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Picasso and a forger

Hello debaters and thinkers here I have one bone to bite for you all :)

I had this interesting debate with a friend of mine, over a topic who is the artist, and our minds have different views on this topic, now I'm interested about other people's range of thought.

Everyone knows who Pablo Picasso is, now somewhere there is a forger who can do ( duplicate) pretty much every piece that Pablo has made and where a person can't spot a difference between an original and a copy.
By this being said, would you call the forger an artist as well? And a bonus question, what is your definition of an artist?

  • Feb 5 2014: Good Artist's copy...Great Arist's steal...Starving Artist's forge.
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    Feb 5 2014: well, a big part of Picasso's achievement is showing the world in a new way. This is somewhat apart from technical skills. Whereas a forger only demonstrates technical skills, so I could not call them an artist, except perhaps in the minor sense that anyone who does anything shows a bit of artistry.

    I suppose I have a broad view of art. Anything that is done with a bit of care and thought seems at least a little artistic. So that means everything everywhere is a little artistic?
    • Feb 5 2014: Exactly, everyone has that artist "part" in them, even if that is just by a small margin, it still is something.

      But as artists go Jelena said it quite well, you need to practice and with practice your technical aspect tends to get better and with that you improve your arsenal of skills.
  • Feb 8 2014: There is a world famous forger who was never really caught but now is selling his copies for thousands of dollars as copies. The interesting thing is that is how artist learn. Many early Picasso paintings were copies of other artists and copying their styles of other subjects. He spent many years doing this.

    I would say a great forger is also an artist.
  • Feb 7 2014: If the forger transferred the skill into his own creation,that will be an artist.it
    Maybe we try to imitate the artists' style,and find the own way of our artworks.
    Making things like Picasso won't make you a great artist,only good skill,but when you're trying to being an artist,you'll try to imitate and think how to be a real one.
  • Feb 5 2014: I have read it, I'm glad that there is verity of thinkers in this topic. So thank you.

    But I still think you generalize all artists too much. Some are ego driven and others are not. Those who push something for others to accept are bad guys in my opinion.
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    Feb 5 2014: Any type of practicing skills is good, even copy. It doesn't have to be some well known artist- for example I was practicing while painting girls from magazine when I was child, and it has improved my skills.

    So if somebody can make duplicate of Picasso's painting, I'm happy for it, because it's somebody very skillfully, for sure . When you are skillfully, and you are "raising" your skills, and take care of them- during hard work, one day, maybe you'll be able to make some work that is unique and worth admiration.

    Picasso wasn't good artist at the beginning. He had hard work behind, so nothing comes sudden, if you want master piece, you have to do hard.
    • Feb 5 2014: Good reply Jelena. I hope you don't mind me asking another question, how do you define art?
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        Feb 5 2014: I had answer to similar question about a week ago, in one of conversations. I define art as "nice expression of something" :)
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    Feb 5 2014: Let's take a different artist, like Michelangelo, just to avoid questions of how hard or easy it is to forge a modern work.

    Only a trained artist would have the skills to do a high quality oil reproduction of Michelangelo by hand. There are actual villages in China of former art students whose work is to paint good reproductions.

    Reproducing master works is part of how artists refine their skills
    • Feb 5 2014: So to sum it up, you agree that even duplicating the original work by a forger gives him the status of an artist?

      And here is a sub question, how do you define art?
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        Feb 5 2014: I don't think it is duplicating the work that makes him an artist. I think only an artist would have the skills to duplicate a masterful piece of work.
        • Feb 5 2014: Good answer. As an artist you have to understand the piece in a way that you can duplicate it in such perfection.
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    • Feb 5 2014: Thank you for your reply Lilly.
      May I ask you this, you have many forms of art. Even a life it self is some form of life, your behavior might be a form of art. And I don't agree that people who create art are arrogant or ego driven people. You can't put all artists in the same group. At least be your response I got that impression.

      Correct me if I'm wrong on this, so if someone is duplicating it is still art?
  • Feb 5 2014: Anyone guys?