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Is there a mass-consciousness?

Is there such a thing as an overriding thought process, or 'meme', that humanity has that governs/influences/determines their individual actions? Or are we individuals deciding at every single moment which direction we, as individuals, are going? And if we are individuals make singular decisions, does this create a 'mass-consciousness' or is there really no such thing? Does the sum of our actions/thoughts/energy create a whole, or is there no 'whole', just billions of decisions creating singular actions constantly alive and adjusting the other billions of decisions?


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    Feb 17 2014: Yes.
    There must be. How else can one explain individual consciousness without accepting that it is something that we all possess. And if we possess it then we can lose it (as it often happens) - this excludes dreaming since in a dream one can use ones faculties of mind to negotiate, maneuver, and commit to memory a stream of moments to make an event which we can remember upon waking.
    The loss and gain of the conscious state allows it the property to be independent of the brain and certainly loss of brain tissue does not necessarily alter the state of consciousness, yet the unconscious state definitely impacts on the formation of dendritic connections and interactions!
    Once we accept consciousness as a discrete entity we must appreciate its relationship to time and space. Yet we consistently fail simply because time and space are products of mind and motion. When consciousness takes its occasional holidays, the mind is left behind somewhat incapacitated in a brain that is largely fully functional.
    The last bit of the puzzle then remains: When consciousness takes flight, where does it go? and why? To exclude a mass consciousness is to actively refute a quality possessed by every other entity in the universe, and the reason that rational people do this is because of their anchoring and imprisonment in a reality that must pass the test of the mind. Any consideration other than that is viewed as the domain of those 'out of their minds' both literally and figuratively.

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