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Is the idleness of modern day people killing the society we know? If so, why do you think we are becoming more idle?

I recently read an article regarding an increase in premature mortality rates due to an increase in human idleness. Lord Coe had stated that, "Physical inactivity accounts for nearly one fifth of premature deaths in the UK." Why do you think we are becoming more idle? Why did this begin and where will it take us? Let me know your thoughts.



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    Feb 7 2014: Technology.

    Look at what's around you - iphones, computers, flat screens - all of which doesn't require more physical activity that flexing your fingers.. Most people work in front of a computer, only to take their cars or the trains home to sit in front of a TV. In the UK - we have some of the longest working hours in Europe - it's not wonder that after getting home after a 12 hour day that they don't feel like a run - more like a large glass of wine!

    There is also a cutural aspect to this too. Social activities are also often not that active either. You go to the pub, a bar, a restaurant; do lunches, go to art galleries or a gig. All of which requires sitting.

    Although we may be more idle, I think we are also increasingly aware of how beneficial a healthy lifestyle is. It's paradoxical!
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      Feb 11 2014: One could always join the Ramblers Association ...
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        Feb 14 2014: My previous response (before I googled the Ramblers):
        One could... But they're hardly full of young folk.

        One could. One should... they have a 20s-30s group

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