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Most of the worlds population believe in some sort of higher being, deity, god... even though the world of science has produced things that would make many people think twice about how things function... there are much more simpler things such as yawning which actually has no scientific explanation I'd like to know what the TED community has to say...?


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    Jan 29 2014: the real question is one type of person vs another type of person.

    the fact that there is a versus in the equation is quite revealing about how many people feel a need to set parameters for their own beliefs by denouncing what they consider to be an opposing view.

    considering that god is an element of humanity's spiritual side and that science is a method of observing the physical world, i'm not sure why people continue to rehash this somewhat banal topic as a tit vs tat.

    maybe a development and moving on from this rut would be to ask why people care what others think about their beliefs..?
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      Feb 1 2014: could not of put it any better way myself
      Lakum Dinukum Waliyadin= you follow yours and I shall follow mine
    • Timo X

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      Feb 9 2014: Banal? Your naive dualism is the real banality. I'm sorry, but your 'innovation' is as old as Plato's cave. Unlike you, thinkers of the past at least considered the implications and problems of dualism. The idea that there is a realm of existence for the unobservable, i.e. your 'spiritual side to humanity', is an audacious and completely unsubstantiated lie people tell themselves to soothe their fear of death. There is no greater form of self-deception than fencing off religious ideas from scientific method. The price of this lie is the halting of self-development, the condemnation of curiosity, and, ultimately, the occlusion of scientific progress.
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        Feb 9 2014: yes, god and science are both obvious and boring in the context of this kind of debate.

        innovation? no, not from me. just an opinion, like yours.

        people are the central point here - god and science are hobbies and past-times.

        self-delusion is insidious, i agree. it's humankind's strongest trait and the hardest to spot when one is wallowing in it.
        • Timo X

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          Feb 9 2014: My initial comment was deleted because it apparently violated Ted's terms of use. Although I have trouble understanding this judgement, I will nevertheless rephrase.

          ""just an opinion, like yours."
          Not all opinions are created equal. Some are better than others by virtue of being based on logic and observation. A lot of time and effort has been invested in the formation of such an opinion. Espousing that one's opinion is as worthy as anyone's, simply by virtue of being an opinion, is comparable to arguing that the brown stains one leaves in the toilet bowl are as worthy of being in a museum as Da Vinci's Mona Lisa. In my eyes, the people who do so look rather foolish.

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