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Should the selling & using of cigarette & tobacco be banned in the world? If yes, state how can its production be stopped?

After reading many articles & surverys regarding the use of Cigarette & tobacco, many people strictly condemn the selling & using of cigarette & tobacco. It is always written on the pack of a cigarette that " Smoking is injurious to health & causes lung cancer" but still people smoke it. Same is the case with tobacco. It causes several diseases in humans too. But still people use tobacco despite of being well-aware of its side-effects.


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      Feb 6 2014: This is the focusing point of my question that why do humans don't understand in what lies their benefit and in what lies their loss? I am feeling pity for them.
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      • Feb 7 2014: humans are not machines ,they don't follow set of codes .Its not black or white for them they like to wander in the grey area.
        You dont have to pity on them ,by doing so you are just making your ego happy by thinking that you are smarter than them.
        They are living a different lifestyle respect that as they respect your's.
        The problem is people who don't smoke feel they are intelligent .
        I still consider smoking merely as a habit neither good nor bad.People do that for change of experience
        Why make a big deal out of it .
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          Feb 7 2014: Never judge someone. You misjudged me. I didn't expressed that I am better than them or I am intelligent than them. I just said that this is a bad habit and are polluting the environment by the smoke emitted from the cigarettes.

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