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Is there a need for a "Gathering of Men" to explore the role of the man in the modern family?" Might a TEDMen Conference fill this need?

Robert Bly, the author of "Iron John" organized a series of events called "A Gathering of Men," but that was more than twenty years ago.


When one listens to these talks it becomes clear that there is a need for a TEDMen Conference, in the same way there have been TEDWomen Conferences. The only way to make this happen might be to organize such an event as a TEDxConference for Men.
Is there a need for a TEDMEN Conference? Would you be willing to organize a TEDxMen?


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  • Feb 10 2014: Maybe we (and society) would be have better results if we had a"Gathering of Young men and women" to discuss the role models they have in their lives or choose to emulate. It could focus on questioning the roles that society tries to choose for them and the issues they face together. It could also have speakers that discuss the characteristics that will help them become responsible adults. I can appreciate the need fir communication about "men's" issues like spousal and child abuse but I think you would end up "preaching to the choir" as I don't see abusers or sex offenders attending a TED conference, though that may just be a stereotype I'm holding on to.
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      Feb 10 2014: It may indeed be a stereotype you are holding onto Jacob. My father was a violent abusive person, a law enforcement officer, rock of the community and the church.....AND.....violent and abusive.

      Many of the women who called the shelter hotline, were partners and wives of judges, lawyers, doctors, prominent business people, etc. etc. etc.

      An old stereotype is that abuse happened in a lower socioeconomic group, and that is not at all true.
      • Feb 10 2014: I guess I just cant see an abuser going to a conference about the negatives of abuse. I can believe that those "in power" would seek to exert their dominance over their families though. I'm sorry to hear you had to live through it. I consider myself very lucky that my father broke the cycle of violence that was a part of our family. His father and stepfather used to beat him and my uncle regularly. My dad gave us licks with a paddle, but never in anger. He always talked to us calmly before and after about what we had done to deserve being punished.
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          Feb 10 2014: Jacob,
          Some people who abuse are genuinely remorseful, and do not understand the patterns of violence and abuse. Some people, like your father, take steps toward changing the patterns. You are right....it is a cycle, and if people do not recognize the cycle, they continue to repeat the patterns.
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        Feb 11 2014: The is addressed in the video by Bly, and it is directed to both young men and women.

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