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Let's make "the 1%" irrelevant.

We keep hearing about the alleged "1%" who control whatever gigantermous portion of the US economy. We hear how evil they are. We hear how wonderful they are. They are exploiters. They are job creators. They need to have their wealth redistributed. They need to have their wealth protected. Either way, there is a lot of fixation on the very wealthy.
What if we just started making plans and taking actions without them. People can be very smart when we're not wallowing in dogmatism. Why not figure out ways to address severe poverty that simply ignore "the 1%". Are "the 1%" really so vital and important? Are "the rest of us" really so helpless and stupid that the only way to "paradise" is to either be abject puppets of "the 1%" or raid the surplus hoardings of "the 1%"?


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    Feb 13 2014: I must raise my thinking to doubt. Am I simply creating a problem in my own perception? Am I looking to assign blame to what is not the source. Whatever I see is my own thoughts projected onto the world. Maybe the only way to change the world is to change my thoughts about it. If that works I'll send a postcard from "Paradise".

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