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    Jan 31 2014: Great websites!

    In the US our public transportation is very limited outside the largest cities. Rumor has it that the auto industry held it back so everyone would buy a car for a long time. I would love to take public transportation - the bus that serviced my community stopped running over 10 years ago. Kickstarting Americas commuter train routes needs to happen.
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      Feb 1 2014: Hi again David, `One of my former bosses called me a wedge .. the simplest tool known to man. I am a cause and effect sort of guy.

      Big oil ... auto industry .... unions .... federal subsidies .... political cronyism ... and a host of other factors all conspired to bring us to the current question.

      Each part of the country, large cities, rural areas have their own unique needs and solutions. So here is a quick fix. Reduce or eliminate the federal government from entering into the affairs of the cities and states. The historical solution has always been good planning and entrepreneurship .. necessity being the mother of invention.

      So my suggestion is simple:

      1) Return to a constitutional government

      2) Return the power to the states

      3) Allow the free enterprise system to work as in the past.

      4) Allow states and cities to govern, manage growth, plan, and be held accountable.

      By doing these things the people would be closer and more involved in the decision making. Currently the decisions are controlled by federal purse strings and policies that restrict logical regional solutions.

      Ain't nuttin fancy ... but neither am I.

      I wish you well. Bob.
    • Feb 3 2014: David,

      Take a look at the antitrust suits brought against the oil companies and GM - they were found guilty in destroying the electric trolley system that was so successful in most American cities.

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