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Ideological topics: Wealth Redistribution, Equality, Universal Health Care are quite contentious. Is there common ground for common good?

How do you obtain common ground in an ideological argument? What methods have proved fruitful in the past? Is there even a solution?

I am still working through Rousseau’s Origins of Inequality but, this statement stood out.

“Thus, as the most powerful or the most miserable considered their might or misery as a kind of right to the possessions of others, equivalent, in their opinion, to that of property, the destruction of equality was attended by the most terrible disorders. Usurpations by the rich, robbery by the poor, and the unbridled passions of both, suppressed the cries of natural compassion and the still feeble voice of justice, and filled men with avarice, ambition and vice.”

What methods do you use to sway the idealist who in reality means no harm yet causes harm with each keystroke?


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    Feb 8 2014: I think it would be prudent to restructure economic compensation according to a different set of criteria than the current system allows. In my opinion, the current "standard of valuation" provided within the context and constraints of a monetary system that only considers generated profits and cash flow as the basis of compensation is dismissive of consideration that, in the eyes of our Creator, every every human life is regarded with a valuation of equality. Therefore, it seems reasonable that other factors must be considered in judging "human worth" in terms of more than mere currency in order to balance the equation in a manner that induces people to regard one another with an attitude that fosters a sense of equality in respect and dignity accorded to one another. I believe that there must be an element of discipline and sacrifice exercised by every individual toward effecting a system of control and oversight upon the propensity of humanity to succumb to the seductions of greed and avarice among a whole host of other denigrating behaviors that stratify and maintain a condition of adversarial competition that serves as the base of a system of human productivity riddled with redundancy, inefficiency and waste. It is also mired with every incentive to contrive unfair advantage and lends itself to abuse by those who are lazy and function according to predatory instincts of survival rather than mutual benefit and support of the whole of our species within patterns of ethics, honesty and integrity.
    To summarize my perspective of the system of economics that governs conditions within the world today, there appears to be every incentive toward a system of valuation that supports selfishness, dishonesty and covert mechanisms of control and protection rather than a disciplined system of valuation of the worth of humanity toward functioning with transparency, generosity and social concern for the well being, protection and provision for all according to "Higher Values".
    • Feb 8 2014: I agree with your yearning for a change to the economic system. Competitive economics has no value on a human. The only economic value is the future productivity stream of that individual, as we get older we all cross a line whereby we become an economic liability! Ha.
      Thankfully to be human is to put value on other humans. Biologically and not economically speaking we value one another. The system of economics is at odds with the system of our biological better nature.
      For the economic system to change we need to change our behaviour, a few at first...with other catching on to behaving in an ethical manner. more evolution than revolution. I have an essay on the subject. see http://www.goviralbaby.com/world-peace-anyone.html
    • Feb 9 2014: Hi Richard Thank you for sharing your insight. I cannot add anything to your comments, except to thank you .

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