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Mass Incarceration: Who is REALLY the blame?

You would think, me of all people would be screaming "Stop Mass Incarceration" to the top of my lunges, being I have spent almost 15 years of my life in federal prison, snared in the "War on Drugs".

But and that's a big BUT, before I heed to the emotional temptation to use "Mass Incarceration" as a reason and/or excuse for my long incarceration I have to ask myself one simple question, who is REALLY the blame for my "Mass Incarceration"?

Invoke racial discord, speak of injustice and it's very easy to get people to fall in line for almost any cause.

I sold drugs, I carried guns, and by 21 was knee deep in drug trade. I lived that lifestyle because I chose to, not because I was FORCED to. So again, who is REALLY the blame?

I have heard lots of arguments about the causes of Mass Incarceration and there's only one that rings true for me and that is, the police do police the black community more aggressively. That I know, but a lot of the other arguments fall short for me.

As a criminal, you know the risks involved in your behavior. You accept that. But you can't cry foul "victim of Mass Incarceration" once you find yourself locked up for a crime you feel doesn't fit the time. Nobody promise you it's going to be fair, once you break a law you leave yourself open to the consequences no matter how severe.

Now if you're TOTALLY INNOCENT that's a different story.

Here's the thing, I have friends who grew up in the same environment as I did, and some in worse homes, but not all of them sold drugs, carried guns, went to prison used drugs, dropped out of school, or became teenage parents.

Mass Incarceration: Who is really the blame? The choices I made back then were my own. The choices I make today are my own, Author, TV Talk Show Host, Speaker, Successful Ex-Offender.

The Devil Tempted Adam with an Apple. Once he bit the Apple Adam couldn't turn around say "Hey that's not fair."

By the way, I quit a job to sell drugs.


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  • Feb 5 2014: To be honest with you - we are all guilty.

    As you admit you were guilty, but know the guilt is not only with you.

    Does the government fund both sides in the drug wars - then they are.
    Do educational establishments accept and allow that all are not educated equally - then they are.
    Do parents not fail and not care for their own children - then they are.
    Do others not manipulate you for their own purposes - then they are.
    Do law enforcement, have differing sets of rules depending on your status - then they are.
    Do we sometimes look the other way at something we know to be wrong - then we are.

    And that list goes on and on.

    Aren't "we the people" ultimately responsible in all of those scenario's? - Yes we are.

    I can only hope that your knowledge and experience is shared, and that you in your efforts can uplift others. Change start's one person at a time.
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      Feb 6 2014: Great distribution of guilty parties. Thank you. To be able to appreciate your comment one has to fist accept he/she plays a role in his/her incarceration, First.
      • Feb 8 2014: Thank you for you kinds words Randy...

        I glad you too have the understanding, "To be able to appreciate your comment one has to fist accept he/she plays a role in his/her incarceration, First." ... If only because when you have that understanding - only then can one reflect and look at one's part and in so doing, enable real and meaningful change to come about.

        But as we both well know only too well Randy, that's one mirror unfortunately most people just don't want to look into.
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          Feb 10 2014: It's easier for ppl to blame them others or external influences then to take account for their own actions. WE ALL HAVE CHOICES.

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