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Food is a huge thing in our everyday life. How does it effect your body and soul?

What do you learn? Do you know some diets that may heal you without any drugs?

Closing Statement from Vera Nova


find out why our brains so badly suffer from gluten in our everyday food (in bread, pasta etc,) and from sugar, developing horrific brain problems and inflammation of all types. He has treated successfully many neuro-problematic patients with GLUTEN FREE DIET.

Healthy fat: extra virgin olive oil, sesame oil, coconut oil, grass-fed tallow and organic or pasture-fed butter, ghee, almond milk, avocados, coconuts, olives,nuts and nut butters, cheese (except for blue cheeses), and seeds (flaxseed, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, sesame seeds, chia seeds).
Protein: whole eggs; wild fish (salmon, black cod, mahi mahi, grouper,herring, trout, sardines); shellfish and molluscs (shrimp, crab, lobster, mussels, clams, oysters); grass-fed meat, fowl, poultry, and pork (beef, lamb, liver, bison, chicken, turkey, duck, ostrich, veal); wild game.
Vegetables: leafy greens and lettuces, collards, spinach, broccoli, kale, chard, cabbage, onions, mushrooms, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, sauerkraut, artichoke, alfalfa sprouts, green beans, celery, bok choy, radishes, watercress, turnip, asparagus, garlic, leek, fennel, shallots, scallions, ginger, jicama, parsley, water chestnuts.
Low-sugar Fruit: avocado, bell peppers, cucumber, tomato, zucchini, squash, pumpkin, eggplant, lemons, limes.
Herbs, Seasonings, and Condiments: You can go wild here as long as you watch labels. Kiss ketchup and chutney goodbye but enjoy mustard, horseradish, tapenade, and salsa if they are free of gluten, wheat, soy, and sugar. There are virtually no restrictions on herbs and seasonings; be mindful of packaged products, however, that were made at plants that process wheat and soy.

Thank you for your contributions!

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    Feb 5 2014: I strongly believe each of us should create our own custom diet based on your own unique health needs and taste. All you need to do a web-search “your-health-issues + diet” and combine the result and adjust to taste.

    Sometime you can replace drugs with diet, other time it is best have our diet boost the benefits of our drugs. Personally I have been able to stop taking BP meds thanks to fixing my diet, and take meds and change my diet for a different health issue. And I know that no diet or amount of will power will help some health issues, so don’t be ashamed of taking a needed drug.

    A bad diet can drain you energy and cause pain and depression, and that can’t be good for the spirit.
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      Feb 5 2014: You're so absolutely right. However, It is a big problem for many individuals -- taking their own responsibility for selecting their special beneficial diet is Not easy. Doctors are very ignorant and arrogant in their majority. Internet might seem very controversial . The supermarkets do not really tell you how their food has really been treated. You can eat a ton of fruit from your local supermarket but see no improvement in your condition...

      Too much reserach for common people - it is somewhat mass-metality: we depend on what others say..

      We have to find what kind of help can be provided...
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        Feb 6 2014: I don’t know if they are or not, nutritionist should be cover by health insurance.
        They can be just as helpful to your health as a primary doctor, and as being a health-issue preventative in the long run they would save the insurance companies money and would be good PR.
        LOL, they could really use some good PR.

        Hmm? I just looked there are online-nutritionist, just like there online doctors. It is likely some insurance companies already offer an online-nutritionist program and if not it should not take much encouragement for them to add one.
        Or better yet grocery store chain could add online-nutritionist stations. If grocery stores don’t start getting into the modern times they will go the way of the drive-ins.
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      Feb 6 2014: Thank you for this valuable reminder that good health habits as well as effective medications have their place.
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    Feb 5 2014: At the risk of sharing the obvious, some people have sensitivity to various foods that have even severe respiratory and gastrointestinal effects. They can avoid these serious issues by avoiding whichever food is for them the culprit.

    Some of the "usual suspects" are peanuts, other nuts, lactose/dairy, wheat/gluten, soy, chocolate, and highly acidic foods.

    Osteoperosis can be addressed to some degree, though not entirely, by a combination of foods containing lots of calcium, like milk products, and resistance exercise. Too much calcium causes kidney stones, I believe.

    Reducing or eliminating caffeinated beverages can resolve sleep issues. Ingesting foods with fiber controls some stomach issues and also, I think, is advised for controlling bad cholesterol.

    Reducing sugar and maintaining a balance between carbohydrate, fat, and protein is advised to control or stave off diabetes.

    Many conditions are exacerbated by consumption of alcohol and can be brought into control by reducing or eliminating alcohol. Those with heart issues are often advised to limit salt.

    One might argue that consuming things that make a person feel sick is not very intelligent, but there is usually something emotional going on that I think takes this out of the realm of intelligence per se. Avoiding foods that make you feel bad or that you have learned carry a risk for you is a manifestation of your experience.

    In terms of how people feel, I know some people feel better eating more protein and less carbohydrate, others more carbohydrate and less protein. Athletes like Michael Phelps famously feel better ingesting a level of carbohydrate and calories that would make a normally active person feel quite awful.

    Diet is a very individual matter.
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      Feb 5 2014: Thank you for your great post, Fritzie.

      I'm wondering how do we get to the point that we become alergic to very Basic food?

      It appears that food the majority of us eat is not really that naturally basic, not even fresh. Added preservatives and some other chemicals, processing methods, artificial vitamins added to milk and juices, and moreover, pesticides that are not even mentioned on labels.....must be the reasons

      I have found this fantastic Eczema-healing Diet for my friend she has followed the instructions and healed her "blooming" skin quickly. (The doctor's prescription of steroids only made her sick and sicker...but when she was telling him about her new Diet, he was smiling - sarcastically )

      But I've learned a lot just by watching her getting well - we were selecting and preparing food that HEALED her. And it was not a "poor" boring diet at all.

      No drugs or commercial creams. I've found out that organiic COCONUT OIL is a MAJOR miraculous food/medication, that works better than any other topical remedy in cases of Eczema. Beside special diet I asked her to drink Lots of hot Chamomile tea. Take Primrose (6,000mg) oil daily.

      It was a happy learning experience for both of us. My friend has turned into a happy person, has a ton of energy to work. We just spoke about the wisdom that we do not learn in any schools - we can learn this wisdom but on our own...
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        Feb 5 2014: I don't know anything about allergies, but I think not all species are meant to eat everything safely. We know some mushrooms are poisonous to all of us, so we don't call them food. We know dogs cannot safely eat grapes, garlic, or onions (also not chocolate, but chocolate isn't "basic.") We can't eat grass but if we could, we would be calling it a food.

        So some growing things we can eat and we therefore call food and some we can't and don't call it food.
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          Feb 5 2014: I understand that your point - we all different in spite that we are physically "designed" similarly, as humans. People who live in different climate zones "invent" their own local diets/cuisine for ages, and they usually make a lot of sense.

          In a cold climate one might needs to have some fats in his/her diet, including cheeses and butter.

          I've learned from macrobiotic diets (they are many!) that we have to find our local Organically grown food and make it basic. (it's also a "healthy" support for our local economy, in return)
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    Feb 7 2014: What I've come up with is Chinese green tea. It has some good fermented fungus and natural scent which are very good for our health. Its first taste of a little bitter reminds me of the pains and difficulty in our life and its scent and the second taste of a bit sweet makes me feel peaceful and calm down to think more about life is a mix of bittersweet and takes time to savor the subtleness in the taste.
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    Feb 14 2014: Food, my second favorite topic.
    I never thought of it as a manifestation of intelligence, experience or morals... Although, I have been smart enough to experience foods from all over the world and enjoyed them all. I am not sure that all that eating was immoral although there has been a manifestation around my beltline... does that count?
    What I have learned in my travels is that there are many views on food. I have met thin, wispy people with sunken cheeks that extoll the virtues of only eating vegetables. Well, I learned that man is an omnivore which if I understand it means that man is supposed to eat everything. That is my foodosophy, I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first. And I carry a gun.

    I have heard of diets. Those thin wispy people convince some to engage in diets. I think that those are punishments they give people who eat stuff other then vegetables.
    Don't misunderstand me, I like vegetables, I eat vegetables, right next to my T-Bone steak and fries.
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      Feb 14 2014: So understand your point and experience, Mike. I've traveled in my very young years a lot, tried ethnic foods and even some "exotic". What I've learned from all that (you've mentioned this too) - humans can eat Everything, and unlike animals often for no sober reason.

      I've learned it is important to know When you personally need to change what you're consuming, and find more wholesome or in some cases, restrictive diet, before you get really sick.
      I'm having enormous stress lately and the foods I choose give me valuable lessons - letting me know what is ok, great, and what is damaging for me..

      Food can turn our emotions in all directions, it can be our happiness and great entertainment, or sickness and depression. But it also can be the most powerful Healer that no drugs or surgery can replace.

      "That is my foodosophy, I'll eat anything that doesn't eat me first. And I carry a gun." Super-point for a naturally curious good man like youStay happy and be safe :) Thank you for your lively comment.
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      Feb 12 2014: It's a lovely presentation - thank you for the link, Christophe.

      Our arguments, whether these are somewhat peaceful or bloody hateful, are all brewing from our great lack of understanding of others.

      The law of nature does not allow us to visit other minds and experience other's imagination, dreams and beliefs first hand (no researcher, scientist or butcher has ever seen any image or thought in someone's brain).

      Because of this powerful nature's law that is to Limit and protect each of our mind from direct interactions, we cannot help but live within our own unique sensations, feelings, thoughts and beliefs - designing our own Personal Truth.

      In spite that - I think - we Can help ourselves and become a little wiser, by developing more ethical communications among ourselves and with our environment. But our old "Golden Rule" needs to be changed.

      Our very old ethics that are expressed in the Golden Rule ("May I do to others as I would that they should do unto me. -Plato - Fourth Century B.C.") are still provoking a very "convenient" excuse for the most horrific deeds and terror, throughout our history to this very day.

      Wondering... Can our future be very different from today's reality in the most wonderful ways?

      Can it be a future in which one celebrates his or her Personal Independence Day, every day; where the Golden Rule is thoughtfully corrected, and advises:

      NEVER TREAT OTHERS as you would like to be treated yourself - unless they agree to it first - because what is Good for You may be Damaging for Others.

      This new rule on ethics (I've made it up and just suggest it) might help.
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        Feb 21 2014: coming to an "answer" to your question in the topic:
        1) I reject the idea of a soul (as an archaic concept that has no good reference to our understanding of life and probably does not exist in most ways it is defined)
        2) As for food: your intake affects your brain enormously, as it consumes 1/3 of your daily energy intake (I mean sugars and fats, not some esoteric form of energy). And a lot of molecules (vitamins,...) and elements (magnesium, potassium,...) are dependent on our food intake.
        So I would suggest: a healthy diet is highly beneficial for your wel-being and the functioning of your body and brain (where your consciousness emerges)

        As for developing intelligence: learn to think on an abstract and scientific level. (look up the talk by Flynn): it's the best way to increase intelligence (as we define it). If you wish wisdom or other forms of intelligence: you just need to learn (be doing, studying or practicing).

        As for ethics: I highly recommend Sam Harris (the moral landscape)
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      Feb 12 2014: Here is one of the answers to the problem of Hate (related to the link you referred to
      We do not need to build an institution or a lab to convince ourselves that some pleasant lunch could change our minds in our decisions.. There are some real good ways to learn how to find some useful cooperation/colaboration among our enemies.

      May be this can offer a great topic?

      “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”
      ― Abraham Lincoln

  • Dan F

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    Feb 8 2014: The beauty of TED is I can be myself, even at the expense of being perhaps a little less manly.

    We are affected by what we eat.

    It is not just the type of food we choose to eat, but actually being a bit more involved than that. I have gotten progressively more involved in growing what I eat, especially garden stuff.

    But it goes a step further for me, I like fixing what I eat as well. I recently obtained a power blender, which is proving to be an interesting fresh food processor.

    To some extent your question in my mind reflects the value one assigns to being physically healthy as a factor in how we function in terms of being all we can be mentally, emotionally, perhaps even ethically more sensitive.

    Obviously, we are subject to allergies, etc., requiring adjustments in what we eat, but the implication of your question in my mind is sound. I like the elementary nature of your question. I think it is easy to assume too much about what makes who we are apart from our dependence on physical factors such as food.

    I am an anti drug person, but not a purist. I'm actually drinking a glass of Pinot!
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      Feb 8 2014: Thank you, Dan.

      I have a theory that whatever we eat and digest eventually turns into our emotional energy - our fuel for life. Whether poor or vital, we need this energy to vitalize our very existence.

      Maybe there is Emotional Circulation that our food supports within our minds and bodies.

      If we have no emotional sensitivity we cannot eat at all -- and our bodies eventually die, even if artificially fed.
      • Dan F

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        Feb 11 2014: Hi Vera,

        I think the attitude that eating well (healthy) reflects in improving the quality and vitality of life and appears perhaps the most under appreciated truths of populaces around the world.

        The irony of this situation is that those suffering the consequences of their addictive lousy
        diets will 99% of the time look to medically treat the problem(s) as opposed to seriously changing their standard food intake from lousy to smart.

        This is almost a lifestyle challenge for many, especially kids. It would be nice if somehow it could catch on as "cool." I like your approach as tying healthy food intake to ideal "Emotional Circulation." I think this would make an excellent TED TALK!

        Excellent topic with lots of good comments.
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          Feb 11 2014: Honored by your comment, Dan.

          I've been thinking about how frequently our emotional energy changes its intensity during a day, and also while we are sleep.

          It feels like emotions are fuctuating and "circulating" through our minds and bodies all the time, changing our mood, producing new energy.

          Different sorts of food effect our mood in various ways, can lift up our spirit, or make us ill, emotionally.

          How would you suggest to put this topic in words?

          Will be interesting to see what other ted members might say about their own experience about their own "emotional circulation".
      • Dan F

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        Feb 12 2014: Hi Vera,

        Perhaps it is this factor (good nutrition) of our existence that ups our own valuable by making the concept of a soul or spirit so personally intense and beautiful and to some extent what enables the concept of love and respect between individuals to be so real and reciprocal under the right circumstances. Recipents with good "Emotion Circulation" via the quality food intake can better bond, and connect, despite being relatively disagreeable over lots of superfical things, and yet ultimately be blown away by one another's electrical impact. Perhaps you can only get in life what you are able to give.

        Olympic contenders are a fantastic example of how good nutrition can provide a more heightened and reliable emotional state under the stress of the physical face offs in these games and worldwide spotlight. An emotional component that I think is hard for most of us to fathom. One thing is certain these contestants are as concerned about the quality and quantity of their food intake as the physical training and conditioning tasks that got them to where they are. The science of eating smart is well understood.

        I hope I'm not rambling.
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          Feb 12 2014: What you're saying is positive and encouraging, and I like it. In sports, it is admirable how much one's Will can do, when it is ignited by emotional power. But it does not mean that a shy poet or a composer cannot create emotional volcanoes inside them.

          My personal experience is more on a quiet observing side..but I feel these hidden internal volcanoes frequently.

          I guess we might have very different characters, and "circulate" very different emotional powers/energy.

          This often seems so upseting to many, that we cannot share with what we Exactly feel and think INSIDE ourselves with others, but only express something by action, words, music, arts etc.

          Here is a fragment from my poem I wrote years ago - explaining myself why we are so different and cannot visit other's minds:

          ......... but if ..... everyone could see Every mind's Kingdom,
          Feel every feeling and know every thought as one,
          Misunderstandings could melt down forever.

          Seeds of doubts and blame about the others could stop growing.
          No fights, no wars, intrigues or hate, no players or pretending.

          Alas, no illusions of beauty, seductive unknowns and guesses.
          No wonder and
          No wisdom -all truths are clear for each mind and for all.

          No thrill to admire, no one to thank,
          No need to explain, to talk, to act, to scream.

          No artist to paint.
          No poet to sing.

          If my peculiarly human senses cannot give me the world God bless my blindness, the soil for my garden of dreams.

          How little I can see with my eyes!
          How much I can see and create without them!

          God bless my lonely mind in its sacred solitude, and my only way
          To know your world,
          By building my own.
      • Dan F

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        Feb 13 2014: Hi Vera,

        Thank you for that glimpse of yourself.

        Your point is well made.
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    Feb 7 2014: GREEN TEA IS MY EVERYDAY HAPPY CUSTOM. Tea-drinking is a wise ceremony.

    Thank you, Yoka, for your beautiful contribution to this topic.
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      Feb 8 2014: You're welcome~!:)
      Thank you for telling me you like Green Tea. And there're many kinds of it,I'd like to recommend the one I like best, hope you'll like it too. It's called "Bi Luo Chun" that means "Green Snail Spring". It is called so because it is a green tea that is rolled into a tight spiral, resembling snail meat, and is cropped early spring.
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        Feb 8 2014: It is so delightful to talk to you, Yoka.

        I usually order bulk tea from the established tea company who buys tea from the producers (all over the world). Hot Green tea is a truly healing drink. "Bi Luo Chun" will be my next purchase. It is good to know that it is seasonal. Tell more, please, about what you know about tea, if you feel like doing so.
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    Feb 7 2014: Some of the “food for my soul” is not dietary-food, but like dietary-food they do affect the brain chemistry.

    *Notable importantly this time of year is daylight-bulbs (AKA: full spectrum lighting) for they produce a chemical in your eyes that helps sleep and mood and in addition far less eye strain.

    *Gardening is good for the soul in many ways, chemically speaking healthy soil has microbes and chemicals that affect the brain chemistry to improve mood.

    *Indoor plants have many health benefits via improving air quality.

    *Stand-up desk I believe affect mental health, but not though affecting brain chemistry. I’m not sure how maybe ch’i, feng shui or some other Chinese wisdom could explain it; I just know I physically feel better and mentally more alert and creative.

    There was another conversation not long ago that was similar to this, but it went more toward spiritual grow instead of mental/emotional health.
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      Feb 8 2014: I can't agree with you more, I think the good balance of combination of all positive things or relationships could be a panacea to people.
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      Feb 6 2014: I've tried a diet like you say, lilly. But I didn't feel that good. But for five years now I've followed a diet that helps me a lot. I live almost entirely on skim cow's milk. Every day I drink about two gallons (7.5 liters) of skim cow's milk, and I hardly eat or drink anything else. It's excellent.
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          Feb 6 2014: well, lilly, in English as we speak it in America the word "diet" can mean two things. It can mean a special food regimen that you follow for a while, usually to lose weight. Or it can mean the way you eat and live all the time. In my case when I talked about a diet that is almost all skim milk, I meant the same as you, that living almost entirely on skim milk is a healthy way to live and eat. My experience is that it is much healthier than the way you mention, fruits, nuts, whole grains, vegetables, and a little bit of fish and chicken. I got the idea from the masai tribe of Kenya (in africa), if you've never read about the Masai they are pretty interesting. For one thing they live almost entirely on food from their cattle, milk and beef.

          By the way, do you find life pleasant?

          As far as I know, living on skim milk is not just good for the soft tissue, it is good for the entire body.
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          Feb 6 2014: what is your evidence that I'm wrong, lilly? I am telling you that I have tried a diet like you describe, and I felt bad physically. Then I went to my diet, and I felt much better. I don't think my body is very different from other people's, therefore I reason that if my diet makes me feel better, it would help other people feel better, too.

          Have you given birth? As a mother, you would have a particularly strong belief in milk, wouldn't you?

          Again, why do you think it takes 90 years to prove my diet is a good one? I've been on it five years and I'm doing great, surely five years is an adequate test?

          Again, do you not think you would enjoy and be healthy from a diet that was only raw milk straight from the cow, and fresh beef from a cow that has just been slaughtered and butchered?
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          Feb 7 2014: No, lilly, if I eat some other food, and only eat that food, I do not believe I will do as well as I do when I only consume milk. There is something special about milk. I think it has a lot to do with the form and content of the milk molecule, I think the mother's mammary gland takes the softest and best parts of what the mother eats, and this is the milk.

          To be more accurate, I really eat three foods, but they are all related to milk. As I said, I drink a lot of skim milk, usually about two gallons, or 7.5 liters, a day. Then sometimes I will drink pure cow's cream, which I buy in separate containers and drink separately. And also I do sometimes bend over when on a walk and tear off a little lawn grass that is growing down by the ground and eat it. This comes from my interest in cows, grass, and milk. Grass tastes good.

          I am trying to interest the medical establishment in my country in approving my diet as a safe, acceptable diet for human beings, and also testing it to see if it would help people with various diseases, including major ones like cancer and AIDS. The difficulty in getting it approved as a safe and healthy diet is that it is deficient in or entirely missing certain nutrients that the U.S. government recommends. While I do acknowledge these lacks, I nonetheless find that I feel better and am healthier on this diet than on any other diet I have tried, it appears to be acceptable in spite of the lacks. Thus I believe it should be approved, to try to achieve that I am now corresponding with the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion ( I also have found that the diet has helped me with certain various kinds of physical discomfort, especially eye discomfort. I tend to think this is because of the softness of the milk molecule, and also because the diet helps a person lose weight. I think these factors might help many people with many diseases, therefore........
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          Feb 7 2014: I am corresponding with the National Institutes of Health ( to try to interest them in testing it on various diseases. The National Institutes is the largest U.S. government health research center in the U.S. Both the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (that I mentioned above), and the National Institutes of Health are parts of the United States Department of Health and Human Services (, this is the larger umbrella department that, among other things, is now rolling out "Obamacare." (Have you heard of "Obamacare" in India?) So far these have been exciting and interesting projects.

          Now I don't understand your P.S. You're saying you've been on TED two weeks and you're getting offensive comments? Or you're saying you're not getting offensive comments?
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          Feb 7 2014: oh, sorry, lilly, one more thing, yes, cow milk might not be the best milk for a human. But it is the best I can do, as a 53-year-old man I cannot walk into a store and buy two gallons a day of human milk. But like I say, I seem to do very well on cow milk, much better than any other diet I have tried.
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          Feb 7 2014: thanks, lilly. Yes, I agree, this diet is very extreme and I think that if anyone ever tried to use it it would mostly be sick people if they found it helped them feel better. But please don't think this diet is not pleasurable. In fact, milk is delicious, I have drunk thousands of gallons of it and I still love the taste. Plus I love the liquid nature of it, is it very refreshing to be drinking only food in a liquid form. And it also means I never have to clean up a kitchen!

          You might enjoy an idea I shared with Vera. I got this idea of living on milk from the Masai people of Kenya, who are famous for living only on milk and beef from their cows. The Masai have a saying "If a man drinks milk and eats beef on the same day, he is a glutton." I think the idea is that if you take milk and beef on the same day, you are taking every last thing the cow has, you are leaving her nothing whatsoever of her own life. I believe the saying, so every day I must choose between drinking milk or eating beef. I always choose milk because the liquid nature of it is so refreshing.

          You're a very mysterious woman, lilly. Care to share any details of your life, where you live, what you do, married, children?
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          Feb 7 2014: You could, if you wanted, start your own thread about whether evolution in fact demands that people hate others or alternatively whether a belief in the inevitability of hate becomes self-fulfilling prophecy for those who hold that belief.

          As I understand the posts of yours that I have read, you express a popular view that males (or another group of privilege) have had such a defining influence on culture that those exposed to a male-defined culture can see only through a male-biased lens, with the whole, or the vast majority of, society adopting without question "male" tastes and values. Alongside this worldview is the notion that a greater culture-defining role for women early on would have resulted in a different culture, values, and practices in the current day.

          Some of the challenges that people have presented to your position are that women have across various cultures had a greater cultural influence than you perhaps acknowledge.

          There are many feminists on TED, both speakers and participants in conversation, if by feminist you mean people who believe that women should have the same opportunities for civic and economic participation as men.

          Those who have interacted with TED administrators have noted that a large proportion of the TED staff are women. Here is the TED staff:

          And here are the 49 TED talks specifically about women:
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          Feb 7 2014: well, like I say, lilly, I mostly think it's sick people who would follow this diet, if they found that it helped them feel better. I should stress that it has not been proven that it will help sick people, I think it will but it remains to be investigated. But I also say again that the diet really is pleasant, milk is a delicious, lovely food.

          Well, I know you're not a nobody, for one thing you're an exceptionally intelligent person. But it would be interesting to know a little more about the practical circumstances of your life. What sort of work do you do, if any? Are there issues that you care about and come back to again and again, not only on TED but in your general life?

          Are you saying TED is threatening to toss you? That's strange. What have they said? Do you believe males have had more influence on the culture? But you haven't advocated that anything bad be done to males, you haven't said they should be hated or physically hurt or discriminated against? I can't see that your comments are out of line, lots of people would say males have had more influence on the culture.

          Just to be clear, with my diet it's not so much a case where it makes you feel actively good, it's more that it seems to reduce pain, and when your pain is reduced, you can enjoy life more and do more things.
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          Feb 8 2014: Yes, I feel very thankful I have discovered this diet. But tell me, Lilly, if you had to choose a diet like you described, fruits, fish, vegetables, chicken, nuts, or you could choose a Masai diet which is only milk and beef, which would you choose? You would agree that the Masai diet is pleasant?

          One thing that is motivating me to stay on milk is I noticed when I eat solid mixed food my urine smells bad, but when I only live on milk my urine does not smell as bad. In my mind this suggests that I probably smell better in general when I live on milk.

          I cannot agree that nature cares only about the group. A group is made up of individuals and each individual has a certain amount of self-love, which is natural.

          Well, Lilly, I enjoy trying to learn and acquire knowledge. I can use it to make my life more comfortable and interesting. I can share what I learn so others can make their lives more comfortable and interesting.

          To me TED is wrong on their threat to you, but in this case they hold the power, I guess. It is their website, so they make the rules.

          I myself don't know which sex does the most to create the culture. Where men influence the culture it is more obvious, forceful, it has more of a spotlight; women's influence is lighter, more subtle, but still powerful, I think.

          Is there anything you wish to do in life where you think a male-dominated culture is preventing you from doing it? What is it?

          No, I didn't choose my name, why do you ask?

          Could I survive all by myself, I don't know, possibly, why do you ask?

          No, I didn't choose my place of birth, why do you ask?
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          Feb 8 2014: oh shoot, lilly, I thought you would choose the Masai diet. Well, I think the Masai diet tastes better and actually is healthier, but it remains to be tested.
          I don't know how I smell to other people. Right now I have a cold, so I don't want to ask my friend to smell my breath. But I do know when I live on milk my urine smells better than when I go off milk, so I would think I generally smell better on milk.
          Why do you mention about how to know a village? Certainly you're right everyone has a right to speak. Most times it is the best idea that wins, it doesn't matter who it comes from. Are you saying people look down on you? What is your education?
          When you say the mind forming of man's education, by man do you mean the male sex? Or do you mean humanity, both men and women? Because if you only mean the male sex, I suppose TED will not like you saying this, they will say you are criticizing the male sex. But you know, it's not just educated men who sometimes look down on their fellow people, sometimes educated women look down on their fellow people, too?
          I hope you will follow TED's rules, lilly, as you are a very nice, intelligent person and I hope to follow you more on TED, so I hope they don't close you.
          Well, one cow can give from eight to 20 gallons of milk a day, which will feed four or five people. So I don't think it will be too crowded. I feel sorry when a cow is killed, but I care more about human beings, I want to see them fed well and healthy by milk and beef.
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Feb 8 2014: You're saying our cells split? What does that mean, our cells split?

          When you say men form all early rules and forms and subjects of teaching, what are the rules you think they form, and what do you think are the ideas and practices they teach?

          But I find it hard to agree with you, lilly, because women also form rules in the home and teach their children how to behave and help their children learn about life. And women are important in schools, they teach class, some write the books the school uses, some decide what classes will be taught at a school?

          TED probably will allow you to say anything you want if you can back it up with evidence. So what evidence do you have that only men form the early rules and teachings?

          Yes, many will not follow this diet. But I hope I can at least cause the U.S. government to investigate whether it is a safe, healthy diet, my experience is that it is a safe, healthy diet that I think people would enjoy and have good health.
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Feb 9 2014: Well, let's see. So you would say Moses created the Jewish God, lilly? And Moses is a man. But don't you think Moses was very influenced in his life by women, his mother, his wife, his female friends and associates? I think it's the same for all your questions. Even if a man invented something, he was very influenced by the women in his life. But you don't think so?

          If you believe women had no influence, and men had all the influence, what was the cause? Is it women being physically weaker than men that causes men to dominate? Or what?
        • thumb
          Feb 9 2014: but another problem I have with you saying men are dominant is that in most cultures men have to court women if they want a wife, they have to ask the woman out, talk with her, show her his qualities and personality. And then she chooses if she will marry him. If it was as you say and men were dominant, then a man would just go up to a woman with a gun and say "Marry me, we'll go to the priest right now," and she would have to go.
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Feb 12 2014: Well, I was talking to a librarian at my local community college here today, lilly. She was saying that in Germany in World War 1, the German women were very much behind the country going to war. They may not have made the official decision to go to war, but they did support it. She said it was the same for World War 2, that women in Germany hugely supported Hitler, women joined the Hilter Youth, you can see film of many women at Hitler's speeches giving the heil salute and looking like they agree with and are devoted to Hitler.

          Well, I believe that about 50% of the marriages in the world are arranged marriages. That is more than I thought. But still, in the 50% that aren't arranged, it is the woman who usually makes the decision to marry, the man has to date her, talk with her, show her his qualities, and then he asks to marry her. But she makes the decision whether she will accept. But I agree with you, arranged marriage is wrong if the woman is forced to it. Is this a topic you know much about? Maybe you should host a TED conversation about it?
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Feb 13 2014: dear lilly, what do you mean "the original man story of early life"? Are you talking about the Bible, or what? What exactly do you think the story is, are you talking about Adam and Eve?
      • Comment deleted

        • thumb
          Feb 14 2014: Well, here in the United States the most powerful religion is Christianity. But from what I know, lilly, the major values of Christianity are peace, love, and forgiveness. So what are you talking about, man's testosterone of violence?

          From what I know, Jewish people also seek peace.

          From what I know, Buddhists also seek peace.

          Anyway, we agreed above that women also can do horrendous things. So if religion is violent, can't we say that women contributed to it?
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    Mar 3 2014: Food is a highly emotional stimulator. At the same time if one does not feel any emotions he/she cannot digest food.

    Food is not only about feeding the physical body - it is about digesting food into different sorts of EMOTIONAL fuel, that is supporting or destroying our mental health .
  • thumb
    Feb 17 2014: I eat the same foods everyday, just a little different. Sometimes depart from routine.
    I exercise the same movements everyday, just a little different. Sometimes depart from routine.
    If I am inconsistent with diet, then inconsistent with emotion.
    I had problem with eating gluten. Papaya and pineapple helped me digest.
    I stopped getting sick as frequently after stop drinking alcohol.
    • thumb
      Feb 17 2014: Someone like you, Michael, learns very quickly, and I'm sure you'll manage in any case, probably not just once changing and adjusting your diet during your wonderful long life. (This darn human world needs your presence.)

      I do believe that our food always turns into our emotional fuel, between poisoned and pure.
      I also believe our bodies are our best teachers in this burlesque existence, but many do not sense a thing, even do not know how to listen to themselves.

      Good to hear from you!

      p.s. A few months ago I've resqued a "wild" young kitty browsing near my house, terribly undernourished and bitten by other cats, or whoever. I've read a lot of stuff about how to cure a cat naturally.. and selected aloe vera and pure meet diet+. Well, he is in heaven of safety and love now - so am I. (He is like a little doggy follows me around the house, everywhere.) Healing food eventually turned into our mutually shared "bliss".
  • thumb
    Feb 12 2014: “Laziness and cowardice explain why so many men. . . remain under a life-long tutelage and why it is so easy for some men to set themselves up as the guardians of all the rest. . .

    If I have a book which understands for me, a pastor who has a conscience for me, a doctor who decides my diet, I need not trouble myself. If I am willing to pay, I need not think. Others will do it for me.”

    ― Immanuel Kant
    • thumb
      Feb 12 2014: This TED talk may provide you with some insight.

      I think it is more a matter of risk tolerance vs. reward satisfaction that drives men "and women".
      For most of my life I was satisfied with eating the standard American diet and activity level.
      But as I aged and developed new health issues, the standard diet & activity-level became both riskier and I was less satisfied in how it made me feel.
      So I changed of I lived from being a lager to being a trend setter, so I did not become more energetic and braver. Instead I become award of the risk and rewards that live a health life offers.
  • thumb
    Feb 11 2014: Parents wonder why the streams are bitter, when they themselves have poisoned the fountain.

    John Locke
  • thumb
    Feb 7 2014: HEY, HEY, GOOD PEOPLE. PLEASE USE THE LINKS BELOW ! talking about Intelligence + Food = wisdom. Thank you, Fritzie for this lead !!!!!!!
    Now we have to learn how to do the same at HOME:)
  • thumb
    Feb 6 2014: How one may feel while eating meat and also thinking about that this meat just recently was a young cow or sheep?
    • thumb
      Feb 6 2014: well, I very rarely eat meat. If I do, I enjoy the taste, I feel a little sorry that an animal died so that I could have that meat. But then I think maybe that animal never would have had a life if it had not been raised by human beings for food. If you take chicken as an example, I would think there are many more chickens in the world because human beings raise them for food than there would be if human beings did not raise them for food.

      Do you eat meat, Vera? Did you ever? How do you feel about, or how did you feel in the past, when you thought this meat was just recently a young live animal?
      • thumb
        Feb 7 2014: Well, I do, but rarely. Organic and lived-free, on grass, lamb. Beside it is almost a“religious” ceremony for me. probably more…

        When I was little I expressed my own naive morality to my mother who often fed me a hamburger for dinner : "beef absolutely can Not relate to any living cow, or they would call it cow-meet -it would be horrible. It is impossible - so barbaric to eat a live cow, She
        is so sweet and kind, giving us milk, butter and cheese."

        Fed based on european traditional cuisine I love ducks or goose for Christmas, these things bring a lot of happiness - naive emotional heaven to my stupid soul.
        I found the way - I feel this enormous gratitude to a little soul of a bird or a lamb, who already left their precious bodies, because of the butcher’s job. I did not kill them. They are already gone. But I am the one who respects them as beautiful creations!! yes, with this Respect I quietly prey, my way, for their souls - and who else will?
        Everytime I cook for my (very spoiled) guests they scream that I am the most fantastic "chef". Must confess - I’d never be able to be a commercial chef for the reason that I DO NOT PLAY WITH FOOD. I must care for it as gently as I can. Cannot butcher anything alive, fish, lobsters, shellfish..
        My quiet Prayer no matter what I cook is my salvation. It makes eating a special ceremony. There are many cultures that still teach some ceremonies over food and make “reasons” for killing-sacrificing” animals. Not at all close to what I feel…
        However, people who know me would never believe me.. I’m sharing my private emotional state related and so very opposite to a common food-consuming mentality.

        The morality of my thinking towards any food: I believe in real exitence of souls. Bodies are our temporary experience whatever we do with them... play or torture, kill or eat them. And whatever we do with our own and others bodies shows us what our souls really are, intuitive and beautiful, stupid and ugly.
        • thumb
          Feb 7 2014: well, if you are so sensitive, Vera, why not become 100% vegetarian?

          I appreciate your sensitivity. I believe animals are lesser beings than human beings, but it is still sad to think they died for our eating.

          As you know, I live almost entirely on skim milk. I got this idea from the Masai tribe of Kenya. They are famous for living only on product from cows, milk and beef. The Masai have a saying "If a man drinks milk and eats beef on the same day, he is a glutton." I believe this is true, and I follow it. Thus every day I have to choose between milk and beef. I always choose milk, because the liquid nature of it is refreshing.

          You're not putting down commercial chefs? I think a commercial chef could have a very reverential attitude towards the life and sacrifice of the animals and plants he or she cooks with.
      • thumb
        Feb 8 2014: Hello Greg. You're asking "You're not putting down commercial chefs?" Actually I believe that the practicing of cooking should not be turned into a brainless entertainment based on silly concoctions , similar to what we see on tv.

        I think Cooking is a part of our culture that shows how intelligent or how reckless we are..

        About some vegetarian diet? - I think that our physical bodies are not really designed to live just on grass or fruit.... Besides if I do not eat meat but still eat cheese or drink milk I'm not a vegetarian. I love seafood, some of it.

        Thank you for hanging around and being curious in a thoughtful way

        • thumb
          Feb 8 2014: well, I haven't watched many cooking shows, Vera. I fall on the optimistic side, for example, I hear that there is a phenomenon of obesity in the U.S., but as I live life here I don't see that many obese people, do you? But I wouldn't blame commercial chefs for obesity, anyway, it doesn't seem to me that obese people go to restaurants and overeat much, don't they do it at home?

          I am trying to get my diet, which is almost all skim milk, approved by the U.S. government as a safe, healthy diet for human beings. Then I hope to promote it to people as a means to weight loss and weight control. I doubt that everybody will follow it, but at least it will become another option people could follow.

          If you see people waste food what do you think it says about them? For example, my mother will buy packs of vegetables, and most of the time she uses them while they're still good, but occasionally they spoil before she can use them all. What does this say about her?

          Well, I meant a vegetarian who does eat cheese and drink milk, but no seafood. Apparently you feel sad when you cook a fish, so why not stop eating fish?
      • thumb
        Feb 8 2014: Greg, I think that Don Anderson is absolutely correct, please read this above:

        "I strongly believe each of us should create our own custom diet based on your own unique health needs and taste. All you need to do a web-search “your-health-issues + diet” and combine the result and adjust to taste. "

        I'd like to also mention that it is crucial to know your own body needs and weaknesses. Each of us has a special environment, including climate. We have different possibilities in buying or growing our own food. But the main idea - everyone has to choose his/her diet by selecting and trying different things.

        Our physical bodies are not developed to live on grass.. (yet?).
        One might feel terribly weak without animal/fish protein in a cold climate.

        What kind of food makes you feel happy? Just Milk?
        • thumb
          Feb 9 2014: yes, i agree that each person is different and chooses their own diet. Well, if your body feels terribly weak without fish, and eating it is not too hard on you emotionally, then I believe you should eat it. But if you can refrain from eating it and not feel weak, maybe you should not eat it, because I have the impression that it's emotionally hard on you.

          Well, I eat grass because I like cows and cows live on grass. In my case it's a very small amount of grass, well, I live in a suburb of Los Angeles where the only grass is in the lawns, and they all get cut so the grass is short. But the grass does taste good. I like eating grass because it makes me feel in touch with the earth. And it makes me feel like I am getting a little bit of my food straight from the earth, instead of going into a store and buying it.

          Have you ever gotten interested in foraging, Vera? This is where people can go into the wild, and there are certain plants they can pick the leaves and add them to the dishes they make at home from food they bought at the market.

          I still enjoy the taste of all food, but almost all food if I eat it, I feel physically bad, specifically it bothers my eyes the most. But when I drink milk it doesn't have any effect of making me feel physically bad or bothering my eyes, so I just live on milk. It's pretty nice, among other things I stay at about the middle of normal on the BMI, in my case about 168 pounds at my height, six feet two inches. I noticed also when I eat non-milk foods my urine smells bad, whereas when I live on milk my urine doesn't smell so bad. This made me think that by living on milk I probably smell better in general.
      • thumb
        Feb 10 2014: Why do you think people use poisonous sprays on dandelion, or plantain leafs, thinking that these are weeds in their lawns?

        They do not have any tiniest clue that these leafs/herbs and roots are the most beneficial especially when these are fresh. Dandelion greens are the most HEALING and nutritious leafy vegetable that you can buy, and are a great spring tonic. Marinated dandelion root is used in Japan as basic food for ages.

        Funny that some people BUY dandelion leaf in stores and pay a lot of money.. do they think it is a different kind?

        It is sooo upsetting to read how to KILL dandelions with herbicides "Since it only lasts for five to six weeks, you should reapply the herbicide ..."

        Why not to harvest and eat them in salads?
  • thumb
    Feb 6 2014: Thank you, Lilly, for your contribution. There is a lot of psychology involved in our recycling food-mentality and a lot of bad habits have been glued to us since we begin to grow up.

    Any suggestions how to help individuals look for a healthy "food entertainment" ?
    • thumb
      Feb 6 2014: what do you mean by "food entertainment"?
      • thumb
        Feb 6 2014: An example might be people who go out for an ice cream cone for the fun of it, even though they really are not hungry. I would guess that people who eat popcorn in movie theaters seldom do so because they are hungry. It is more of a recreational activity in these cases.
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: do movie theaters sell healthy stuff like apples? I guess they're afraid that people will get the apple stickies on the chairs?

          Since I live on milk and I can't get it at a movie theater concession stand, I asked the manager of my local multiplex if I could bring milk in. He said it's a bit of a problem if the milk spills because they cannot easily clean it up. But he gave me special permission to bring it in.
      • thumb
        Feb 6 2014: I would guess movie theaters do not sell food requiring refrigeration. Theaters offering live performance, music festivals, and sports arenas offer a wider range of food stuffs, I believe.
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: what would be the connection, Fritzie, just that the movie theater concession stand is a physically smaller area?

          I suppose when an audience member goes to a live event they are more aware of people sitting around them and are cleaner in how they eat food? In a dark movie theater if you had finished your apple and had to dispose of the core, people might be more inconsiderate than in a live venue and put the core on the floor without wrapping it. Some are quite inconsiderate and might put it on the seat beside them without wrapping it.

          I actually wonder if a live venue patronizer might be neater in how they eat because they have a sense that the live performers on the stage notice them and they don't want to insult the performers by being messy. Whereas in a theater the actors on the screen aren't going to think disparaging thoughts if you put your apple core on the floor unwrapped. Plus there is live theater staff in the room at a live venue, ushers, sound people, et cetera. In a dark movie theater it is much easier to be piggish?
      • thumb
        Feb 6 2014: I don't know that people can bring gooey food in when the seats are upholstered. Seats in a sports arena, in contrast, can be hosed down.

        In my image of movie theaters of old, the culture of the movie house involved couples or groups sharing the movie snack. A big open carton of popcorn was ideal for this in a way that an apple is not so much.
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: well, maybe that's the connection, Fritzie. Here in Southern California, they've just done a major renovation of the Forum, do you recall it from your days here?: I believe the seats are upholstered, I can try to find out what they sell at the concessions. I would still guess that the parameters are narrower at a movie theater where people sit in the (way) dark and, these days, the seats are often only (very) partially filled. If there's noone else in your row, it's easy to be less neat.

          What do you think would be healthy concessions food at a movie theater? I would say hotdogs, nachos, and popcorn are healthier than candy?
      • thumb
        Feb 6 2014: I think people pretty much know which foods are healthy in general, so I must admit, I feel silly writing it out. We know that candy is typically "empty calories." and that hot dogs usually contain lots of fat, salt, and chemicals that suggest such foods be eaten at best in moderation. Fresh fruit and vegetables, nuts in moderation, popcorn without butter, lean proteins, and whole grains are what anyone in the area of health and nutrition would reconmend.

        I think everyone learns this at school, except that historically kids have learned about appropriate balance of foods in reference to pyramids that went out of date when people started doing less physical labor and so often over-emphasize carbohydrate.
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: well, i don't think I've ever bought myself food at a movie theater concessions stand although I've gone to hundreds of movies, somewhere I got the idea the food was overpriced so I never wanted to pay for it. Thus I'm not too aware of the choices they offer. But it sounds like on your list the only healthy thing a movie theater concession stand would offer is popcorn without the butter? Kind of surprising when other commercial eateries are moving toward more healthy food, such as McDonald's offering more salads? Maybe it's the upholstered chairs, although surely they could find healthy food that wouldn't be a cleanup problem? Maybe people just want moviegoing to be a nostalgic and tradition-laden experience, and offering the more healthy foods is a more current phenomenon?
        • thumb
          Feb 8 2014: Fritzie, I apologies, but wish to mention here this irrelevant to our topic here Patricia Burchat presentation on Ted, the one you recommend on a different topic 'Hourglass Model"

          I watched her. She is trying to "explain" these still-very-questionable (for scientists) theories as if she was an interpreter of true-new-discoveries for laymen - her very logically broken presentation only confuses outsiders, or give them false impressions of "knowledge" .

          I do not see any truly scientific debate on Ted but only simplified and biased presentations for laymen -but it is an unfortunate "scientific" fashion these days - creating "sensation" in public .

          As far as I know scientists would not go for open debates on public website. They are also hired and paid by sponsors or government to faithfully believe in what they do - they better - if they want to be paid :)
      • thumb
        Feb 6 2014: I doubt I can link this without running afoul of the automatic spam filter, but if you do an internet search for "AMC theatres food and drink" you will find a wide array of options at different locations. I expect other movie chains may have the same.

        I do not go to movies and have made no personal observations.
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: oh thanks, F. Yes, I see that they do have some healthier foods, like trail mix bars, Chiquita fruit chips, POPCorners popped corn chips, and Minutemaid fruit smoothies. That's good to know, I often to go to the movies with my mom and she does buy snacks, now at least I can suggest some of these, as she is obese. Although at the movies she gets popcorn without butter and diet soda, so at she is trying.

          Any particular reason you don't go to the movies? It can be nice to get out of the house, and the big screen is fun. I've seen many of the Oscar nominees this year, I particularly enjoyed clever and light "American Hustle." You do watch movies at home, are there any you've particularly enjoyed over the years, fiction or documentary?
      • thumb
        Feb 6 2014: As this conversation is about food, the discussion of movie attendance is off topic. Quickly, then, budgetary decisions are different for a single man like you than for parents of several children.
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: gee, fritzie, are you that bound to the topic? Aren't these conversations springboards for good, interesting talk? What if you had watched some great documentary that would really change my life, you wouldn't share it with me because it's not "on topic"?
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: you know, Fritzie, I think it would be wrong if Vera had started a conversation about food, and I immediately replied to it and said "Hey, let's talk about movies." Somehow it feels different when the change in topic sort of develops organically, that we start out on topic but it gently moves toward something related but not completely on topic. Actually, it could wind up to be very on topic, if for example your favorite documentary was "Food Inc.," or "Supersize Me," it would sort of address both subjects?

          I was quite affected by an experience I had down here involving a man named Frank Sontag. Frank used to give life skills and self-actualization classes around town. And once a week he also hosted a program on KLOS (radio), 95.5 FM that was a freeform radio talk show, anyone could call and talk about any topic (except sports like "How about those Dodgers"). The show ran about five hours, I would call in almost every week with different topics that interested me (it felt like TED quite a bit, actually), and usually talk to Frank for about ten minutes on-air. I remember one week I called in and I said "Frank, this week I really don't have a specific topic, I really am just a little lonely, so I wanted that feeling of connecting with someone, so I chose you." (It so happened that his show went from midnight to 5AM, so I didn't have too many other choices for who to connect with.) And he was very nice about it. He said that he thought that many people who called him, although they did talk about specific topics, he thought to some degree they were just looking for some feeling of connection with another human being. And it was the same in his classes, people came supposedly for life skills instruction, but to some degree they were just looking for connection to another person. So we bullshitted another couple of minutes, then I hung up. But that stayed with me........
        • thumb
          Feb 6 2014: so it's part of why I grant myself a small license to occasionally go off-topic in a TED conversation, the thought being that yes, I enjoy learning about specific topics but also it's just nice to learn about another human being?
      • thumb
        Feb 7 2014: Well, I actually mean that people consume tons of food when they are depressed - it is working for them as some sort of entertainment or sense-stimulation, and it is so easy to get in stores.

        When we emotionally "empty" starving for some stimulation, or overwhelmed by some traumatic situation we commonly eat! some "snack" or even heavy food to distract, enternain our trubled psyche.

        Food in this case can turn into a bad drug.

        We are all victims of our artificial environment and live in a great poverty of emotional exchnge (so generous in wilderness!), we need to stimulate ourselves by artificial entertainment, even combine them together: a movie with food, or food/drinks and empty talks when running silly parties.

        I believe though that food we eat for entertaining ourselves, and when it is organic and fresh, it may help us feel much better all together, physically and emotionally.

        But if it is so proceed that we can call it dead, it does not help our emotional starvation, therefore, we want more, and this only makes us sick.
        • thumb
          Feb 7 2014: what is your evidence that people consume tons of food when they are depressed?

          You don't like movies or parties? But you did mention preparing food for friends, that's kind of like a party? So what do you do for fun?
  • thumb
    Feb 6 2014: .
    Many choices are bad
    because they are based on INVALID HAPPINESS.
  • thumb
    Feb 5 2014: I'm wondering if someone feels that food can change his/her mood, can boost mental energy, and even lift one's spirit?