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Should the selling & using of cigarette & tobacco be banned in the world? If yes, state how can its production be stopped?

After reading many articles & surverys regarding the use of Cigarette & tobacco, many people strictly condemn the selling & using of cigarette & tobacco. It is always written on the pack of a cigarette that " Smoking is injurious to health & causes lung cancer" but still people smoke it. Same is the case with tobacco. It causes several diseases in humans too. But still people use tobacco despite of being well-aware of its side-effects.


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    Feb 5 2014: No I don’t think there should be a ban; US alcohol prohibition proved that does not work.
    Instead the world should do what is known to work on reducing smoking:

    • Ban smoking and tobacco ads, on TV and in movies world wide, like the US has done.
    • Ban smoking in public places. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_smoking_bans_in_the_United_States)

    And I like to see tobacco products tested and IF they modified the product to be more addictive the company and its owners would face criminal changes.

    FYI: just in the news today, the drug store chain CVS has decided to stop the sale of tobacco products. (good for them!)
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      Feb 5 2014: Exactly, this is what I also want to see in the world that it must be banned in the public places and its advertisements should not be aired on television.
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        Feb 7 2014: well, do they air ads for cigarettes in your country on TV, Abdul? You could ask your government to create a law forbidding it? Do they let people smoke in public places in your city? You could ask your city government to make laws forbidding it?
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          Feb 10 2014: Yes, why not !! They are aired on many TV channels.
          As far as asking for law is concerned, let me tell you that in this country the laws already available aren't followed properly and you are talking about this mini-law.

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