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Can modern day media, be used to positively help and serve a cause for a movement that will benefit a society though propaganda?

For instance, using social media to raise awareness on how TED ideas can be spread and implemented for a better world. Ideas such as open government, educational reforms, architectural and technological innovations and much more. I believe it is feasible on a small scale and trying to access different perspectives to successfully achieve that goal. Nicholas Christakis speech demonstrate that we are influenced by our social network and there are other factors that affect the latter, while Amy Webb showed how she can reverse engineer online dating, my approach to the question is what is we can reverse engineer how people interact on social networks to where we make them aware that they, as citizens, have the power to influence their government to seek and open government or reduce corruption, among many more ted ideas with the proper collaborations.


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      Feb 11 2014: At this stage of the game to think that social media could influence unity world wide, you're correct that is very naive.

      Influencing a shift in the way people utilize social media and encourage involvement in substantial issues is not outside the realms of possibility.

      Making a move in the right direction now may bring about a time when world wide unity is no longer thought of as a naive pipe dream
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          Feb 12 2014: There are times when I've gone to work and I've been the only female there among 1,350+ men.

          Navigating through the testosterone is a daily struggle, so trust and believe me when I say I understand where you're coming from.

          Communication at times seems almost impossible. The other day a coworker pointed and grunted, yes I'm serious, like a caveman, he actually pointed and grunted. I was supposed to take away from that primitive gesture that he wanted the chair behind me. Instead I looked him in the eye and asked him very politely if he could please use his words as evolution had provided them as a means of conveying a message much more effectively.

          He was not pleased. Oh well.

          Due to the stigmas related to men and women and emotions we are still on vastly different communication wavelengths. Building a bridge to span the divide has been a couple thousand year project but giving up on construction doesn't do either side any good.
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      Feb 11 2014: Feminists are perfectly welcome to participate in TED Conversations and many do. There are also socialists, conservatives, libertarians, religious people and atheists, young people and people who are no longer young, students and professionals... people with a range of different perspectives and lenses through which they view the world.

      What the terms of use require is basic civility in discourse, regardless of anyone's point of view, gender, ethnicity, country of origin, religion, age, or any other demographic designation. When participants flag a comment, it is typically because someone is being over-the-top rude, or engaging in personal attack, accusation, or harassment, or selling merchandise. Or people flag comments that are off-topic.

      Just follow these guidelines and you will have no problem.
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      Feb 11 2014: Lilly,
      I am on the same wavelength as Ang; it is naive to believe that social media could influence unity worldwide, however, I am wanting to get to the bottom of this matter, because I think there is potential to apply this on a much smaller scale which would be on small developing countries that has yet to achieve levels of developed countries. I also share the same view as you do on matters that are still prominent nowadays and has been ever since the dawn of time; corruption, ethical issues, biased views and much more. However since me and you can reflect on those matters and we can assume that many persons that are on Ted.com, whether it be, at the ted conferences, the speakers, their colleagues, the commentators, the translators, we all more or less have the same ideologies toward those issues. So that means two things in my mind; we have an increasing number of persons that are not oblivious to those issues and this fact can be used for a greater cause. There are many out there that would argue that education is the key to produce conscious voters, responsible citizens, great leaders, great thinkers to help make the world a better place, and guess what education has, because history show us we are all a big part of it, we had Albert Einstein, Socrates, Nelson Mandela and the list goes on. To sum it up; there is hope Lilly. We have been influenced and we can influence others, it is just a matter of time and collaboration to do it the right and effective way and to be optimistic.
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        Feb 11 2014: Good things come of can-do attitudes. I am sure you know that well known saying that people who are entrenched in the belief that things cannot be done should please step out of the way of those who are getting these very things done.

        I am sure you can, by collaborating with others, make a difference. I have no doubt of it.

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