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In December 2013, homosexual sex was made illegal in India. Do you think this decision is right or wrong. Why was the decision made?

These links have given me insite into the issue, and if you are unaware of what is happening may help you as well..


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  • Feb 5 2014: Disclosure: I didn't open any of the links but want to give you my opinion. If the state has the authority to make prostitution illegal which is understood as heterosexual why is it wrong to do the same for the homosexual? Is the reason paid heterosexual sex illegal because the women are 2nd class citizens in the eyes of the state?

    I look forward to the day the ACLU defends a prostitutes constitutional right to be heterosexual before the elder supreme court justices. With Justice John Roberts giving the deciding opinion.
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      Feb 13 2014: 2 wrongs make a right?

      to be fair let's ban all types of sex whether with yourself out others.

      Nasty business.
      • Feb 13 2014: Why would you be fair if you are banning it? Is homosexual sex nasty business.? I thought that's why marriage was invented. :)))))
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          Feb 14 2014: Hi dino, I was being ironic, but perhaps not to obvious about it.

          I guess the state can make any laws it wants within any constitutional limits.

          And we can object to those we disagree. with.

          to suggest making all sex illegal was really just to point out the double standards. Having said that I accept that it's not any thing goes. There are good arguments for prohibiting some forms of sexual behavior, eg rape, incest etc.

          the prostitution question is also not clear cut off it involves children or force etc.

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