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Pop culture = a subculture televised/publicized. Agree, disagree, or eh?

I think the question is enough to consider for a conversation... however definitions first.

Popular culture - (commonly known as pop culture) is the totality of ideas, perspectives, attitudes, images and other phenomena that are deemed preferred through an informal consensus within the mainstream of a given society. Popular culture is heavily influenced by the mass media and permeates the everyday life of many people. (Wikipedia)

Subculture - an ethnic, regional, economic, or social group exhibiting characteristic patterns of behavior sufficient to distinguish it from others within an embracing culture or society. (merriam-webster)

I feel those who understand what I mean by subculture are the people who care enough to write about it.

This thread can be about; how to change this from happening, what has caused this to happen, what this really involves, who supports this, what supports this, how does who/what support this, etc etc Be creative.

  • Apr 26 2011: huh, being a teenager in the current pop culture all i have to say is that my generation is falling to crap. pop culture (short for popular culture) is a depiction of what the public enjoys.. and if that is songs promoting sex, drugs, alcohol, with lyrics like "crush a bit, lil bit, roll it up take a hit" i know something is wrong.
    okay, i enjoy my share of lupe fiasco, kanye, ke$ha but here's a question: Do i orginially enjoy these aspects of the pop culture or does society surround me with these aspects so heavily that i end up enjoying it?
    Am I just another experiment of the major corporations that tricked me into wanting their merchandize? To be fair, It worked.
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      Sky F

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      Apr 26 2011: music producers are in fact producing a product. there's a reason why all of the famous popular musicians are attractive in some way... or how they have to be on the cover of magazines (essentially this is advertising) etc.

      it's just business.
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    Apr 25 2011: I think that there are important distinctions that need to be made, and they have to do with:

    1.) the factors of whether or not the culture has emerged or been manufactured, and

    2.) the depth or lasting significance of the elements that make it different or distinct from both the dominant culture and other subcultures around it.

    My initial line of thought would be that what we normally think of as pop culture is often largely manufactured rather than emergent (even if built upon what were initially emergent features) and is also often predominantly composed of more superficial features.What do you think?
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    Sky F

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    Apr 24 2011: The relationship they both share is that they are a culture. The sub vs. pop prefix is relative to how prevalent they are. The televised/publicized thing simply is the means that makes the popular one popular.

    You're not wrong. You're just not exactly saying anything.
    It's like saying this:

    "An above ground pool is the same thing as an underground pool only that it is above ground."

    To change what is happening: have a lot of money. Buy the tv and music industries. The end.

    Moving on.