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Is private online teaching worth it? Should we change useful traditional methods of teaching into suspicious new ones?

I have been trying to understand more in this subject last time and discovered a range of ways to get education or just some knowledge online. I must know the most famous of them: khanacademy.org , http://coursera.org/ , http://wibit.net/ , http://tutorsclass.com/

The question is: do advantages of these platforms cover their disadvantages? Should we really start teaching online instead of classrooms?


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    Feb 6 2014: I have some experience of online learning - at university, all lectures were filmed and put up on the intranet for students to view. The theory was they were used to revise but in reality it meant people never went to the lectures. The face-to-face interaction offers a much more stimulating way of learning, as well as an opportunity to participate and ask questions. Of course, if it was a skype-type private lesson, things might be different. I personally find computers very distracting devices - I'm often flicking between tabs on the internet and skim reading one thing whilst listening to a podcast. I think it's an uneffective way of learning.

    In terms of younger children, I think it runs the risk of children becoming computer-dependent in terms of spelling and handwriting and of course, a lack of human interaction. The benefits? It's possible we might be able to achieve something more interactive but personally, I think you could easily do this in a classroom too.
    • Feb 13 2014: Hi Dear Graihagh,I couldn't agree with you more.Infact it is convenient for us to learn from internet.But because of large information and lots of distracting things online to disturb you to focus on learning.So Learning from internett it requires people to know how to learn independently,how to manage our learning well...high qulity of perseverance...motivation...keep thinking...

      I have learned English from internet by myself for more than ten years...my motivation comes from my teaching job,because I think being a teacher,I would like my students to fond of studying as well as I should do the same thing to guide them.

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