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Is the idleness of modern day people killing the society we know? If so, why do you think we are becoming more idle?

I recently read an article regarding an increase in premature mortality rates due to an increase in human idleness. Lord Coe had stated that, "Physical inactivity accounts for nearly one fifth of premature deaths in the UK." Why do you think we are becoming more idle? Why did this begin and where will it take us? Let me know your thoughts.



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    Feb 7 2014: sorry...I will have to disagree with our observation as .incorrect. The reason I say this because in primitive cultures many people sit around for most of the day(not prison populations repaying their IMF debts). This is why their culture has tiny little bead work and woven baskets and temporary structures. LOOK back in time...everything had decoration on it which takes alot of time...they had a lot of time on their hands..otherwise you cannot make a beaded tapestry outfit or carved furniture,or gilded gold stuff. I recently watched a documentary of an area in south america where the man got up picked a few leaves,threw them into a river. This leaf sedated the fish,he speared them and spent the rest of the day in a hammock playing with his Kids....I on the otherhand get up at 6 work till 9 have 2 hours free time and eat terrible GMO designerfood and suffer alot from meaninglessness...what free time ARE you talking about?
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      Feb 13 2014: You are right on, Carolyn!

      Modern worker/drones are the problem, not the solution. Amerindians who considered the next seven generations in their councils were appalled at the white man's Euro-centric work ethic that denuded Europe of vast forests for buildings, furnaces, ships, etc.and then was transplanted here, doing the same incredibly destructive thing. Only one of many, many examples, of course.

      The alarm clock was invented by monks who had to get up and pray 6 times a day/night, but was quickly adopted by the elite to get their servants and workers up before daylight to attend to their needs and profits. Gas lights and then electric lights vastly expanded the worker/drone population into 2nd and 3rd work shifts.

      We have become ants, not people!

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