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Is the idleness of modern day people killing the society we know? If so, why do you think we are becoming more idle?

I recently read an article regarding an increase in premature mortality rates due to an increase in human idleness. Lord Coe had stated that, "Physical inactivity accounts for nearly one fifth of premature deaths in the UK." Why do you think we are becoming more idle? Why did this begin and where will it take us? Let me know your thoughts.



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    Feb 5 2014: Technology and automation may have gone too far beyond it's original 'brief' of being a servant to humanity. It's quickly becoming the master.

    Mental and physical idleness are unfortunate products of over-automation.
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      Feb 11 2014: I think you’ve hit the nail on the head. Over-automation is a key factor as it makes our lives far easier. As processes get easier we tend to take them for granted, which unfortunately allows us to abuse them. Fast food is a perfect example of this, as the effort and creativity that would be instilled in making our own food is removed from the situation, leading us to take fast food for granted and, as a society, abuse the availability and ease of access to fast food.

      Fast food is just an example, I’m not trying to jibe those who consume fast food products as that would be hypocritical of me.

      The process of completing random tasks is becoming easier, which therefore leads to many of us to using less brain and muscle power, making many of us more idle.
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      Feb 16 2014: What a profound comment !
      We still need to learn about what we are, before creating artificial crutches for jumping over missing experience.

      The original design given to us by nature (minds and bodies) cannot be improved by gadgets and mindless "fixing".

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