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Do you think you have done something in your life to improve this world? If so. Could you explain?

Many people complain that this world (or life) is hostile. But...Have we examined our own behavior? Actually, do we contribute to make a better world?


Closing Statement from paco lopez

Once listened the whole contributions. I would say that we all, indeed are doing something for getting a better world, conciously or unconsciously, working in it or passively. I think it is very important to have the attitude or, say, the right fuel. But... How do you get the fuel? I would say: by appreciating the whole what you have: your health, your livelihood, your family, your job, even small details like that you have water to wash up or light in your home; many people in war or refugee camps not even have that. So I think:
If I see a beggar I will try to help.
If I see a sick person I will try to comfort.
If I see a sad person I will try to encourage.
If I see a war I will try to stop it.
I do not wanna make this post larger, so. I want to thank again ( I do not regret to say that there is the word most used for me in this conversation) Thanks TED, Thanks to all of you pen mates to attend and participate in this conversation. And especially Thanks God for inspiring me to be in this place, in this moment and with this post.

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    Feb 8 2014: Well, I try to smile and connect with those around me. When I walk through airports, stand in line, pay for gasoline or just stroll down the street, I look at people, say hi and smile. Oh, I've been and still am involved in organizations trying to make a difference and I feel that we have had an impact. But I feel that by smiling and greeting people I am creating positive change.
    • Feb 8 2014: Hello Randall You seem to belong to the positive pole of humanity. I am with you, little gestures help to change the world. Too often in shops, offices etc. we find people of the opposite pole and sometimes we suffer small attacks or rudeness but... that should not be sufficient grounds for us to change our way of being
      • Feb 8 2014: We are constantly invited to partake on this or that side... through all sort of means... each decides which side to feed/energize...

        Differentiating what seems to be...
        --- because it be ...
        --- because it just seems like what be ...
        can be an interesting adventure... which in itself may be an invitation to partake on a given journey that keep us from participating into a much better possibility.

        Who in their right mind would pick the valueless over the valuable? Well evidently someone who knows that something that has no value because it be priceless invaluable be infinitely more precious that some trinket that has some value or price. Sometimes the actual value of stuff isn't in the stuff itself it's in something affiliated to it; which only some individuals can manage to appreciate.

        For example a genuine smile... :-)
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      Feb 10 2014: Hi mr. Lopez,

      I am quite new to this community, but I perticularly like these questions.
      They make you think about what you are doing, and where you want to go to.

      On a TED conference someone talked about "Lollipop moments" (Couldn't find it anymore, my appolagies).
      Story in a nutshell;

      He was working as a promotional employee. He handed out lollypops together with a sales pitch.
      He made a deep impression on a woman walking pased.
      She had recognized the man 4 years later in the grocery store, she called him Mr. Lollypop.
      Ever since the man had called this a lollypop moment.
      (My appolagies for my very bad story telling).

      Based on this TED talk, I thought about all the people who were responsible for the "lollypop moments" in my short life untill now.
      I had decided to send all these people a personal thank you, together with a summary of what I was privileged to learn from these people.

      The feedback I got on this was tremendous, It filled my heart by knowing these people were so greatfull to be a part of my life, whilst I should be privileged to have these people come into my life when I needed it.

      Positive people make the world a very likeable place.
      These people make other people smile,

      Do I think I have done something to make the world a better place?
      Yes, By genuinely happy.
      • Feb 11 2014: Hi Mr.Snider., my excuses for not answering sooner.. Very nice the story that you give us. I think the positive power helps to build however the negative force leads to destruction. Many thanks for being here.

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