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What do your favourite TED talks tell you about yourself?

Having recently reviewed my list of favourite TED talks I began wondering WHY they were my favourites - and whether that said anything about ME. For sure, they are all talks from outstanding individuals, but there was more to it than that. It led me to thinking whether there was any correlation between how I see myself, and the talks that I found most enjoyable - and whether there was anything to learn from this.

My first observation was that each of my favourite speakers were principally communicating from their heart and not their head – indicated by the level of conviction with which they shared their story.

My second observation was that I perceived each talk to be profound in some way. They dealt with things that I felt I had failed at, or failed to sufficiently appreciate / act upon.

Those observations, however, are simply data points. They are an indication for action and which are of little value unless acted upon.

So, for me, what they have taught me about myself is that I value conviction and that I have no excuse in failing to move to action. It’s time to make a difference…..


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    Apr 27 2011: Most TED Talk video that I have seen has been about innovations and architecture.
    I am finding hidden admiration's for measurements and detail.
    "My green school dream." has been my absolute favorite TED Talk. This gentlemen who created and changed the view of school to the children of Bali, has changed my life. Although I do not have the luxury of leaving home, yet, I try my best to impact my surroundings with my "green" thoughts.
    "Adam Savage's Obsessions" is an incredible TED Talk to watch it you're a perfectionist. I am a perfectionist! I really wasn't unaware until I watched his video. After watching both TED Talks, I am committed and obsessed to contributing something life changing in the years to come.

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