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Should the selling & using of cigarette & tobacco be banned in the world? If yes, state how can its production be stopped?

After reading many articles & surverys regarding the use of Cigarette & tobacco, many people strictly condemn the selling & using of cigarette & tobacco. It is always written on the pack of a cigarette that " Smoking is injurious to health & causes lung cancer" but still people smoke it. Same is the case with tobacco. It causes several diseases in humans too. But still people use tobacco despite of being well-aware of its side-effects.


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    Feb 6 2014: I think you could extend this to anything harmful (alcohol, betel nut, gat) and then where do you draw the line? Would this court the human rights line?

    The effects of alcohol, not in terms of just healthcare, but the damage people cause when under the influence, could quite possibly be just as much as a cost as smoking. So why stop at smoking?

    Part of the problem is that these things are engrained in culture. How do you change culture?
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      Feb 6 2014: I haven't stated anywhere in my comments that I favor alcohol. I definitely oppose alcohol just as I oppose smoking etc. Alcohol is more dangerous than smoking even since a person isn't in his sense while being drunk.
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        Feb 7 2014: I agree. My point wasn't why smoking over alcohol - more that if you ban production of tobacco, where do you draw the line on what the government considers harmful to us? Surely we have the right to make our own decisions so long as we are aware of the consequences.

        Regardless, I think we are probably on the way to stopping the sale of tobacco, not any time in the immediate future, but certainly in the long term. If you look at the UK, in the last 10 years we've gone from changing the age that you can buy cigarettes (16 to 18); warning signs on packets; graphic imagery and now cigarettes in a lot of retailers are hidden behind screens from customers. What's next? Probably further restrictions and then, I would have thought, stopping of sale.

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