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Please could you help me show how filter bubbles work by participating in my project?


My name is Sophie Grindrod - I’m doing a project for my degree at Exeter University, UK. I’m sorry for not posting about anything particularly relevant but I was hoping that you might be able to help me out - it will just take a moment and I would really appreciate it!

My project concerns internet algorithms that Google uses. All I’d like you to do is to enter the search term 'Tiger' and then take a screen-shot of your results. Then, if you wouldn’t mind sending me this image that would be amazing.

Please send your screen-shot to, along with your name, location, profession, age and gender. If you’re not happy giving me this information about yourself then that is fine, but it would really help to improve the validity of the results.

Many thanks!


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    Lejan .

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    Feb 5 2014: Hello Sophie, you might consider to include information about any specific browser configuration, as Google's filter bubbles directly connect to cookie information they collect of each individual user, or even wholly shared family computers.

    Certain browser settings and add-ons are capable to deny those informations to be collected, stored and transmitted to Google, by which all other information about name, location, profession, age and gender become completely irrelevant, as each new browser start creates a new and only temporary history which won't allow for much reliable statistical analysis without taking those facts into consideration, or even better, to sort them out in advance ...