concerned with these topics. I surely agree that corruption, abuse of power, human rights are issues that are more “controlled” than the past decades due to the advent of technology and the media. However I am more concerned about developing countries, where those issues are still as much present as it was decades ago. For instance here lately I have been very concerned why even though many person are aware that there can be significant progress in various ways mainly politically, but nothing is done about it. So through some talks with citizens (friends and strangers) many have argued that there is too much favoritism, corruption and risk involved to get anything done. Even though they have the right to suffrage, the presence of several en-rooted political parties that have great influences hinder those who could potentially be worthy, yet many disagree or are oblivious that they can have any chances. Part of the solution that I think can be useful, is international media. If you would care to read the conversation that I had with Ang here in this section, that may help give you some clarity over how I wish to tackle this issue.
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        Feb 13 2014: It is my pleasure to converse Elvin, and this is a good, ongoing topic. Some folks get stuck in the black and white...media is good or bad...technology is good or bad...etc. They are "tools", and we can use them in many different ways.

        Your questions:
        "does any of the ideas or debates ever results in real life collaboration to achieve some of the goals that may be deemed as useful?"

        I observe several instances where people connect and collaborate outside the TED forum. The examples I think of at the moment, are in the fields of sustainable development and education. There are often classes participating in TED, and I notice lots of young people coming to TED for information regarding homework assignments. I have forwarded many TED talks to teacher friends, who use the videos in their classrooms.

        "I would also appreciate it if you could your time to check my profile, where maybe you could have an insight of why I am concerned with these topics".

        I checked your profile the first time I responded to you Elvin because it helps me get a better feel for the person I am responding to. Why don't you tell ME why you are concerned with these topics? You are the only one who knows what you think, feel, and what your intent is:>) My guess, is that you are a caring, compassionate person who wants to contribute to making our world a better place?

        "I am more concerned about developing countries, where those issues are still as much present as it was decades ago."

        I understand your concern Elvin, and every journey begins with a single step. We are not going to change our world overnight, and we can continue to take steps toward change. I believe communication technology helps facilitate change.
        Consider racism in the USA....
        A couple hundred years ago, documents were written, which said all men are free and equal, and those documents were signed by people who owned hundreds of slaves. There is still racism in our country, and it seems to be decreasing...thankfully!
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        Feb 13 2014: continued....

        There are always going to be people who say "there is too much favoritism, corruption and risk involved to get anything done"...."change is impossible"...."it will never happen"...bla...bla....bla!

        "The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it"
        (Chinese Proverb)

        Thank you Lamb Lamb, I could not get a reply close to your post.

        "Lamb Lamb
        2 hours ago: Chinese version is as follows:
        「己所不欲,勿施於人」. "

        Google translation:
        "Do unto others, do not impose on others."
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          Feb 13 2014: Ms. Colleen,

          I am very thankful for your responses, you surely put a big smile on my face and fueled my motivation for the rest of the day. I would love to share why I have a concern in those topics because I know that what I imagine can be done, and as the saying goes "Rome was not built in a day". I am willing to find persons and friends that have more or less the same beliefs to come together and collaborate and inspire others (that is part of the bigger picture). In my opinion, (after watching several TED speeches) social networks, very much as TED conversations, among others can have an influence on others, it is just a matter of time to understand how and to find an efficient way of doing so. Anyways it is hard at this point in time to put into words what I really plan on doing and (what I imagine) what and how it can be done, the only thing that I know is that an inner voice within me, call it faith, confidence, foolishness, stubbornness or anything else, but it says that I believe in myself that it is very much plausible, and like you said, it is just a matter of finding and using the right tools the right ways to contribute to world peace starting with a small society.

          I am working on a mind map, and as soon as it is done, I would be grateful if you would look at it, and share your opinion with me or help me built on to it and at the same time understand why I am doing this.

          Thank you so much Ms. Colleen.
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          Feb 14 2014: Chinese version is as follows:

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          Feb 16 2014: Dear Colleen

          Regarding classical Chinese interpretation, Confucius (551 - 447BC) said that 己所不欲,勿施於人.
          His central philosophy was: value, justice, respect.

          1. "What you do not wish for yourself, do not do to others."

          2."The person who says it cannot be done, should not interrupt the person doing it"

          3. “Do not do unto others what you would not like others to do unto you”

          In 2014, Today’s e-interpretation example:
          I dislike you put dirty garbage bin in front of my door.
          I must not put dirty garbage bin in front of your door.
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        Feb 13 2014: I am thankful for your responses as well Elvin, and you already HAVE a big smile on your face, which is contagious and appreciated:>)

        We (humans) are like mirrors to each other reflecting back and forth all the time, so I definitely agree that we all influence each other......HOW we influence each other is a choice for all of us:>)

        In my humble perception Elvin, the first place to start with anything, is to believe in ourselves....when we believe in our "self" it provides a good foundation for the next step down the path we have chosen. It begins with knowing and believing in our self.....as you already know:>)

        I would love to look at what you are creating and share feedback with you Elvin. Thank you for that opportunity:>)

        One thing I offer.....one of my favorite quotes, because I think it reflects truth....
        "One of the great difficulties in the new order of thought is that we are likely to indulge in too much theory and too little practice".
        (Ernest Holmes - The Science of Mind)

        We have had information for a very long time regarding how to contribute to a better world. Plans, theories, information has been passed down for 100s of years by gurus, sages, psychologists, prophets, and teachers in many different disciplines. We need to start APPLYING (practicing) the information, if we hope to change the world......what do you think about that?
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          Feb 13 2014: Ms. Colleen,

          My response is fairly long:

          It is definitely a highly debated issue, and there is a start: Education. Do not get me wrong, many may argue that education is not the key, that educational institutions do not mold you in a way where you can become contributors for a better world. By education, I mean several aspects put together, for instance, the role of the parents, the brothers, sister, and relatives, friends, teachers, media and much more. How do we obtain citizens like me and you, (and all the person that are on TED) who seems to share some ideologies that can make the world a better place, even though we have different origins? We share more in common though we may like many different things if you know what I mean, for instance you said we are mirror images. We commonly agree that we need to help mankind’s progress and everyone has to abide to rules, laws and sets of morals for a righteous life.

          However, like you said, if we want to change the world, we need to start applying ourselves to make the changes and like Mahatma Gandhi said “ Be the change you want to see in the world”. However most of us have been shaped to where we need to care about own career and future; which is a good thing, some of us becaome educated taxpayers and voters, while other are oblivious to the issues around them as long as they can be happy with good company. What makes us happy is not having money, though money can buy several things, what really makes us happy is our social aspect. In my opinion, why social networks is increasingly growing is because we are all social creatures and our families, friends and colleagues views matters to us more than anything else, whether we realize it or not.
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          Feb 13 2014: In our globalized world, we have many issues, physical and ethical such as pollution, racism, global warming, corruption and much more. And we have many different persons and organization that are working towards a better world where those issues will be history, just as slavery. It is a matter of time until we find the solutions to those issues, the solution will mostly come from when people will realize that the world will be a better place if those were resolved and guess what, many of us have realized that and are on the good path of helping humanity.

          Like I said there are many that are oblivious towards those issues, some indirectly or directly contribute to mankind’s advancement without knowing, while some unfortunately hinders mankinds progress (contributing to corruption, wars, drugs and crimes). It is just a matter of education, for instance, if core values such as humanitarianism were to be implemented in our educational system maybe we will produce more caring citizens, and lead to a more peaceful world.

          The world we live in, is mostly influenced by money and power, and we have persons with money and power, that use it for good or bad, we witness it everyday in every part of the world and those are the ones that can affect the outcomes of humanity. They can help make better educational systems, help implement ideas that will be beneficial to others. The area we need to tackle is to make them aware that they will be considered successful and their names will go down in the history of mankind if they do the right things by starting to use their influence in the right ways and Steve Jobs has done it, he made innovations that have impacted the whole world directly or indirectly. Their is a different entity that is mostly commonly known and appointed to use their power and money to do what Steve Jobs has done and that entity is the government of a nation.
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          Feb 13 2014: And my idea is to recruit persons that will help create a government that have people that can be trusted and allow transparency between their lives and their fellow citizens; just like I am talking to you and vice versa, regardless of who we are and where we are from, we are both equal as humans, and our actions should be beneficial to both of us in many aspects of life. The government has the power and the role, to apply (practice) these informations and ideas, for the best of its nation.

          Now lets make a few assumptions:

          1.if there is a nation somewhere in the world that has a few ongoing favoritism, corruption, racism within the government and it is risky for people like me and you to raise the voice and make our friends and others realize that things can change.

          2.This nation however is small, and is influenced heavily by the international media; famous actors, activist, successful politicians and other professional figures across the globe and compared to the influence of the political bodies and citizens within the nation we are speaking here.

          3. An organization within that nation that was to collaborate with those influential entities for the benefit of that nation through, raising awareness, investments, training, and creation of employment in sectors that has not been tackled in the developing nation, to seek open government, inspire the citizens trust this organization, and live a lifestyle that is deemed to be peaceful through effective ways to tackle ethical issues through innovations and implementation of ideas by new governance.
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          Feb 13 2014: 4.Given that nation is already a cultural hub of diversity, where there is less and less ethical issues concerning racism and religion as social media and education brings us together.

          5. Finally if this organization was to be to be trusted to be the new government and strive to keep a transparency between itself, the citizens and a global level, we could (perhaps) embrace a new era of globalization!

          So there maybe a turning point in history of mankind but I know that is a lot of assumptions and many things can go wrong, however, if we can imagine it, it can be done.

          We never though we could fly, or go into space, there were so many things that were believed impossible. Globalization can pave the road to world peace.

          Sorry it is so long, I find it hard to put all my thoughts in 2000 characters.
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        Feb 13 2014: I agree Elvin....there are many issues in our world, and we are all different, although very much the same as well:>)

        Depending on our individual interests, talents and skills, we can contribute to change in various ways in our world.

        We can only move forward on our own, and usually, we discover that there are many people on the same path as we choose at any given time. Absolutely.....be the change you want to see in our world. So, don't spend time and energy talking about the "many that are oblivious towards those issues". What we focus on expands, so if you're focusing on everything that is NOT being done.....guess what? That idea expands in your mind and heart. Focus on what YOU can do in each and every moment, and that contributes to what others are doing in each and every moment.....get the idea?

        When we consider EVERYTHING in our world that could be changed, the task seems overwhelming, and that thought/feeling often stops people in their tracks.

        You are speaking a lot about what "they" are doing that is not beneficial.....about "them".....what about YOU? What are YOU doing, other than speaking about "them"? The best teacher is a good model.
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          Feb 13 2014: I understand where you are coming from Ms.Colleen, I may be negative, biased or unprofessional concerning some matters on how I speak, interpret or act over some debates.

          Anyhow, if I was to focus on what I am doing or what I could do, I can tell you that for right now I am trying to be socially active and getting involved on the internet, where I can speak and seek advice and opinions of others for my personal growth in the areas that interest me and see what may results from these interactions.

          Generally speaking, I can strive to build a career to where I can try to fit "the best teacher is a good model" and inspire others or build myself some credibility so to speak. However I do not know any career that may help me put my effort in good practice as it may result with my personal life and the things I value the most; my love and time for my family.

          I love being a full time dad and spend quality time on the internet in areas such as philanthropy, technology and sports. Also, to be the change I want to see in the world, I love to converse with my friends and meet new friends in the hope that my influence can bring about a change by bringing up those issues, while letting my mind drifts upon speculation what maybe the outcomes of my influence and the ideas that I contemplate and discuss with others.
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        Feb 13 2014: I do not perceive you as negative, biased or unprofessional at all Elvin. You seem to be a caring, insightful young person.

        Seems like you are taking a good path, and that is where it starts....in us as individuals....."BE" what we want to "SEE" in our world. We cannot change anyone else....only our "self"....and I wholeheartedly believe in the ripple effect:>)

        Being a good model as a dad is a HUGE gift for yourself, your child/children and everyone you interact with. When my kids were little, I focused on being the wife and mom, and while I had other interests, that was my priority.

        As they grew up, there was time and energy for different focuses. When I retired, there was again a change, and an opportunity to focus on different things.

        One of my life philosophies and practices, is to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole. Follow your heart, and at any given moment, there is an opportunity to learn and grow while contributing to the whole. I would LOVE to some day say....Elvin.....I told you so!!! LOL:>)

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