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Most of the worlds population believe in some sort of higher being, deity, god... even though the world of science has produced things that would make many people think twice about how things function... there are much more simpler things such as yawning which actually has no scientific explanation I'd like to know what the TED community has to say...?


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    Jan 29 2014: I understand the human phenomena people call God.
    I understand the rational application of Science.

    So why is it God VS Science?
    • Jan 31 2014: It should not be "God" versus science, it should be fantasy versus science. Reason being that some people have come to believe in some fantasies and think that those fantasies trump evidence. That is dangerous to the extreme. From people battling against scientific funding, against vaccination, against homosexuality, against whatever. So, one more change, it should be why is it fantasy versus reason? Answer: because when fantasy challenges reason we have problems.
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      Feb 1 2014: Linda and Entropy,
      I've asked this question a lot since participating in TED conversations.....why do people see this issue as god VS science? I have lots of friends and family who believe in both science and a religion/god. It makes sense to me, that if there is a god who created everything, she/he/it would have created the process of evolution, and also, the processes of scientific exploration. So, for some folks to say that there is a god who created everything and everyone EXCEPT evolution/science doesn't make any sense at all.

      But then.....there are quite a lot of religious/god beliefs and dogma that do not make sense, so this appears to be another contradictory element to some religions.

      Lejan brings up a good point... "peace of mind". What beliefs give people peace of mind? Contentment? Those are the beliefs people will probably embrace....which seems fine.....UNTILL they impose their beliefs on others.

      I agree that the challenge occurs when people who believe strongly in their personal beliefs, protest the teaching of science and evolution in schools, battle against scientific funding, vaccination, against homosexuality, bomb women's health clinics injuring and killing people because they do not believe in abortion, etc.

      When those practices, which adversely impact other people, are carried out under the guise of religion, it becomes a problem and a challenge for the global society.

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