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Why do teenagers have a strong attachment to music but view their band/choir/general music requirement as something to get out of the way?

This really boggles me. As a teenager myself, I see my friends constantly posting stuff about how music is their life and how they fangirl over bands they like, and how it "saves their life." Ironically, though, most teenagers in the general population of a school don't enjoy school music (choir/band). A theory I have is that they have a low self-confidence in their ability and they enjoy just listening and idolizing others and have limited confidence in their own, or that they dislike classical music because it is so different (although it's actually very much like pop music, with similar structure). So I'm wondering, what is your take on this ironic hate of school music?


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    Feb 7 2014: its not ironic...you must remove the academic perspective and use feelings as your data...teens are reeling with hormones and confusion and despair and energy..classical music gives NO information for any of these events. MODERN music is poetry of the heart and lends advice and instruction to the listener. At this time of crisis as you relearn all the rules of what life asks of you and how society will dismiss you as irrelevant if you fail to measure up..classical music reveals no hints as to how to endure the huge joke played on you during childhood when LOVE was the intersection between all human relationships and now CRUEL competetion and wealth and beauty will make or break you. As an adult relaxing into the wordless vibes of symphony helps solve the wounds of economic warfare...teens are not at the point of resting..they need information.

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