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Most of the worlds population believe in some sort of higher being, deity, god... even though the world of science has produced things that would make many people think twice about how things function... there are much more simpler things such as yawning which actually has no scientific explanation I'd like to know what the TED community has to say...?


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  • Feb 5 2014: Hi Coleen Steen ! as per my knowledge "where fails GOD proves by its own" Nothing is useless as we r unable to xplain till date de cause of Yayning but 1 day it will be provd nt nly wd Hyphothetical bt in practical means. & a person who metaphorises sciences with GOD is nt a true spring of Knowledge.
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      Feb 5 2014: Khursheed Daar,
      I realize you are new to TED, and English may not be your first language. It also appears that you are using txtspeak, which I do not understand.

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