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Removing cash and small change from our money system. Switch to using electronic money transfers only. Debit and credit transactions, paypal

If there was no physical money in our currency system, it would nearly eliminate illegal transactions. How does one buy drugs or guns without cash?

  • Feb 11 2014: And that way, all transactions can be monitored by government.
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    Feb 11 2014: Hi Jeff.
    I think John the apostle had the same idea 2000 years ago.

    “He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” Revelation 13:16-17

    The technology is now ready. Coming to a supermarket near you.

  • Feb 11 2014: I would challenge your basic premise: That 'illegal' transactions should be stopped. Too many people equate 'Illegal' with 'Wrong', 'Immoral', 'Unethical' and so on. To me, a Law is just the current opinion of the majority of the people in the specific country/community. Over time, some opinions of the majority have been decided to be 'correct' for all men and all times: Murder is illegal for example. Other times there is a knee-jerk reaction to a specific event: the Patriot Act after 9-11 or the banning of Ice Cream trucks in Minnesota because one little girl got ran over by an Ice Cream truck are examples. Sometimes a law is created to further an agenda: Hitler first registered then banned personal firearm ownership to make it easier to kill the Jews. Other times laws are enacted to enable one group to control or profit off of them: Marijuana was banned in part because it competed with Cotton and Timber and those who made the laws were highly invested in Cotton plantations and tracts of timberland. Also with Marijuana there was an appeal to racism, as 'Mexicans and Blacks are smoking Marijuana and listening to Jazz music then dancing with White Women' - part of the actual arguments in Congress when the ban was being put into place. Such arguments appeal to emotions but do not make good laws.

    Now in today's technological society, we have created 'credit cards' which allow access to money via electronic means. What do we see? Credit Card companies tracking every purchase we ever make, creating profiles of our behaviour. The NSA recording all our phone calls, reading our emails, even this forum, all in the name of 'looking for terrorists.' Police tracking license plates of cars, CCTV cameras recording everything we do and soon there will be drones hovering outside our bedroom windows looking for deviants.

    When I see a drone outside my window, I for one will HOPE I can buy a gun illegally!

    Besides, what is to prevent the trading of Drugs for Gun?
  • Feb 7 2014: Yes but the electronic system is never going to go away. People are going to commit theft online with or without a cashless system, so your point has no traction. Removing cash from the system or not, is not going to affect whether or not there is online hackers. Your entire reply has almost nothing to do with what I'm talking about.
    And P.S. You don't know that I'm not a member of the Russian mafia, so calling a complete stranger "insane" on the internet, has got to be the dumbest thing you've done in the past 48 hours, I hope. Is the fact that there are online hackers already hacking peoples bank accounts, a justifiable reason to see 711 store clerks getting held up at gun point, having stupid kids get there hands on drugs, and cash bribes going to politicians (and other people of power)? Physical cash and criminal activity walk hand in hand. Hackers are going to go after corporations money, not personal bank accounts. What a crapshoot that would be.