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  • Feb 1 2014: In the USA or other enlightened liberal democracy, educate yourself and vote accordingly. No election can be bought over the will of an educated and active electorate in a liberal democratic country.. In a communist country, the ideal of leftists, nothing at all can be done. Government controls everything, including who is in government.
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      Feb 1 2014: Bryan, I would respectfully disagree. The needs are not always the primary consideration of the electorate. In the last two elections in the USA it was not about the health of the economy, foreign relations, jobs, or other essential NEEDS ... it was based on WANTS. The promises of FREE social programs, mass entitlements, invalid citizenship, etc ...

      Even the party has accepted that they are liberal socialist in thought and practice. To appease the liberal socialist WANTS, even if never delivered, secures political success over the needs for the health of the Republic ... it has little to do with education and a lot to do with indoctrination.

      Disgusted with political issues on both sides there is now approximately 43% of the voters that are no longer straight ticket Democrats or republicans but closely identify with Independents. Only the sheeple (and the media) remain with unions, lobbies, and one party platforms.

      I am off topic ... sorry but had to respond.
      • Feb 2 2014: What part of "educate yourself" did you not understand. An electorate is NOT automatically "educated and active". The current electorate of the USA is primarily the OPPOSITE of "educated and active". Thus, the rest of your answer is meaningless, since it hinges on presuming that the electorate is already "educated and active", when it is actually "ignorant and passive".

        Now, could you answer what I actually wrote?
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          Feb 2 2014: Are you saying that an educated electorate runs commensurate with the current voting system?

          An "Ignorant and passive" electorate is a generalisation. Ignorance and passivity could be the result of a hopelessly flawed electoral system. The resulting apathy might look like ignorance, but I bet you anything it would in many cases disguise intelligence coupled with a sense of powerlessness.
      • Feb 2 2014: Allan, I say that an educated electorate can TAKE CONTROL of the current voting system. Blaming "the system" is merely an excuse for the lazy, for weaklings, and for cowards.
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          Feb 2 2014: Gee Bryan .. are you also going to send be to bed with no supper. You must have not either read or understood my reply.

          I expressed that the wants and hopes in the last two elections far out weighed the Needs of the Republic as reflected by the outcomes.

          Promises of redistribution of wealth and all the freebies you could want ... far out weighed the need for a balanced budget, foreign relations, increased GDP, and so forth ...

          That and the statements of Alan above neither assumed that we "blamed the system", or that "we are lazy, weak, or cowards".

          Your insults are objectionable, rude, and not well received. Please discuss in a more respectful manner.
      • Feb 5 2014: "Promises of redistribution of wealth and all the freebies you could want ... far out weighed the need for a balanced budget, foreign relations, increased GDP, and so forth"

        I would say that this means the electorate is not "educated" but is very "ignorant', then. My premise still stands.

        Let me simplify it for you:

        Me: Smart voters is a good idea.
        You: Smart voters doesn't work, because look at where we are.
        Me: That just means voters haven't bothered to make themselves smart.
        You: Look at the last election, the voters were not smart, therefore smart voters won't work.

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