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Do you think you have done something in your life to improve this world? If so. Could you explain?

Many people complain that this world (or life) is hostile. But...Have we examined our own behavior? Actually, do we contribute to make a better world?


Closing Statement from paco lopez

Once listened the whole contributions. I would say that we all, indeed are doing something for getting a better world, conciously or unconsciously, working in it or passively. I think it is very important to have the attitude or, say, the right fuel. But... How do you get the fuel? I would say: by appreciating the whole what you have: your health, your livelihood, your family, your job, even small details like that you have water to wash up or light in your home; many people in war or refugee camps not even have that. So I think:
If I see a beggar I will try to help.
If I see a sick person I will try to comfort.
If I see a sad person I will try to encourage.
If I see a war I will try to stop it.
I do not wanna make this post larger, so. I want to thank again ( I do not regret to say that there is the word most used for me in this conversation) Thanks TED, Thanks to all of you pen mates to attend and participate in this conversation. And especially Thanks God for inspiring me to be in this place, in this moment and with this post.

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  • Jan 31 2014: Many thanks Gene, your reply touch my heart, is a wonderful case of self improvement and a positive example for all of those who in life feel defeated, a lesson that if you are willing to fight you´ll get the victory. I share with you especially your phrase: "God has given all of us gifts that others don't have. we just need to find out that they are"
    Many thanks for your good wishes., in my person you have got a friend so May the Lord bless you and fill you with His peace.

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