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Do you think you have done something in your life to improve this world? If so. Could you explain?

Many people complain that this world (or life) is hostile. But...Have we examined our own behavior? Actually, do we contribute to make a better world?

Closing Statement from paco lopez

Once listened the whole contributions. I would say that we all, indeed are doing something for getting a better world, conciously or unconsciously, working in it or passively. I think it is very important to have the attitude or, say, the right fuel. But... How do you get the fuel? I would say: by appreciating the whole what you have: your health, your livelihood, your family, your job, even small details like that you have water to wash up or light in your home; many people in war or refugee camps not even have that. So I think:
If I see a beggar I will try to help.
If I see a sick person I will try to comfort.
If I see a sad person I will try to encourage.
If I see a war I will try to stop it.
I do not wanna make this post larger, so. I want to thank again ( I do not regret to say that there is the word most used for me in this conversation) Thanks TED, Thanks to all of you pen mates to attend and participate in this conversation. And especially Thanks God for inspiring me to be in this place, in this moment and with this post.

  • Feb 1 2014: I've developed two programs, one for at-risk teens and children and one for survivors of torture and their families. Word Journeys gave the teens job skills and confidence -- they trained as mentors, helped write curriculum, facilitate logistics, and each worked with one of the elementary students during fun literacy activities and trips to culturally rich destinations and into nature (places our kids never went before). They journaled each week and discussed what went well and what we could do better. In 2008, I got to take one of my students who'd never even been to an airport -- to the White House to receive an award. Budget closed that program down last year, but we had a great 12 year run and I still hear from and write letters of recommendation for some of these mentors. Since 1999, I have run the Owl and Panther project. Refugee survivors of torture are referred and with a group of fabulous volunteers and community partners we create a sense of a safe community and belonging. The families we serve engage in expressive arts (art, drumming, writing, dancing, drama) and we get them out into nature. All of this helps them get to a place where they can begin to heal. My book Journey of Dreams grew from that refugee work and I hope it helps readers be more welcoming to refugees, and help them understand why they might be here. My children's writing is about community engagement, personal boundaries and moving through grief and loss. I serve as an example of someone who makes everyday decisions based on its impact on the environment (human right abuse comes often around greed over natural resources.) My husband and I have raised a son who is centered and thoughtful who will take what he embraces from our example forward into the world.
    • Feb 2 2014: Many thanks Marge for your brilliant contribution. From this space I want to reccommend everyone to watch your video on the BBC. I personally am very impressed by the work you do and my words here are superfluous. I am very honored for this space space have deserved your attention I give you my warmest congratulations and I Wish you every succes,
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    Feb 10 2014: Although I am only 18 and a freshman in college. I tutor and help people understand math. I feel like I have helped many people overcome this challenge. I go to school every day believing that I can change a person's day just by engaging their brains and change ow they see math. I hope to continue helping people for many years to come.
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      Feb 10 2014: You can do what you describe for a lifetime, whether as a career or alongside a career.
    • Feb 11 2014: I am very pleased to learn the purposes of some young persons of the new generation. I would pray for your attitude was wdely contagious. Timothy, please, do not change.
    • Feb 11 2014: Many Thanks Timothy for your thumb. I wish have had a son with your same capabilities. All The Best!!
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    Feb 8 2014: Well, I try to smile and connect with those around me. When I walk through airports, stand in line, pay for gasoline or just stroll down the street, I look at people, say hi and smile. Oh, I've been and still am involved in organizations trying to make a difference and I feel that we have had an impact. But I feel that by smiling and greeting people I am creating positive change.
    • Feb 8 2014: Hello Randall You seem to belong to the positive pole of humanity. I am with you, little gestures help to change the world. Too often in shops, offices etc. we find people of the opposite pole and sometimes we suffer small attacks or rudeness but... that should not be sufficient grounds for us to change our way of being
      • Feb 8 2014: We are constantly invited to partake on this or that side... through all sort of means... each decides which side to feed/energize...

        Differentiating what seems to be...
        --- because it be ...
        --- because it just seems like what be ...
        can be an interesting adventure... which in itself may be an invitation to partake on a given journey that keep us from participating into a much better possibility.

        Who in their right mind would pick the valueless over the valuable? Well evidently someone who knows that something that has no value because it be priceless invaluable be infinitely more precious that some trinket that has some value or price. Sometimes the actual value of stuff isn't in the stuff itself it's in something affiliated to it; which only some individuals can manage to appreciate.

        For example a genuine smile... :-)
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      Feb 10 2014: Hi mr. Lopez,

      I am quite new to this community, but I perticularly like these questions.
      They make you think about what you are doing, and where you want to go to.

      On a TED conference someone talked about "Lollipop moments" (Couldn't find it anymore, my appolagies).
      Story in a nutshell;

      He was working as a promotional employee. He handed out lollypops together with a sales pitch.
      He made a deep impression on a woman walking pased.
      She had recognized the man 4 years later in the grocery store, she called him Mr. Lollypop.
      Ever since the man had called this a lollypop moment.
      (My appolagies for my very bad story telling).

      Based on this TED talk, I thought about all the people who were responsible for the "lollypop moments" in my short life untill now.
      I had decided to send all these people a personal thank you, together with a summary of what I was privileged to learn from these people.

      The feedback I got on this was tremendous, It filled my heart by knowing these people were so greatfull to be a part of my life, whilst I should be privileged to have these people come into my life when I needed it.

      Positive people make the world a very likeable place.
      These people make other people smile,

      Do I think I have done something to make the world a better place?
      Yes, By genuinely happy.
      • Feb 11 2014: Hi Mr.Snider., my excuses for not answering sooner.. Very nice the story that you give us. I think the positive power helps to build however the negative force leads to destruction. Many thanks for being here.
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    Feb 5 2014: Dear Paco, I do not know but I continually aspire to make a difference in the world by working for women's empowerment, education and leadership and transforming self, society economy mindfully - the Buddha way. May be light a little lamp of insight in the entangled web of mass confusion and mess we have created.

    Peace and happiness for all beings.
    • Feb 6 2014: Dear Susmita Many thanks for your contribution and for the link on "New economic paradigm" I have to see it with more detail because that issue promise to be really interesting. Without any doubt an economic issue inspired by Buddha messages promises to be at least ethical, thing that in current days would be a novelty.and also a necessity. All the best.
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    Feb 5 2014: I am writing not to boast about myself, but about my son, Matt Winn, who has, and continues to make wonderful improvements in this world. At the age of 11, he was given a project to perform an act of kindness or volunteer work. The project he chose was to volunteer at our local senior center twice a week and read stories to those who could no longer see the small print, and play cards with large print playing cards all while chatting away with the seniors. He heard stories of their lives and improved his respect and admiration of our senior citizens.This also helped him develop a deep and loving relationship with his great grandmother (Nana), and they also talked and played cards together. When he was 14, Nana had a stoke and both her speech and hearing were altered terribly. Matt lost something that he cherished deeply and decided that he wanted to find a way to help victims of stoke, speech impediments and hearing loss so that they may not miss out on chatting with their loved ones. He graduated college with a degree in Speech and Hearing, went on to grad school and earned his Aud, and then proceeded as a post grad and prepared his dissertation on speech recognition to earn his PhD. He is presently a research scientist at the University of Wisconsin in the field of cochlear implants and is dedicated to improve the hearing for those who have lost the ability to communicate with those that they love. So, what started out as a small project, turned into his life's work and may have the ability to improve the lives of millions. Of course I am bursting with pride over his accomplishments, but what I am most proud of is that he had options to make lots of money as an athlete playing hockey, or make big money as a musician, as he is a very talented guitarist. Instead, he chose a path that took years of hard work and dedication to his studies in an effort to help others and make a positive difference in the lives of so many. He will surely make this a better world
    • Feb 5 2014: Amy, Congratulations to you and your son, his career is an example to us. I am not surprised you to feel proud, any parent would. I imagine that you as a mother have helped to guide your child and part of his success is yours too. Of course he is doing something very important to improve the world and you as well. Many thanks for exposing your story here. You are always Welcome.
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    Feb 4 2014: Hello everyone, I am an international student. Originally from Mauritius but now I live in Kentucky. I don't think I have contributed a whole lot to improve the world. However I have been contemplating on how I could change the lives of a whole nation; 1.3 million people and their future generation. Although not many Mauritians think about how much innovation can be implemented and how much more efficient our society can possibly be, there are some of us, including myself that see that there are limitless possibilities. I firmly believe that we can make Mauritius a platform to where we can use the ideas from several ted speakers to make Mauritius a role model as a country. I am willing to start and organization that through guidance from other foundations and organizations and effective messages from several media such as social networks to raise awareness and help people seek an innovative society. Ideas that I would like to see implemented would be open government, corruption-free, raise in employment and salary among many others and overall raise in standard of living. Even though those ideas seems too broad and vague, I believe small goals and the benefits outweighs the costs. I have what others don't have to start the movement; time to invest in collecting the data, testimonies, petitions and awareness. The reason that I believe that it can be done is because we live in a world where social networks can affect a significant amount of the population to help us reach our goals through proper and effective flow of messages in our social network. We all can change a nation to make it better. Developing countries can gain a lot from others. I want to be a social activist and I am inspired by Martin Luther King Jr. , Nelson Mandela and Mahattma Ghandi because they knew the obstacles were numerous but yet they know their goals were achievable. God bless our world.
    • Feb 4 2014: Welcome Elvin, complete and perfect presentation If I were a billionaire I wouldn´t exitate to invest in Mauritius. Hopefully this action of yours serve to fulfill your projects. I wish you much luck.
    • Feb 4 2014: Elvin,

      Consider that you will be the one guiding the guidances provided to raise awareness and help people seek an innovative society... start the implementation and design process taking the actions to form and cultivate the better society to envision and bring into being from the limitless possibilities.

      I would suggest that while there be infinite of possibilities some of them ought to remains as such as possibilities while some of them are carefully cultivated towards complete fructification. I would also suggest that in an ideal society a single murmuring voice of righteousness, even from an infant, suffices to get every individual to embrace what be righteous out of self determination to embrace what be better and right as individuals, groups and collectives, this through recognizing acknowledging and properly addressing the circumstantial eventualities which lead to incorporate beneficial systemic approaches. Simple rules that lead to complex behaviors and produce resilient healthy customs beneficial to the individual, the collective and the ecosystems wellbeing.

      Then there is the whole issue of taking the better ideas and implementing them while inspiring others to contribute, collaborate and effectively work together in enriching ways.

      It certainly is time for figuring out to resolve issues amongst siblings ... if you know what I mean...
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        Feb 4 2014: Esteban,

        You have just put into words what I could not, thank you very much for that. I do follow what you are saying. I find tremendous obstacles to convince or have followers of the same ideologies to come together and harder to stir the curiosity of those that are oblivious; all of them have their own little world that comes first, which is totally understandable, I myself I am expecting my baby boy here in April. I am trying to understand how social networks can affect certain people. If you have watched Nicholas Christakis speech, I believe that in Mauritian given that about 30% of the population is between 18 to 40 which are from statistics from CIA worldbook dated 2013, and assuming that most of those are directly or indirectly affected by social networks such as Facebook and that a fair share of those persons spend quite an amount of time checking their social network, I believe we can set a plan in motion through professional collaborations to raise awareness, I am willing to invest my time to find persons that can help me reach some of the goals that I envision. There are many other sectors that I believe we could stir the population's curiosity, I have had several friends and relative telling me about corruption, lack of jobs for graduates students, and there is room for investors and expansion of different sectors that will help innovate this developing country. I have a vision but I do not that the tools needed; human power, guidance, effective ways to communicate and motivate others among many more, but I am surely thinking of ways that will help but to me or others it might be too far fetched or difficult to achieve but yet I firmly believe if we can think of it, we can make it happen. We have generation in Mauritius that can be reached and follow, it is a matter of time of who will lead them and inculcate the morals and responsibilities to innovate their society.
        • Feb 5 2014: Elvin,

          From my perspective the key driver stems from a desire... to work / walk towards bringing about the vision. As you said many have their own little world that comes first... so the key driver is to realize that in order for their own little world to be they need to care for a broader world in which their little world can exist.

          I once read that anyone is only separated by six degrees from everyone else in the world. That means 1 you know 2 someone who knows 3 somebody who knows 4 another who knows 5 someone who knows 6 whomever you want to reach. The implication is that if you inspire and convince just the right individual to convince the next and so forth the message can reach the whole world rather quickly... and we are not even considering the use of tools like internet... The challenge as I said centers on convincing an individual to adopt and support the initiative... especially when they are rather oblivious to their own contributions...

          Something that I sort of harp about ( talk or write persistently and tenaciously on a particular topic ) involves the notion of choosing cautiously the stories that we want to feed and cultivate in our lives. I go a bit further and hold that if someone states something it is because they choose to give their life energy over to that idea... and invite everyone else to do the same... As an exercise I would like to give you an example of the stories that you chose to cultivate in your response... I think if you observed them as they are you would instantly agree that you would rather cultivate some alternatives... hopefully that will be the case... Do you really want to cultivate the notion " I find tremendous obstacles to convince" say instead os something like 'I am still looking for effective ways to convince and share certain ides' BTW I too am still looking for effective ways to share certain ideas... in a way that's why I am sensitive to this particular notion... I am surely thinking of ways that will help
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        Feb 5 2014: Esteban,

        Wow! today was my first day that I created my TED account and I am glad that I encountered you. You are very critical and I would love to converse with you more often I am sure tat I will learn a lot and have a better insight on various topics that would be very valuable to me. I have been thinking about the challenge to convince individuals, and I will use and example: Arnold Schwarzenegger, he is a person that is popular,is an attention getter, because of his career and he has ideologies that are worthy to our society, that is why many of us elected him. What if we find a way to make our organization popular, be an attention getter and have ideologies that are worthy, through collaboration with other famous persons, to stir interest of the oblivious persons? The famous person that I want to define here is not necessarily a worldwide one, maybe just like you described that we are separated by 6 degrees and we try try to convince the persons with the most connections(based on popularity on social networks i.e likes, shares, etc.) Our association with such person may help our ideologies and organizations's popularity to peak.
        • Feb 5 2014: In a way thats what leadership is all about... get the trend setters everyone imitates and viola... everyone is doing it... I heard some businesses even pay people to set the trends in communities by giving them freebees so that others will see them and imitate them... of course one has to find them key individuals and convince them to do it... though realize that this kind of behavior stems from coping others rather than a conscious self-determination ... if the leader changes the group changes... if the leader adopts this or that nuance everyone follows... I think that the vision of a better society would be based on individuals choices based on individual determinations rather than just copying what someone else is doing... Sometimes the better ways/solutions are far from following a popularity contest ... still they be the better ways regardless of the fact that only a murmuring 'unpopular' voice point it out...
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    Feb 3 2014: I think our day to day small choices are the most important, we are what we repeatedly do.
    Buying local, eating seasonally, not supporting the big companies that are only interested in profit and not the people, their well-being or the environment.
    • Feb 3 2014: Hi Judit, nice name! I think your quality as a person depends on how you respond to important situations. Are you agree?
    • Feb 9 2014: Judit Piñol Thank you very much for your thumb and for read me. All the best
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    Jan 29 2014: I work for a conservation charity in the UK, and like to think that I play my part in the wheel that is environmental conservation throughout the world. The question I often ask myself is; 'are my contributions going to make a difference? As one person, my efforts, in the wider sense of human existence, are just drops in the ocean. This doesn't sound inspiring in the slightest, but understanding that an ocean is just a multitude of droplets helps me to accept that my actions, however small, are acting towards the much wider picture of improving the world. From this I believe that our actions and attitudes have a cascading effect on the future state of the world and by expressing any of the dispositions and habits that Paco has listed (honesty, pacifism etc), can only be a step in the right direction. Everyone has a part to play in improving the world, even if the wider picture appears out of reach.
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    Feb 10 2014: I have met many people who have never known their capabilities. I have TED talks to thank a lot for me recognising the potential in myself, and now having realised this, I like to help others recognise the unbelievable and extraordinarily profound potential that they have, which so often goes unnoticed in too many people.
    • Feb 11 2014: Thank you David. I very much agree with you.
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    Feb 10 2014: A better world comes out from a better you. So...
    1) See the life as a gift
    2) See the world as a pssibility field, as a construction site
    3) Believe that love will finally win
    4) Be the unexpected help or smile, prayer or song for the other :)
    • Feb 10 2014: Thank you Narcis I share your point of view, so simple but so profound. Happy to have you here!
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      Feb 10 2014: Dear Narcis,
      I LOVE the image of life as a construction site.....thank you for that! We have a lot of materials available to us with which we can "build" our life:>)

      Welcome to TED conversations!
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    Feb 5 2014: Motivation. I keep positive motivation and keep idea words spreading, including, TED….
    • Feb 6 2014: Thank you very much Lamb Lamb, always positive, always forward, always motivated. Best Regards
    • Feb 6 2014: And... Many thanks for your thumb!!
  • Feb 2 2014: Hello all. I am a new member and hope you find the following information interesting.
    The overriding thing I have done in my life to hopefully improve the world is to realise that most of society is using conditional giving as a normal part of life. I felt uneasy for years and could not figure out why. It wasn't until I made a shift from conditional giving practices to unconditional giving that I felt a greater contentment.. My life is possibly very much different from many others as they feel the need to use conditional giving to survive. I believe that we are all capable of overcoming the fears associated with living without what is seen as protection. People seemingly tend to build up walls of perceived assurance due, I believe to a fear of the unknown, i.e the future, however the future will never exist as when you get to a point in the future it is seen as the present. I know I have changed my mindset from one of unease to one of acceptance. I give and do not expect to receive, therefore anything that I receive is seen as a bonus. It has been one hell of a journey, but worth every second.
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      Feb 2 2014: Stephen,
      That is a HUGE gift to yourself and all those you interact with! Welcome to TED conversations:>)
    • Feb 2 2014: Hello Stephen your phrase "I give and do not expect to receive" denotes a sensitive and generous soul, maybe you´re blessed from heaven with that gift and distinguishes you from most of people. I have humbly to admit that I do not possess that quality. Sometimes I act well but thinking of the reward and that has brought me many disappointments. The good thing is: I know my fault and I admit it. The Bad: Altough I try, sometimes I can´t help it. The justification is that I am human and imperfect creature. So Stephen I welcome you to this debate and to TED, you will find here lots of very interesting people, very good ideas This TED is kind of "Intelligence in Motion" All the best.
      • Feb 2 2014: Hello Paco, thankyou for your honest and humbling response. I corrected my initial response when responding to a post from Colleen, from"I give and do not expect to receive", to" I give and look not to expect to receive". I see this as a subtle difference and I hope I have acknowledged my imperfect nature and lifelong conditioning of expectation with this correction. I also recognise that it is a great challenge to overcome the conditioned side of conditional giving and would applaud any person who has the intent of doing so.
        • Feb 2 2014: Hi Stephen very nice to have you around. The human being, always fighting against itself. I think if we are reborn I hope it is in a better state of perfection.
        • Feb 2 2014: Stephen,

          I used to have a saying "Expect the best, be prepared for the rest".

          Meaning that I do expect something to happen without being surprised that something else actually happened. Whatever happens is what happens what we do with it and what will happen next will soon be known by what we do with it and what happened next...

          An acquaintance used to say that a gift as well as a favor had no stings attached ... if there where strings attached then it was an investment or a business transactional interchange. To put it rather drastically its what differentiates love from the other activity where one pays for it... love is invaluable as many other gifts... like genuine smiles and shared insights...
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      Feb 2 2014: By conditional giving, do you mean giving only in the expectation of some sort of reward or reciprocity or do you mean giving that depends on a person meeting particular conditions?
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        Feb 2 2014: Fritzie,
        Expectation of reward or reciprocity is a it not?
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          Feb 2 2014: Those are examples of conditions but do not exhaust the range of possible conditions to which Stephen might be referring. For example, giving only to people who can demonstrate they live in Virginia or play football or who submit an application explaining how they would use what you give them would also be giving that is conditional without suggesting any particular return to the individual (other than the joy of giving) Giving only to someone one believes needs help but not to someone who one believes doesn't involves a condition without suggesting anything about reciprocity or reward to the giver.

          I hope Stephen will explain what he means when he says "most of society is using conditional giving as a normal part of life."

          Stephen, you might find this talk interesting:
      • Feb 2 2014: Hello Fritzie, thankyou for your reply. I think I understand where you are coming from and will elaborate...... I initially wrote that I expect nothing from others. In retrospect, this would imply perfection. In my post addessed to Colleen I changed this to looking to expect nothing from others. I still need to overcome my lifelong conditioning of expectation. I would like to do so but I am imperfect, therefore would aspire to do this, however, with the passing of time and learning opportunities I would say that i'm currently 95% there.
        By conditional giving, I mean giving in the expectation of reward or reciprocity and giving that depends on a person meeting particular conditions. as to me the two are linked.
        I am sometimes considerably inadequate with understanding as I do not consider myself to intellectuallly minded so please forgive my ignorance if I have been unable to answer your views on a satisfactory level.
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          Feb 2 2014: I understand that giving without expecting reward is your focus. There is no requirement or expectation in TED Conversations that a person be intellectually minded. People are drawn to TED out of an interest in considering and discussing ideas from whatever vantage point they bring to that.

          Do look for the Sasha Dichter TED talk.
    • Feb 2 2014: stephen,

      I hear you... in a way one does what one does because one chooses to do it ... and or finds it worthwhile to do... one gives a gift because one chooses to give it... if others find something valuable or not thats an extra thing...

      many-times as I write a comment out I realize and learn something myself ... recently I conceived of a protective encapsulation that had a unique property of a permeable boundaries... what I really liked about the notion was that rather than have the bubble around me the bubble could be placed around others and stuff... ensuring the safety of everyone and everything...Its a bit complicated to explain though it a bit related to what you said "I believe that we are all capable of overcoming the fears associated with living without what is seen as protection. People seemingly tend to build up walls of perceived assurance due, I believe to a fear of the unknown"... the unknown can be wonderfully pleasant ... and a source of wonder and divine surprises ... we just have to accept the gifts as they ought to be accepted... and do with them what ought to be done...
  • Feb 2 2014: There are a few rules working against us all in truly "making a difference that matters":

    1. Capitalism concentrates power so that the powerful successful few seek to strip the well-meaning, struggling majority of power.

    2. Capitalism rewards success with wealth which inherently isolates its possessors from the common reality.

    3. Capitalism by virtue defines the increase of personal power as morally good and to lose power to the majority as morally evil (leading eventually to aristocratic oppression followed by popular revolution and Anarchy followed by more Capitalism due to collective amnesia).

    Improving this world and the lives of others is not Capitalist.

    What these forces mean is that the limits of what the well-meaning, struggling majority can meaningfully change have unfortunately been predefined by the few in power clinging to their alternate reality, while controling your reality and gradually stripping you of your powers advertising it as "morally good for mankind" and your attempts at meaningful change as "dangerous and morally evil... an immediate threat to mankind."

    The solution is simple - plug your ears!
    • Feb 2 2014: Antonio,

      I find that the story you got going there ought to be changed... to gradually empower individuals to act accordingly to what actually be morally good for them and others... btw if one plugs their ears one may not hear what they ought and need to hear... likely dew to a defensive schemata which clings to their alternate reality.
      • Feb 3 2014: The powerful few already bought and control our formal education system. So if you are talking about education - he who controls the education of the masses still rules over them (easily). I am not against formal education but against blindly trusting institutions without questioning and reasoning for yourself internally ("plugging your ears... and pondering").

        Yes there is a lot to learn from others, but we may have already pass the point at which common sense is now wiser than official propaganda.
        • Feb 9 2014: Hello Antonio. I very much understand your views and I also very much understand Estebans views. I would like to add that I see such people in power as being of a higher level of inadequacy than others due to their extreme need to possess money, countries, people, minerals etc. They must live in a world of great deception, not just from their associates but from their personal outlook. I feel sorry for these people as the need to possess comes from a need to ensure survival. With these people it is this need that has seemingly been skewed and that makes them believe that wants are needs. They likely see competition as the only way to get ahead and will likely use aggression, intimidation and other negative energy states to secure their deceptive needs.This is a very primitive state of mind but this is likely the world they live in, where they feel unable to trust anyone. I believe that Stalin must have felt the same way not long before he died. If he was able to realise that the only enemy was himself and that his paranoia was due to being in a dilemma, then history may be different. Some people seemingly believe that in order to secure their perceived needs, they have to behave with aggression. They seem highly unlikely to understand that other people can and do give willingly if asked in a humble,understanding and respectful way. These behaviour patterns are no doubt reinforced through generations, so although they may be seen to be wealthy in what they, and others, think they possess, they are very likely unhappy with life. Their personal energy focus is directed on seeing most, if not all things in life as battles to be won at any cost.This view must drain their personal energy resources to such an extent that In the end, that cost is to them. In my view, this whole way of being stemsfrom a need to control, and that need is only manifested if you feel unable to control, I therefore see such people as full of fear. I feel so sorry for them.
    • Feb 2 2014: Many thanks Antonio. Here we are hearing many interesting and constructive things. You have my support to manifest your point of view, the ideal democratic reaction would be to listen you carefully and take out each one his particular conclusión. Your opinion is as valid as any other but there may be people who think otherwise, the plurality of ideas and positions moves the world. You are welcome
      • Feb 2 2014: Paco,

        Put in a simplistic way : I think this happened. You think that happened. Whether this or that corresponds to what happened to happen depends on what happened to happen and how it correlates to what this and that claims to have happened.

        Someone opinion is as valid as any others opinion which happens to hold the same validity though there are opinions that actually reflect and correspond to what be happening better than others but as you said there may be people who think otherwise. What moves the world are individual actions and interactions.
        • Feb 3 2014: So what! Was a term much used by Seneca in his debates. Normally i do not argue about the opinions of others, only listen and just in case I ask for clarification.The interventions are rated by themselves and by the echo among participants. What possibly "Happens" is maybe you need your own conversation and lead it at your way.
        • Feb 3 2014: "What is reality?" (a separate discussion)

          But I must say that you are touching another valid point - that "What you think is meaningfully changing the world for good" is a large matter of personal subjective opinion as many mass movements in the past have been lead by those already in power in the background so as to direct their outcomes. We are in a tricky world.

          I believe that "meaningfully changing the world" is to "change yourself meaningfully".
          Don't lie down and complain. Lead by personal example. You just changed the world for good for everyone!
      • Feb 3 2014: Maybe what 'happens' is that some opinions are being exposed in a certain way which produce a cognitive dissonance that some find challenging to assimilate because whichever way they addresses the challenge it boils down to someone having to recognizing the correspondence between what one claims to be and what be which depends on the congruency between the two (not just on what some like to claim to be).

        of course a conversation over the facts is quite a different interaction than An argument over the facts which is a futile waste of time... one either accepts the fact as fact or reject it being so... though what happens to be remains what happens to be.... Like I was telling someone today I would rather play a win-win game... and if others want to play a win-lose game well I would rather it be where I win and they lose ... it's their choice which games they want to play as it is my choice to always desire to be on the wining side ... I would rather play a win-win game where everyone gets to win though understand how some still engage in futile arguments thinking they can change the facts according to their claims rather than have the claims reflect the facts...

        I believe that "meaningfully changing the world" involves both "changing oneself and helping others change themselves in meaningfully ways". Some opinions better remain within the domain of a possibility never to exists as a reality...
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    Feb 1 2014: My hypothesis is that everyone does some things that contribute to a better world and probably other things that don't. but that very much most people- perhaps all- seek to do good for others in their lives. A single-minded focus on oneself is mainly a caricature many people assume of others. I expect there is a solid psychological explanation why some people find it difficult to recognize in others their hearts.

    If people don't share what their offerings have been, this should not be taken to suggest a weakness of commitment or lack of activity on their parts. Rather, deeply ingrained cultural beliefs may affect whether people feel comfortable drawing attention to their own good acts.
    • Feb 2 2014: Wellcome Fritzie. I completely agee with you, especially in this part:" My hypothesis is that everyone does some things that contribute to a better world and probably other things that don't. but that very much most people- perhaps all- seek to do good for others in their lives". I want to link this with a humble theory of mine about trying to be positive. No one can be positive all the time, sometimes we are overcome by our negative part. But.alike you use unconciously one of your hands in preference to the other, equally could fight to make the positive side prevailed over negative or confirming your own words "people feel comfortable drawing attention to their own good acts. Many thanks for your valuable contribution. All the best
      • thumb
        Feb 2 2014: I would think that positive inclinations and actions naturally prevail for a great majority of people and that many acts which turn out not for the better come out that way by accident, as it were, rather than out of negative intention. People can focus on only so many things, and sometimes areas that get little focus go awry.

        I do think that assuming good intentions unless there is solid cause to doubt it is not only a beneficial practice among people who seek to collaborate or sustain community but actually an accurate assumption in the vast majority of cases.
  • Feb 1 2014: Hi Paco! Yes! My mission is to encourage, inspire, and communicate "possibility" to people with aspirations everywhere. There is an opportunity for me to make a difference in every conversation I have. That in turn alters the course of action in many people's lives.

    In addition, I lead a year long community leadership program in which adults from the community come to learn how to work together to make a positive impact in their community on an ongoing basis.
    • Feb 1 2014: Thank you Sherry, When you say "people with aspirations eveywhere" May I ask for which class of aspirations. Should I understand your job is a sort of counselor or adviser? and On the program for adults is it difficult to deal with them? your group consists mostly men or women? I say that because I am very interested. I admire the U.S. volunteer programs, for some time I was able to verify the effectivenes and the sweetness of the elder volunteers in M.D Anderson Houston they were a group of senior angels. Their work contributed to making a better world and to relieve tha pain of people. Nice to see you around.
    • Feb 1 2014: Sherry,

      Can you elaborate on the community leadership program ... link-share?

      FWIIW I see your positive focus in your statements... and applaud it. . There certainly exists an opportunity for each to make a difference in every conversation one has. That in turn alters the course of action in many people's lives. In a way we are bound to impact everyone while sort of free to choose how to impact them ... will one choose a positive or some other alternative be the key... I prefer the positives and hope thats be the impacts of my words, thoughts, feelings, attitudes and actions.
      • Feb 1 2014: Esteban,

        I provided links in my response to Paco. Scroll up the page and you will see them.
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    Jan 29 2014: Yes, I have did & still doing a small piece of charity work to help the humanity in some way or the other by providing medical e-books to the medical students all over the world via Facebook forum. Members of my page are very happy with my this work and they pray a lot for me which is more than enough for me as a human to see a smile on the faces of people & in return earning prayers from them. That's all about my small act of charity.
  • Feb 11 2014: Thank you Paco, for now I work with my friends and classmates who understand my passion and have a similar one. then I finance our operations from my allowance.
    • Feb 11 2014: Benedicta, very impressive your work, just with your hands!! Don´t you have the possibility to publish in a newspaper or similar your project or raise funds in any way? Your project is very valuable, if you could promote it; I am sure you´d find people willing to financially contribute. This world also contains good and caring people.
  • thumb
    Feb 10 2014: I forget about being comfortable & affluent. Live on $250/month, sleeping bag, bicycle, food... Removing all financial worries (bills), enjoying life, getting away from "Serving Myself" to serving others and having others serve me. By following in Buddha/Jesus's steps, one becomes transformed into someone more than oneself. He who saves himself loses himself.
    I hope to provide free Education in all the World's Languages. The World Mentoring Academy has been in existence since May 2010, with no income stream, except $250/month($200 food stamps & $50). I recommend that others try it,, how many of you wake to birds overhead? If I didn't Urban Camp, I might get more full of myself, so it also helps me self correct arrogance.
    With so little resources I do not have a Marketing/PR fund, so I have to self promote through social & public networks. I got kicked off Twitter 3x's in a week for spamming, I'm a good boy now.
    Back story:
    • Feb 10 2014: Many Thanks Michael Williams, I´ve just visited the link of the Orange County Register and I´ve read the whole article about you and your initiative, I´ve to tell you that I´ve never read anyting like that, is a totally amazing and original experience, from my heart I wish you all the luck in the world and that the publication in this humble conversation became a bunch of positive responses for you.
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    Feb 10 2014: Agree that anyone would behave with close people differently thats how humans are, but about to support the Global Family would be different as the actions to motivate, inspire or express the good intention are not the same. So that to improve the world has to be different acts yes but as same as effective with actual family, which is in compare to the actions at least what i have done might change and support other people, even though it is not noticeable or world wide effects.
    • Feb 10 2014: Hello Hussain. Maybe I didn´t express well. What I meant is that a person who cares and loves family, friends etc.Those good feelings supposedly and inherently involve also (consciously or unconsciosly) good wishes and feelings for the rest of humanity. Anyway. I respect your point of view. Thank you for your answer.
  • Feb 10 2014: So far, at this point of the conversation I would make a personal reflection: Once listened the whole contributions received I would say that we all, indeed are doing something for getting a better world, conciously or unconsciously, working in it or passively. I think it is very important to have the attitude or, say, the right fuel. But... How do you get the fuel? I would say: by appreciating the whole what you have: your health, your livelihood, your family, your job, even small details like that you have water to wash up or light in your home; many people in war or refugee camps not even have that. So I think:
    If I see a beggar I will try to help.
    If I see a sick person I will try to comfort.
    If I see a sad person I will try to encourage.
    If I see a war I will try to stop it.
    I do not wanna make this post larger, so. I want to thank again ( I do not regret to say that there is the word most used for me in this conversation) Thanks TED, Thanks to all of you pen mates to attend and participate in this conversation. And especially Thanks God for inspiring me to be in this place, in this moment and with this post.
  • Feb 10 2014: Hi Dear paco,I think if I think of improving this world,I must improve myself at first.When I was a kid I was taught to serve people as our life goal.I think that's right.But that was totally wrong we were also taught:take care of ourselves means selfish.Infact the instinct of the world comes from me at first,if we can't take care of ourselves but think of taking care of others,that's totally big liar.

    Infact the better world is from every good one of us,so be conscious of us,reflecting ourself often:if we take care of ourself everyday?if we do,we do take care of others surely.
    • Feb 10 2014: Hi Edulover Nice to hear from you again. Let´s see. Yours, for me, is a good reflection I actually think for doing good to others first have to do it to yourself, not for a selfish motivation but to improve and perfect yourself if you don´t do it like that, what you probably shall offer will be flawed.
  • Feb 8 2014: Best way to improve world is to resolve issues of people whom you know. Your relatives friends , associates.

    (1) I have convinced a woman to give up custody of her teen age daughter to her ex-husband. Her concern was her life style was badly impacting her daughter. She did it.

    (2) A divorcee with two children was on alimony and welfare. I convinced her she is smart and will succeed well at work and her daughters life will impact for better. It has worked out very well

    Small things like that.

    Change the world one person at a time where you already know the person/ Love near one first before one goes to help people whom they do not know at all.
    • Feb 8 2014: Hello Raj. My congratulations for the two cases resolved; and this is only a question apart: Don´t you think that sometimes to try to resolve such conflicts can also worsen?
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    Feb 7 2014: Hello Paco,
    Nice question - and a popular one given the large number of responses so far.
    My own contribution to improving the world has focussed on my own inner world and has been to become a happy learner, and add life to life.
    • Feb 7 2014: Hello Joshua, Many thanks for being here. Well: I would say you´ve done a good job with your inner world, your kindly reply to this conversation is a good confirmation. You´re always welcome!
  • Feb 7 2014: Hi everyone, i'm 2nd year student in Sport Sciences in France (University Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand).
    I'm interested in Sport psychology and i do a little study about Success and Human performance.

    I try to undesertand why only a few people succeed and live their dreams, and others not.

    Your question is very interessant, i think people lack of self-confidence. If we want to improve this world, we have to be different from others. And, be ourselves can be daunting. I think fear is one of the the biggest problem for Human beings. "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering.” said Yoda in Star Wars I :)

    About this question, i do a quickly study for students from 18 to 25 years old about success (In every fields, not only sport). If you want to help me, can you answer to this questionnaire ? (Or share it, if you're too young or too old :) )

    Thanks !
    • Feb 7 2014: Hi Remi I have just seen your survey questions and seem intelligently raised. I tried to answer but sorry I´m too old. Anyway I believe for success in sport one of the key factors apart from the will is "Genetic" I think Fate can be of great influence, not always a person who works hard is rewarded by success. I also find your comments about fear very wise. Thanks for your contribution. All the best and success in your career.
    • Feb 7 2014: Rémi,

      Consider that to improve this world each ought do what they ought to do... be that to be similar or be that to be different from others.

      I too wonder about why's and how's that people succeed and live their dreams. This has to do with nature, nurture and individual choices and a bit extra all integrated into a singular successful experience. How to accomplish this especially when one focuses on 'the ultimate dream' where each lives the better dreams (and helps other successfully accomplish the better dreams) seems to present quite a daunting adventure...

      for some the daunting suspense may lead to fear-anger-hate-suffering, for some this suspense may lead to excitement - pleasure - love - delight - and into other divine experiences. Notice the two different framings just put forth here related to 'the daunting suspense'... why is it that some choose to head in the direction of the dark ways rather than the direction of the light? From what I saw of the study question they seem to lead into what you hold to be ... and looking for supporting evidence... to make your case... though in actuality there be a bit more to consider, understand and learn. Just be aware of the questions asked may well constrain the responses obtained, especially when asked in a certain way... in theory leading the witness may help the witness to visualize/tell/experience a pre-planned story using a certain framing which individuals could/would readily choose to embrace rather than question though it most works by relaying on mostly ignoring what actually be going on rather than considering and making a conscious choice accordingly to what ought to be done. Closed dualistic question of yes/no may be easier to evaluate and tabulate than open ones though the latter will likely expose a broader set of alternatives.
      • Feb 7 2014: Esteban, thanks for your answer. I agree with you about the question "Feeling about your future", there is a lot of choices possible and not only four. But, it's not the most important in my study, the most important things are questions about genetics and "Be born to succeed or not" (Ideas frequently heard, especially in sport field).

        I don't agree with the idea that people were born better or stronger than others, and i would like to know the way of thinking of students from 18 to 25 years old about this idea. (Especially in France, where we're generally thinking others are always better than us). It's important to know that people think about themselves in sport, because, in my opinion, mental training is most important that physical training in reality. That was the main goal of my little study, and not try to explain "the keys of success" in life
        • Feb 7 2014: Rémi,

          Even within the particular issue there be different ways to frame the inquiry; which may affect the responses; and affect what people consider and decide to do. For example asking what % does genetics play in success, what % does training play, what % does individuals attitude play.

          I read of an intriguing case where differences in the 'volunteer' organ donor participation actually stemmed from the way the question was asked in different countries/states. The de facto implicit response was 'chosen' over the alternative. Asking would you like to opt out from volunteering vs would you like to volunteer may well determine what individuals choose to do! I do understand the nature vs nurture, means vs ends intellectual scrimmages frequented by some. Like you, I do not agree with the idea that people were born and destined in a certain way for I hold that individuals, their education, their genetics and a bit more all play a part in what happens.

          Yea its important to know what people think about themselves. it's kind of funny how most individuals in a group generally think to be above the mean of the group! In my opinion mental, physical and other kinds of training are vital important in reality. If memory serves me well in What the Dog Saw, Malcolm Gladwell makes the point that 'training coupled with physical talent' leads to success. Akin to how personal-connections can get you into the meeting while performance is what keep you there.

          Looking for a reference on how the framing of a question changes the responses I found a couple of articles which may help, thought just did a quick scan. point being an opt in and and opt out positive or negative closed open single multiple choice the words used frame the inquiry and can change the results: even 4 vs 5 options to questions may induce shifts!

          ( )
        • thumb
          Feb 7 2014: Here is a popular TED talk (over 2.5 million views) on the point of how the framing of the question affects choices and in particular how choices are influenced by the "default option."
      • Feb 8 2014: Thanks for these articles. I undesrtand what you're saying.
        • Feb 8 2014: Glad to read that... hope that what you understand and what I understand correspond each other and be enriching.

          It would be quite interesting to understand the better ways to influence each contributing factor especially when done through the other... In other words to what extent can the physical be influenced by the cognitive the emotive and the spiritual... to what extent the cognitive be influenced by the others... etc... a while back I read "Addictive Thinking: Understanding Self-Deception" by Abraham J Twerski M.D. Curiously it became quite evident ( half way into the reading and just to me ) that the book I was reading and the book the author had written where related by the particle arrangements though conceptually where quite apart... for example the author was likely talking about thinking under the influence of addictive stuff normally meant under physical mind altering things while I was thinking of operating under the influence of addictive ideas, feelings, behaviors that produced additional mind altering addictive stuff both within the non-physical and the physical ... imagine craving and getting a fix from 'exercising' certain thoughts/feelings/actions. Imagine going through detox addictive withdrawal symptoms though 'the drugging stuff' comes in the form of a single thought/feeling/action... having the addictive 'stuff' literally a thought away can complicate going through the detox process... yet its possible to detox and shift from damaging addictions to beneficial habits ... to me everyone is addicted to stuff the key question is what stuff one be addicted into... and how to develop better 'addictions'/habits (while letting go of harmful/detrimental stuff)... something I think that I learned in this conversation recently was the notion of encapsulating force fields... extended and projected unto stuff ... to transform what comes out of it and what goes into it... and what happens everywhere.

          Thank you... I just had a new insight!
  • Feb 6 2014: Hello Marge, It seems to me like you are aware of what is needed to nurture and motivate others. Your focus must be very rewarding and, to me, you seem the sort of person that is an example to us all to look to do more for the betterment of human society.
  • thumb
    Feb 6 2014: Hello every one cells of this planet,
    we share & use the same vibrations,
    if "Just be" means live fully your present and be proud of who are,
    so "live fully your present" means be aware of needs around you (take time to be kind).
    I touch and enhance daily the life of 25 different people.
    The time is a human creation, and share a duality with the wisdom,
    who's being shared by education and our genes.
    Take time to notice 3 important critic situations; Education, Food transformation, Economie
    We feel less and think depending on those outside laws,
    First we are, than we be, than we shift.
    Our body and soul just ask for a better tomorrow,
    so he need a better present, The present is tomorrow .

    The importance of being humble is to not create shade on others.

    Live the world the way you feel

    Just be and share who you are,
    learn to listen,
    • Feb 6 2014: Hello Jean-Guillaume. For me your intervention is like a prose poem from start to finish and I will not spoil it with any personal comment, sounds perfect what you say and the way you say it; I have no more to add except I will read your post two or three more times. Thank you very much.
    • Feb 6 2014: Can you elaborate a bit on what you mean by :
      First we are, than we be, than we shift.
  • Feb 6 2014: yes, since i am not a hero, i simply try everyday to be a positive influence on my partner for life.
    if everyone would truly care for just another human being,
    the world would notice.
    • Feb 6 2014: Hello Jamie, heroes are not particularly Top one in this conversation. We, mostly, are common people trying to do our best with the tools that we have; your comment is very positive and deserves to be heard and considered. Many thanks.
    • Feb 6 2014: Jamie,

      That pretty much corresponds to my definition of love!
      I like to use : A conscious choice pro wellbeing
      what you said : be a positive influence on my partner for life.

      BTW I agree if each would actually care for just one human being the world would notice...

      it seems many still have to learn to actually care ... even it that just involved them!
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    Feb 5 2014: As an artist I've been involved in many international projects to better the world over the years. But I worry that art– which I feel is more powerful than even war– sometimes works too slowly. Our current crises are so dramatic and fast-moving that we need more rapid creative enterprise than is provided by images cast into the stream of culture. I now spend my time thinking of ways that single individuals can help preserve humanity from what appears to be a mad dash to extinction. My contributions have been varied but all have to do with preserving the body (the species) from absorption into the machine of amoral "progress". (I recently gave a TEDx talk on this, called "The Erotic Crisis" which is not yet available on the TED site).

    But perhaps the most powerful idea I've contributed is a vision for a kind of global citizenship that is now possible through the internet. We are all affected by global issues now, making us global citizens whether we like it or not, but there is no way for individuals to express our civic values beyond our citizenship through smaller governments like cities or nations. We should each have an equal voice in the evolution of humanity regardless of our individual identity or circumstances. I have put forward a model for this vision of individual participation on a global scale at a site called It proposes a format to direct the evolution of civilization not by the narrow interests of great powers but by aggregating human values. I welcome anyone's ideas for bringing such a vision to fruition!

    Thank you. I can be reached through that site or through my art portal,
    • Feb 5 2014: Many thanks Tim for your contribution. The culture today seems a bit undervalued as a way to improve the world. I write and I know about the problems that exist for publishing. There is a fact that binds me to you, the need to expose the values and aspirations of the citizens I found my way after passing an examination on some collaborations in one of the most known newspapers in Spain I am satisfied because they give me the opportunity to express daily my ideas in the online edition. I imagine in U.S. that will be easier That comment is only for if it can be of any help. The best would be a private platform but I think you can get more audience through a newspaper. Thank you for exposing your project here. I wish you success.
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    Feb 5 2014: It is VERY HARD to HELP people help themselves.

    The majority of us, adults, want Financial help, but do not want to learn a thing, do not wish to change anything in our recycling lifestyle.
    • Feb 5 2014: Do you mean about new ways of investments? or a new ways to earn a salary?
  • Feb 5 2014: Who knows? I have volunteered for years, sometimes I wonder if it is worth it. I can only hope. Some of the projects I worked on are now part of history and have led to things we consider necessary and part of everyday life.
    • Feb 5 2014: Yes Wayne it is worth, the work of all of us is part of the history. But if you look backwards and think of all you have done You´ll find yeah it was worth. To be a volunteer is for me like wearing an honor medal on your chest..
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    Feb 4 2014: It is human to blame somebody else. It is natural to do that. Someone else is the 'dragon', the 'monster', the 'evil genuis', the 'axis of evil', the 'dictator'. Its my wife, its my husband, its the fucked up feminists, its the government, its the immigrants, those white people, damned colonialists, its the Jews, shitty pop culture.

    In most instances we view ourselves as the 'saint', blind to our own weakneses and inadequacies.
    You are right, we should change ourselves first and we should know that perfect human beings are dead. A little difference makes the difference.

    We should just do all the good we can all the time as long as we are on God's earth.
    • Feb 4 2014: I very agree with you Feyisayo. Some people try to blame others and even to discharge aggressiveness and bad manners on other persons I think that far more of human is the expression of a dirty way of behaviour. we can see ourselves exaggeratedly as saints but as well assaulted or harassed by the actions or words of others who don´t respect neither thought nor individual freedom.
      • thumb
        Feb 4 2014: Paco,
        I am curious regarding where you stand on this issue....

        In a recent post, you write...
        "paco lopez
        1 day ago: This is a personal note. So far I appreciate the criticism but I would prefer ideas and facts, some people must have the courage to express their own ideas rather than criticize or object others´ as standard, because such behavior adds nothing to the general conversation even often can prevent the free expression among the participants. So criticism are accepted but preferentially ideas, facts and propositions .. "

        In your response to Feyisayo, you criticize "others" for "aggressiveness", "bad manners", "dirty way" and you say... "we can see ourselves exaggeratedly as saints but as well assaulted or harassed by the actions or words of others who don´t respect neither thought nor individual freedom".

        Are you walking your talk Paco? Are you "being" what you are "saying"?
        • Feb 5 2014: Colleen,

          My two cents on the issue ... you have just done something to improve this world ...

          I sense that Paco is doing the best he can to walk his talk while in actuality 'confronted' by a reality that invites him to come face to face with a true challenge to overcome. The fact you made the comment may suffice to overcome the resistance force and initiate a beneficial movement which changes things from now onward... I actually see we are all in there with Paco doing the best we can to walk the talk while in actuality 'confronted' by a reality that invites us to come face to face with a true challenge to overcome. We are each demonstrating for each other parts of the resolution. "A little difference makes the difference" ... Fill oneself with a perfume (and/or filter the dirty water) to irradiate a sublime essence that permeates it all.
        • Feb 5 2014: My answer only has to do with the post to which I was replying and I wanted to refer to situations that sometimes occur at the workplaces. If in my post had put instead of harassment "sexual harassment" there would also be charged to my account? In My previous two conversations I hadn´t to make so many explanations I think my behavior is completely polite to everyone because I have been taught to use my patience and silence appropriately. I am very sorry but if anyone is offended is his own problem. I believe and I have shown here that when I have something to say to someone I don´t do it in an indirect way I do it directly and clearly. Posts are to be read and not to misinterpret.
      • Feb 5 2014: Paco,

        Consider that individual posts here have to do with the post one is replying AS-WELL-AS with the other situational events taking place elsewhere... in a way we here reflect what be going on out there. We can show them a better way to dialogue and converse.... do something in our life now to improve this world and have a much better conversation...

        I noticed your 'justification' and 'explanation' that basically states: Others comments about my behavior are unfounded because I think my behaviors are (_____) given the fact I been bought (_______). I am very sorry but if (_______) is offended, it is their own problem! I believe and I have shown here that (_____). Posts are to be read and not to misinterpret... meaning that it is the assessment of some individual who judges others are misinterpreting what has bee stated.

        Colleen and myself where giving you feedback in regard to how each sees and perceives some of your statements. Colleen even provided factual statements for you to consider and address... I hold you would agree that the following eleven (11) or so notions ought be avoided:
        criticism, criticize, such behavior adds nothing, prevent the free expression. criticism are accepted , "aggressiveness", "bad manners", "dirty way", well assaulted or harassed, don´t respect neither thought nor individual freedom.

        I hold you would agree that these notion where included in posts you have made (and I am sure you have a perfectly reasonable explanation as to why it is justifiable to have stated them) The point here centers on being congruent between word and deed... by actually cultivating what each wants to cultivate. I realize that by me mentioning these notions I myself have have chosen to cultivate them and it would had been better to approach this from a different angle. I wanted to do it directly, acknowledge it, encapsulate it and then move on to better things.

        BTW to read one must interpret (and be aware that one may misinterpret it)...
        • thumb
          Feb 5 2014: I agree Esteban, that we all do the best we can at any given time, and you speak about "being congruent between word and actually cultivating what each wants to cultivate."

          There is an interesting book that I read many moons ago...
          "Coming Home - the Return to Self" by Martia Nelson

          In the book, she speaks about "the split", which happens when a person may be trying to change from an old belief/paradigm to embrace something new. Sometimes this process causes an inconsistency with words and deeds because one is trying to cultivate something new and different, while still "being" with the old belief/paradigm.
    • Feb 4 2014: Feyisayo ,

      It is also human to do graceful beneficial stuff in a natural way... we have the seeds to this and that; we choose which to feed and cultivate by what we thinks, feel, do.

      At this moment I wonder if it is human to do what you said given that I find it is human to do good; granted acting under the influence of this or that thought-feeling-craving... Of course acting under the influence of some idea-substance-energy hardly serves as a valid excuse for individuals are ultimately responsible for what they choose to do and ought to learn from every action they take. In addictive thinking understanding self-deception there is the notion of stinking thinking ... the notion of codependency and even self-sustaining-cycles... In a humorous way, the drunk explain: 'I have to drink because the wife nags at me". When asked why the wife nags at them "Well because I drink"! Evidently the wife and the drunk each choose to do what they do irrespective of circumstances and systems in pace though as you say they use the circumstances and systems in pace as an excuse to explain what they each choose to do.

      Evidently it would be better to recognize what happens and choose to do what ought to be done in a graceful beneficial natural way. Though it seems some still have to learn to do this. I liked what you said "A little difference makes the difference" reminds me of what someone said to me a long time ago "little actions is what distinguishes the excellence in services and makes the biggest differences".


      Consider the following factual observation : From what you stated I see your passive aggressiveness discharge towards certain beneficial ideas and ways of being which you seem to judge as being disrespectful towards certain ideas and ways of being.

      If need be I could elaborate on that factual observation... and substantiate it... under a shared conversational form... my intent here has been basically to point something out for your consideration
    • Feb 8 2014: I agree with you Feyisayo
      It is human to blame somebody else. It is natural to do that.
      In most instances we view ourselves as the 'saint'.
      We should just do all the good we can all the time.
      A little difference makes the difference.
      Paco, Colleen, Estaban,
      Perhaps, we forget for a moment.
      This is the titled questions of this conversation ---
      Do you think you have done something in your life to improve this world?
      If so. Could you explain?

      This conversation started with the premise ---
      Many people complain that this world (or life) is hostile.

      This conversation asks these questions --
      But...Have we examined our own behavior?
      Actually, do we contribute to make a better world?
      TED conversationalists, really "tear" into things from time to time.
      I am one of the worst offenders. I must once again apologize
      to all of you. I just got "picky - picky - picky" when I should have
      just read on down the page. lol I am such a brat.
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    Feb 3 2014: Paco: never give up. Enjoy as walking on your own way and greet affectively to the others. We're all pilgrims through life. Let's enjoy it.

    Colleen, your wisdom.... you know how to understand. Thanks :)
    • Feb 3 2014: I Agree with you Sean my friend. So let´s look ahead! Thank you very much.
    • thumb
      Feb 3 2014: Thank you Sean.....I appreciate you, and I believe understanding and appreciation contributes to our world:>)
  • Feb 3 2014: Hello again Vera, please don't apologise regarding the comment about too much philosophy. I find it all fascinating, stimulating and rejuvenating. Communication is the way we can sort out worldly issues and effective and responsible communication, using philosophies and an accommodating, tolerant approach will, i'm sure, help to accelerate that quest.
  • Feb 3 2014: as I contemplate your question I imagine the answer lies some where on a double edge blade. For is one is to belief the theory that for every action there lies and equal and opposite reaction and if that is so how can one then come to answer such a question? Life is full of lines with opposite ends and to tug one side will effect/affect the other.
    • Feb 3 2014: Russell,

      In a spider web, when one tugs one side, it will effect/affect the whole web... then there is the fact of how shall one interpret that issue of "for every action there lies and equal and opposite reaction"... what is the opposite of somebody doing good act for someone? The better answer of course involves someone doing good act for somebody! YEAP in this scenario there be only good acts... While we be at this consider that regardless of which side of a good coin we look it be a good coin ... (oh and generally coins have got three (3) sides) yea if you toss the coin one of them sides is highly unlikely to be the one that the coin comes to rest upon without that changing the fact that the coin has got them three sides!

      When I look at life I see it full of multiple lines and possibilities ... and observe how most have learned to think in general dualities rather than distinguishing singularities ... to obfuscate the matter a bit more the same word can mean so many ambiguous meanings... what is hot for one may be cold for another and still they may agree that it be the same temperature ... some talk about the map vs the territory without distinguishing the distinctions they share nor the distinctions that belong to only certain domain.

      BTW - to believe the theory that for every action there lies and equal and opposite reaction - implies one be bound to respond to others as they act towards us... rather than as free sentient beings who choose how to act. Thats why turn the other cheek involves a ratification of individual freedom. Keep in mind that every side is inviting us to partake of their side. What do you want to do cultivate and feed ? 'fighter' or 'dancer' or ...
    • Feb 3 2014: Hello Russell,
      There have likely been a great many people that have pondered what I believe to be Newtons first law, the action and reacton scenario. I have noticed that when I was around 16 years old there were events in my life that brought a significant dilemma situation to me. The details I feel are personal so I will not elaborate, however, the point is that I only saw two opposing views. I was seeing life as black and white. Many years later my son, who was around 16 then was seemingly in a similar dilemma situation. He could only see black and white. I remember saying to him that life is not necessarily black and white, there are many grey areas. He couldn't understand at the time as he had, like i had been, brought up with the concept of the logic system we all use i.e rock logic. From a personal view, this concept seemingly does not rest easy with grey areas. As time has passed, I have come to realise that life is mainly, if not all grey areas. Therefore I look to think not just in "either / or" concepts but in "and" concepts too. I see the present logic system as being inadequate for our present needs and am steered to the use of water logic i.e lateral thiking patterns to look to overcome the ineffectiveness of the rock logic concept. I believe the adoption of water logic as the main worldwide logic concept would speed up progression towards a more harmonious existence for all life forms due to the relative ease of which "the and factor" can be employed. I therefore see what most people may understand as paradoxes as a part of natures systems and look to accept them as such. I see life as based on levels eg as we grow from a child to an adult we change in so many ways, yet the sum of those ways are still us. If you look to understand ageing as levels my views may become clearer. I stated in a previous post about stimulus and response. To me this seems a classic rock logic way of thinking, however I know that there are degrees (levels) of both.
      • Feb 4 2014: Stephen,

        seeing life as black and white or some kind of grey misses on the colorful interplay that three primary colors can produce... and the hues and saturations ... the thing with the dualistic logical system most are brought on is that it misses on the singular differences of seemingly identical stuff...

        Kudos on shifting from 'one or the other' towards 'one and the other' ... from the work I have done paradoxes stem from the particular framings used and can be resolved with a singular particular framing. Accepting paradoxes as part of what exists will keep one from resolving the paradox ... and yes I did say resolving rather than solving because most paradoxes have been solved by someone... so one is resolving it ... If we take the rock logic and the water logic a couple of steps forward we still have to consider the wind logic, and fire logic and etheric logic and the other possible logics... then we may realize that the rock logic is but an instance of the other logics ... and the key logic may reside in the spiritual nature in them all...
  • Feb 2 2014: Thankyou for your comment Colleen. It is much appreciated.
    I would like to add that I believe people in general look to expect far too much of others, therefore judging them on their own perceptions, ( what else is there?) and looking to justify their judgments for personal gain. I now look to expect nothing from others and see them, as I do myself, from a "complete inadequacy" point of view. At this point, as mentioned earlier, everything is a bonus. Even if they are hostile towards me, they are interacting with me. Whilst there is a general society view of acceptable behaviour, this can become skewed through time depending on what percentage of a society is "persuaded" to follow what are seen as norms eg Adolf Hitlers idealogies. I now see such behaviour as coming from a fear base and as such, is insecure and of a greater inadequacy level than I currently feel.. We all have inadequacies, these are just part of being human, but it is the recognition of these inadequacies that can seemingly be difficult for people to come to terms was not until I understood the mechanisms involved with such self serving, and ultimately self destructive behaviours that I realised that people WANT to change their ways of being. I'm sure that this is possible for the majority of the worlds population, however, they seem to be largely ignorant of how to make changes. They may envisage a period of discomfort associated with facing and discarding that deceptive assurance I mentioned earlier, but this facing of the fear is part of the beauty of the opportunity to learn that nature has given to them. To be able to progress, I see them as needing to recognise that adversity is a friend as it gives them an opportunity of accelerated learning compared to going with the flow. I am not fearless, after all I am a human animal and as such, am imperfect, but I have learnt to accept imperfections as catalysts for those opportunities to learn that nature so readily provides.
    • Feb 2 2014: Thank you Stephen for being here again. what you say about "accept imperfection as catalyst for those opportunities" yeah I think that is what has been making us better human beings through humanity, perhaps some more developed than others. I feel that the deal with individual imperfectons is not very popular, people (usually) care about many other things rather than improve, they have another scale of priorities.therefore coexistence is difficult and sometimes the word gets somewhat aggresive. Anyway I Essentially agree with you.
      • Feb 2 2014: Hello Paco, I agree with your view that people often have different priorities. I see myself as being able to see the opportunities presented to me to look to accommodate those different priorities with an understanding that it is not yet those peoples time to learn what I have learnt or to be able to see opportunities due to their state of mind. I like to think that they will have their time to focus and learn as I did. This is the main reason that I can see why the view of multiple earth lives may be the case as peoples lives would be much more intense if they had to learn to be compassionate, humble, tolerant, patient and understanding in one life. I believe that they would need to live twice as long, if not more, to achieve these states to a certain level.
        • Feb 2 2014: The thing is thinking that if one doesn't get it this time one will get it next time can be a lure that keep one from learning what ought to be learned now once and for all... the idea I will choose different next time is a delusional procrastinate fantasy... what we choose now may well determine how we choose from now onward... thus the vital importance of choosing now appropriately...
        • Feb 3 2014: Many thanks Stephen I am reading with great interest all your contributions, I find all of them very interesting and I have little to add except that in you and in all of us there exist a latent desire to be a better person, the means we use are personal and therefore different but all lead to the same goal. Excellence!.
        • thumb
          Feb 3 2014: I appreciate your comments as well Stephen, and I agree that people often judge other's based on their own perceptions.

          You ask..."what else is there"?

          I suggest letting go of personal judgment, and opening the heart and mind to new information.

          You say..." everything is a bonus", and in the same light, I believe there is always an opportunity to learn, grow and evolve as an individual, while contributing to the whole....that seems like a bonus to me:>)
      • Feb 3 2014: Hello Paco.It has been an enlighteningt experience reading the comments.I know I have learned things about peoples views regarding my posts.Wouldn't it be good if the politicians, corporations and financial institutions were able to communicate in such a manner to help people worldwide to create a better world for all. it would be such a simple exercise that it's highly likely they are not focused on doing it.
    • Feb 2 2014: Stephen,

      One can judge them based on better perceptions and wiser understandings... from a "complete adequacy" point of view... of course that involves holding a "complete adequacy" point of view... which some may be unable to hold. As you mentioned "it is the recognition of these () that can seemingly be difficult for people to come to terms with" specially when they recognize their actual condition as it actually be. Some want to change they just don't know how or simply refuse to accept and do what will enable them to change. Especially when under the influence of certain stories that want to remain active rather than as a possibility that will forever more remain as such a possibly...
      • Feb 3 2014: Hello Vera, thankyou for your comment.
        I couldn't agree more with you that we are all individuals with our own perspectives. If we were all the same, opportunities to learn would seemingly be unnecessary, therefore we would have needed to reach a state of perfection to be sustainable as to suddenly be all the same, i.e if each person transformed into an average of all the thoughts, beliefs, actions and physical characteristics, traits the world over at the persent time, it would surely mean that we could not progress beyond the current level of evolution. As a whole, we seem to be in dis-harmony with nature and most of us seemingly look to live outside its parameters so, in effect, nature would consign us to a life of being as inadequate as eachother in everything until our extinction and, taking my perspective iinto account on the current mental state of the whole population, that would possibly be self destruction which likely would not be long about. We would most likely become as near to asexual as possible as the sexes, depending on the number and orientation of each, may cancel eachother out to a point where breeding as we know it would be highly unlikely, so if the self destructive ways didn't dispatch us first, the natural outcome would. Just as well there is no such thing as the status quo as the only constant seems to be change, which seems to be a paradox.
      • Feb 3 2014: Hello Esteban, thankyou for your comments.
        I think I know what you're getting at regarding your comment "thinking that if one doesn't get it this time one will get it next time". I may not have made my view clear enough. Where I perceive a person or any other animal to be approachable I will look to help as it would not be energy efficient to look to help a being that comes across as hostile to the point of being a significant drain on personal energy resources. I suppose that this could be perceived as conditional giving but as stated previously, I can only give of myself if I have the means i.e, am fit to give. I recognise that this perception is not constant therefore I will have varying views regarding stimulation and response. I can only do the best I can at any given time, therefore there are bound to be opportunities to interact that will get overlooked and situations where interaction is seen as hostile by the recipient. However, I believe that nature will provide opportunities for learning on a regular basis. It is up to the individual to be at a certain level of awareness to recognise the opportunities and take positive action based on them. To interact when seen as inappropriate may exascerbate the learning process as a situation may be seen as negative due to a previous encounter with a well intentioned person, therefore an association may likely form with negativety in mind.. Overall I put my trust in nature to guide me to where I need to be in life. It has provided for my needs and wants since conception so it makes sense to me to continue on this path. If I find in life, that the going is getting tough to the point that my personal energy resources are being drained to such an extent that I am becoming increasingly ill and / or over a long period, then I see that as a cue to re-evaluate my life to see which path I feel I need to be on to positively contnue. I am writing from personal experience, not just from a theoretical point of view.
        • Feb 3 2014: Stephen,

          Thank you... I like the notion of "to be approachable I will look to help as it would not be energy efficient to look to help a being that comes across as hostile to the point of being a significant drain on personal energy resources".

          Sometimes the best and only way to win a fight involves never getting into it... though consider that this actually involves a profound insight which involves gracefully guiding movements (be them intended hostile blows, be them intended peaceful caresses be them reactions or actions) appropriately.

          I take your words as a gift to me and others. will be wondering and pondering about them latter on.. Again thanks
    • thumb
      Feb 3 2014: Great post, Stephen. I see that what we sadly call "imperfection" runs the world. It is the most fundamental law of world changes.

      I Never think that I can perfectly help others or others can perfectly help me, because we are uniquely different based on our situation and abilities to perceive ourselves in it. We can Not feel or see the very same way. We do have many similarities but If we were absolutely the same we would Not be MANY, but merge into one living form. This should be taught in all elementary schools: It is our nature of single living forms to be different - each of us is somewhat unique to some degree.

      Sorry, too much philosophy..... just want to support your way of thinking.

      Thank you for sharing.
  • Feb 2 2014: Hi Fritzie, Yeah, positive inclination and good intentionts would be the best scenary but also in the play is involved the negative factor. I´ll tell you: a good person can fall into a case of acute depression, sadness, economic problems, a not motivating work, failed marriage and many other factors can lead a person to the illness or to need help from psichologists and psychiatrists or in the worst of the cases end in suicide. That´s why I firmly believe in building a strong positive personality. I have not met anyone who dies of joy but of grief or despair or by falling into the world of drugs and addictions
    • Feb 2 2014: So how does one encase the negatives, cultivate the positives and get to the point where everything is good from there onward ...?
      • Feb 3 2014: Looking for the bright side of life. About the procedures...Look inside yourself and perhaps you´ll discover the answer. Made a question and you (before or after) will receive an answer but not to me. Try Heaven!
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    Feb 2 2014: i smile alot, i talk and engage in conversation with any strangers either in the bus, cafetaria etc.
    teach in a school and try to light up the classroom with positive thoughts etc, reduce my carbon footprint, by reusing items,use less electricity, walk etc

    i'm chatting here on TED too, learning from others.

    i don't know i have improve the world, but surely do know i have improve by engaging with people in my own world which happens to be part of the world you are referring to.
    • Feb 2 2014: Many thanks Uba. If you smile a lot it is a good symptom and a merit because not everyone knows how to smile or forgot to do it, look at the faces of people passing by the street, mostly reflect concern, sadness. Contribute to make the world better can be achieved with your attitude and joy and I think you are doing very, very well. You are welcome
      • thumb
        Feb 2 2014: Thanks Paco, i agreed with what you said, to smile; it is such a priceless, simple and effective way to contribute and create a positive atmosphere. may i also say, seeing your profile picture,you look happy, that's a a great, good energy.
        • Feb 2 2014: Thank you my friend we are part of the community of smilers!!! One of the best in the world.
    • thumb
      Feb 2 2014: Smiles are a carrier:>)
      • Comment deleted

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          Feb 3 2014: Paco,
          I am sorry to hear that you label my smile like that of the Cheshire Cat, who is known for its "distinctive mischievous grin".

          As a human, I can certainly be playfully mischievous at times, and that is not the message I wish to send on a regular basis.
      • Feb 4 2014: Colleen I have proceeded to delete the Cat post. I sincerely regret the inconvenience, no more words about please. Best wishes.
        • thumb
          Feb 4 2014: To the best of my knowledge, Paco, TED is an open, public forum, so it seems odd that you bring something into the topic, and then say "no more words about please".

          I had no intention of providing any more words about your post, because I clearly expressed my thoughts and feelings in a previous post:>)
  • Feb 1 2014: Hello Paco, in response to your question I cannot be the judge of whether I have done something in my life to improve this world. However what I can say is that I strive each and every day to be positive, to treat others with respect and compassion, to listen to the concerns and aspirations of others, to not judge others, to help others to become the best they can possibly be. If my actions create for others something good in their life then I would suggest that I have done something to improve someone's life. I find that there are too many people in this world who are out for themselves and trying to make a name for themselves to move up the corporate ladder that they don't think about how their actions affect others. Thank you for this opportunity have a wonderful day.
    • Feb 1 2014: Lillian,

      Consider that you are bound to judge while free to choose how to do it.

      Whether you judge that you cannot be the judge of (x) or can be and happen to be and choose how to be makes a difference in the judgements you make. To be or not to be isn't the question that one ought to consider, the key resides in determining how to be and acting accordingly... I find that just about everyone wants to be happy, full filed, realized, valued, cherished... many seem to still need to learn how to accomplish these things.

      to improve this world. one can say/think/act in a way that strives each and every moment to be positive, to treat others with respect and compassion as they ought to be, to listen to the concerns and aspirations of others, to judge accordingly to what be best to do, to help others to become the best they can possibly be. If my actions serve others to create something good in their life great if they choose to do something else well at least I know my intention was benevolent and well-meaning... I would suggest that when one does something to improve one's life or another's life one has done something to improve the whole universe and a bit more.
    • Feb 1 2014: Hi Lillian and Very Welcome. First of all I wanna tell you have a pretty name and very musical in its pronunciation. Now I wanna tell you too that if a were a judge or I could give a rating I would give you a very high rate, you seem to be the class of person constructive and positive spreading good energy around you and such people are what make good triumph over evil., of course I understand you are doing a lot for a better world and I wish you all the successes. I am very glad for your contribution
  • Feb 1 2014: Yes, my wife and I have opened our home to young people that have been either kicked out, runaways or just left out of the family unit.. A lot of them wanted to take their own lives. I heard the cries "Stop This World And Let Me Off" I am happy but sad to say that we only lost two of them. There are so many that are married and productive members of this world and even some have starting to help others that struggle in their walk. If we would just stop and think about others and not our self's and do something for one other person each week this would be a great planet to live on.
    • Feb 1 2014: Gene,

      Maybe we need to start to think about others and our selves doing something enriching and beneficial for each other... this would be a greater planet to live on... Just imagine the possibilities of what each could contribute... and could appreciate and enrich others and themselves through individual caring acts.

      I understand the thought of the call and how one can be happy but sad to say that we only lost two of them... comforted by the fact of saving many who would had been lost rather than found the way to understand the invitation to do something beneficial and accepted it by choosing to do something beneficial... for others for themselves even for the stuff around them... say fixing and ordering stuff so it look nice and is functional...
    • Feb 1 2014: Hi Gene. I would like if you don´t mind you to tell us if the experience was difficult because even in cases of legal adoption there are times when things do not go well if that happens being children I cant imagine the problems as adults. Thank you very much for being here.
  • Comment deleted

    • Feb 1 2014: If you can change the rules that control you, you can change the rules you can't control.
      I know, that i am controlled by my ego.
      So... ?
      The best i can do is to " Do good and throw it in the river "
      • Feb 1 2014: Hi Natasha, Brief but deep your contriburion.. I agree with you but I think you can change if not the whole that control you at least overturn what makes you more damage.
        So What! if you are controlled by your ego. Do you hurt someone? Then, do the best you can and don´t worry about the result.
      • Feb 1 2014: Thank you Natasha for your thumb. I am very honored. I will answer your other comment tomorrow because of the time difference. See you tomorrow
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        Lejan .

        • +1
        Feb 1 2014: What river do you usually prefer and at what exact location should we do our diving? ;o)
      • thumb
        Feb 2 2014: No? Oh, I must have missed a memo then ...

        Last on my list still is: Doing good is better than any pearl, jewel, silver and gold for which many people do a lot of diving every day... ergo it would make sense to recover what you've dumped, as there are people who certainly need it. :o)
        • Feb 2 2014: It was meant to be a joke.:)
          'Dive for good' is like 'leave for good' You can be a good diver or a diver for good,
          but never a good diver for good.
          Obviously i am not that good in producing jokes as you are, alas !
      • thumb

        Lejan .

        • +1
        Feb 2 2014: A joke, Natasha?! I have just filled my scuba tanks with fresh and carefully compressed air ... all in vain now? Gosh, all those molecules squeezed for nothing ...

        But no, there is absolutely no need for your jokes to worry about. They are perfectly funny and just as fine arts they need an equally sophisticated mind to grasp them...

        So what was the name of the river again?

        • Feb 2 2014: Don't river yourself in !
          The sea refuses no river and all seas are in motion to the ocean.
          Happy diving and happy return ! :)
    • Feb 1 2014: I was going to respond that most of what happens to us depends on the individual choices/ actions /thoughts /feelings /beliefs /stories; how the story 'things are out of control' feeds that story... and individuals could feed the story "things will work out for the best --- eventually "

      THEN I remembered a conversation I was having with someone involving a shift and move towards ORDER
      with the caveat that it stemmed not from 'out of control' rather it stemmed from 'true liberty' picking order rater than the alternatives.

      I think that in essence we mostly agree and do share many beneficial stuff... for example - to make the world a simple place to live involves the participation and collaboration of every individual as each contributes one way or the other... then there is the idea of dinging good and throwing it in the river... which I take to mean send it off downriver to help those there... I also liked the idea : Some people contribute in a invisible and intangible way , and some do it in a visible and tangible way. To tell the truth if you contribute one way or the other ... so long as it be good and beneficial... go for whichever way you want to do it...

      the truth that the world has become more complex and hostile to live in ought to be questioned... in ways the world has become more simpler and benevolent to live given that more of us survive... the thing is that with more of us in the place we ought to figure bette ways to get along and enrich each other... and how to share stuff and make the place better for ourselves and others... be that through external work with helping others be that through internal work to help us (and others), be that through a combination of the two, be it through a written word/thought/feeling one creates and sends out into the world (or just keeps within). In a way this is like a message in a bottle. What you do with it is up to you. Consider: reading it, keeping it, and sharing it! Its a cake that one can keep, eat and give
      • Comment deleted

        • Feb 2 2014: Dear Brother. In Indian wisdom I found one of the most beautiful pearls: Upanisads, From Armtabindu Upanisad, I learned the only and more effective way (for me) to control my mind. and from you I have received the best name I can earn from a person: "Brother". May the peace of God with you.
      • Feb 3 2014: What about this:

        The world is not equal everywhere. If it were, perhaps wars would decrease. But instead, there are "the have's" and "the have not's", places of abundance of resources needed to live and places of lack and scarcity. This natural inequality in the world creates the natural tendency for "the have not's" to desire "the have's"... some by force, and for "the have's" to shun and exploit "the have not's" as a supposedly inferior unlucky bunch. This is all bad, but it explains the need to "do good".

        Doing good in this sense is essentially seeking to create ballance. But therein lies another problem. "Good" as percieved by "the have's" can be perceived as bad by "the have not's". "The have's", for example, make all their lives miserable in order to retire wealthy and begin an old happy life close to nature, friends and family, while "the have not's" begin and spend their entire lives simply and happily close to nature, friends and family long before they are old.
    • Feb 1 2014: Many thanks Santokh I do appreciate that you bring to this conversation a few drops of wisdom from India traditionally a souce of wisdom for the world. Do good and trow it in the river is like the arab proverb: "the good you do with your right hand mustn´t be known by the left hand". to give alms to a poor, not despise people who are not like you in race, color, religion, not think that you are infallible in your judgment,all of them are a form to contribute, as you say: "in an invisible and intangible way" to improve the world around us. Sorry for the delay in my answer. You are always welcome.
  • Jan 31 2014: Many thanks Gene, your reply touch my heart, is a wonderful case of self improvement and a positive example for all of those who in life feel defeated, a lesson that if you are willing to fight you´ll get the victory. I share with you especially your phrase: "God has given all of us gifts that others don't have. we just need to find out that they are"
    Many thanks for your good wishes., in my person you have got a friend so May the Lord bless you and fill you with His peace.
  • Jan 31 2014: I love finding people that say they cannot. In addition, tell them they can and try to give them ideas, I get the Idea's from them, hearing them say they cannot and how it will not work. I tell them their ideas will work and how it will work, sometimes making them believe they can do it now. People have been told NO their whole life and now we need to tell they CAN. I teach watch-repair to people that say they cannot learn it. I talk to them finding what they like and what there hobbies are, then i adapt what I have learned to teach them. It work 80% of them time. If we are willing to hear what their saying we can help so many people to achieve their dreams.
    • Jan 31 2014: Many thanks Gene. I am enthusiastic about you say. Yes most of us have been educated under "You can not", maybe that has led us to a low self esteem, many people feel a lack of affection, creativity has been reduced many positive values have become negative and so individual personality is annuled. Everyone needs to feel himself loved and useful, if all this is appreciated and recognized by others even better. Anyway I think the best is the personal self-esteem that helps you combat the negative side of life. Many people have sort of inferiority complex and does not dare to express opinions, hobbies or talk about his life for fear of ridicule maybe because many of us have been taught that we should not talk about ourselves as a good human quality. Firmly I believe that each person has to fly, to be authentic and let out your inner feelings and all the wonderful qualities within us.
      Really I do support your work and I wish you very luck. Thanks for your magnificent contribution.
    • Jan 31 2014: Gene,

      Thank you. I been wondering about how to get people to actually embrace an idea that I find rather enriching ... along the lines 'sure you can do anything you set your mind to... it only takes a bit of time... appropriate dedication... and learning to do it as it ought to be done to get it done... I sort of find the people you love finding... though I would rather they choose to experience the better ideas by thinking the better ideas. The issue as you stated revolves about 'making them believe they can do it now'... making them believe it can be done ... or that that there can be a good way that involves only good alternatives...

      Thankfully I learned the importance of telling and directing children to completion of task... which involved statements like... If you want to do that you need to consider that... or that task requires taking the appropriate precautions to ensure getting it done right... or one of my favorite use technique rather than force ... Opening a safe door can require a lot of force unless one knows the combination and uses it...

      I liked what you said " I talk to them finding what they like and what there hobbies are, then i adapt what I have learned to teach them". I hope you noticed something peculiar in my response... that has to do with the framing I used and a challenge I undertook ... its my gift to you and others who read this... as you stated "If we are willing to hear what their saying we can help so many people to achieve their dreams".
  • Jan 31 2014: I have given the world 6 beautiful kids, whose different talents will surely help improve the world
    • Jan 31 2014: Thak you Mesag. I have given the world two daughters whom were educated to be an example to those around them. So I understand what you manifest in your intervention. Education of the children I think it´s a great way to get a better world because they are the future Very luck to you and them.
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    Jan 30 2014: I think it's rare for one person on their own to change the world but I think if everyone made sure they did one little thing every week that they felt passionate about to better the world, it could make a huge difference. I volunteer at a wildlife sanctuary, where injured animals (usually that have been hit by cars, tangled in barbed wire or eaten poison laid down by humans, etc) are looked after before they are re-released into the wild. I think we take so much from our environment with so little thought that it's nice, imperitave even, to give something back.
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    W. Ying

    • +1
    Jan 30 2014: .

    • Jan 30 2014: Can you explain to us a bit more? You are welcome!
      • thumb
        Jan 31 2014: Thanks!

        Here is a brief:

        (1) Valid happiness is the short-time feeling of things being a-step-better
        . . for keeping our DNA alive.
        (2) Invalid happiness is the short-time feeling of things being pseudo-a-step-better (actually a-step-“worse”)
        . . for keeping our DNA alive.
        . . E.g. having junk food, drinking alcohol, smoking tobacco, abusing drug,
        . . .... wasting (fashion, big house, touring, .... causing environment crisis),
        . . .... making too much money (causing inequality, crimes, wars, ....
        . . .... "destroying our planet", .... humankind self-extinction).
        (3) “Invalid happiness” is out of the valid scope of our instincts formed 10,000 years ago.

        About 90% of happiness we pursue today is invalid happiness.
        • Jan 31 2014: I am very glad for your clarification, your response has been a pleasant surprise. How would you calificate a man who has a factory with many workers who pay fairly, that allowes them to live well, create wealth tho his country but the factory dangerously pollutes? This is only a quiz question no farthest interpretation. Valid or invalid happiness? Thank you very much or your participation.
    • Feb 1 2014: W

      Your original statement made me chuckle ...

      Liked how your proposed distinction of Valid happiness as the short-time feeling of things being a-step-better . . for keeping our DNA alive.

      I would append that true valid happiness involves the feeling and the actuality of things being a-step-better . . for keeping our DNA alive. I hold that somethings within the pseudo-a-step-better (actually a-step-“worse”) ought not me be... as a whole yea I happen to agree with what you put into it... me being me with a bit of a bias towards cultivating positives rather than standing by and supporting opposites ... would invite you to consider "I promote valid happiness through having healthy food... constructing or cultivating the planet to be more conducive to keep, support and spread our dna alive ...
      • thumb
        Feb 2 2014:
        Yes!We should "promote valid happiness through having healthy food... constructing or cultivating the planet to be more conducive to keep, support and spread our dna alive..."

        However, "the pseudo-a-step-better (actually a-step-“worse”) " wastes ABOUT 90% of the limited resources of our planet!

        So, we have to “oppose INVALID HAPPINESS”.
        • Feb 2 2014: If you feed them a fish they eat for a day
          if you teach them to fish they eat for the rest of their lives
          ASSUMING there be fish to fish
          We got to educate them to care for the fish... as if each ones existence depended on each other subsisting ... kind of like plants and animals and insects coexists collaborating with each other...

          The thing with opposing something is that you need the something in order to oppose it... the way not to think of an apple is to think of something else...

          We certainly ought to figure out how to get 'the slobs' not to mess up nor dirty up the place... I think it has got to do with educating them to care for themselves and the place... thing is it seems most slobs will not even care to listen to themselves when it comes up to cleaning up ... maybe they need to be confined to a particular place till they get their act fixed-up... Maybe that's what we be doing here on earth...
  • Jan 29 2014: Thank you Richard. I also wondered the same as you until I read in a religious book (Jew) that maybe God doesn´t want us to do the whole work, but the part he has assigned to you or to me and I am very satisfied with that explanation. Many drops make an ocean and many pebbles build the wall.
  • thumb
    Jan 29 2014: I planted a garden, and continue to encourage and supply garden addicts:>) )
    • thumb
      Jan 31 2014: But wouldn't nature be better off if it could grow its way instead of being under our command? :o)
      • thumb
        Feb 1 2014: Good point Lejan!

        That is why the gardens I help create and maintain are in co-operation with mother nature. There is nothing commanding or demanding about it for me. I guess that is why so many people who visit the gardens comment that it all looks so is natural!

        Because the gardens draw visitors, I also have the opportunity to teach about sustainability, respect for our environment, how to grow our own food, etc:>)
        • thumb

          Lejan .

          • +1
          Feb 1 2014: Of course it is a good point, Colleen, it had to be, as it was my last line of defense to get around my fathers order to help in the garden when I was a child and, naturally, more into playing than weeding. Never worked though! :o)

          Decades later, I am still not interested in gardening, I now wonder if this hobby does improve this world, at least its thin layer of life we call nature and of which we are part of.

          To me, a garden is a personalized interpretation how nature should look like to suit individual aesthetics, creating a 'freeze frame' of natures high dynamic, to tame her changing temper for semi-static pleasure.

          Usually there are two revealing indicators for natural looking gardens - tidiness & locally alien species, about which mother nature has her own understanding in many ways and continuously works on its realization.

          All gardens I have seen so far aren't 'stable' and a measure of their artificial instability the effort it takes to keep them in their composed, commanded states. The fact, that this 'effort' is experienced as 'pleasure' for gardeners is perfectly fine, yet does not change the level of naturalness.

          We build sand-castles at the shore for pleasure, not for eternity. :o)

          If in our gardens was no command, no demand towards nature did my father repeatedly ruined my days in depriving me from playing on purpose and without actual need?

          He was strict, but not tyrannical, which made me observe closer what truly caused my misery. :o)

          And there she was, mother nature, in all her beauty and with her own ideas how to decorate this planet in a way, which does not demand any effort from me to appreciate her aesthetics.

          On food, this is a totally different story, yet on visuals, it isn't ... :o)

          A garden without our command, without demand was no garden anymore as it became again a part of nature.

          How close our aesthetics was to 'hers' we only find in retrospect and by the changes we'd observe after years of idleness (or play)
      • thumb
        Feb 1 2014: LOL!

        Well Lejan, sorry I am LOLing, but I am! We certainly have different perceptions of gardens. I spent a lot of time in the gardens with my mom as a kid, and treasure those times, and everything I learned from being in the gardens:>)

        When my kids were young, they didn't appreciate the gardens too much either. Of course, I always gave them the more difficult bad! They did, however appreciate the food we got from the gardens:>)

        As adults in their 40s, they both seem to be drawn to gardens....imagine that!

        I suggest that gardens are only as stable as the keepers of the gardens, and gardens (growing things) survive naturally....or not.

        For example:
        My gardens are very neglected right now because I have been spending the last couple years taking care of ill brother.....two of whom died in 2013. I keep playing in the gardens as time permits, but the gardens are basically on their own, flourishing, thriving, growing and being beautiful, producing herbs, fruits and vegetables, and contributing to our environment, even without attention. Of course, the weeds are flourishing as well, and that is how it is right now. Actually, everything is under snow right now, and that is good too:>)

        I am sorry some of your days were ruined as a kid....nothing we can do about that now....huh?

        I call my time in the gardens work/play:>)
        • thumb
          Feb 1 2014: It was meant to make you ROFLing, so it seems I somewhat failed ... :o)

          While I barely made it through my childhood garden gulag, I couldn't help it but to learn anything about it ... the curse of any young and therefore teachable mind.

          Imagine how many beautiful ideas I could have stored in this brutally occupied memory, yet instead it turned into unused wasteland ever since. And as my memory has always been surprisingly limited, at least for most of my teachers, you may forefeel how deep gardening impacted my life without me wishing for it ... :o)

          Even my second, good point I was trying in vain to get across my father was, to never dissent mothers good intentions... and on nature, this even came naturally to me ... but, it didn't work either ... :o)

          Being in the 40s myself, I keep waiting with a big smile on my face at what change in hormone levels, gardening finally turns attractive to me, so far, so good, ... at least for me and less for my neighbors... :o)

          Maybe because I have no children to overtake the 'work' for me to enjoy the 'play' in this sort of hobby, but as my mother was a good teacher not to only select tasks for children by ones personal dislikes, this wouldn't be an alternative either ... :o)

          Anyway, if gardening in general was understood as you explained, shelves over shelves of chemical weaponry and artificial fertilizers at Home Depot was to be interpreted as a severe economically failure of an highly influential branch of industry, as anything there is nothing but a materialized form of our wish to rule over nature by our command.

          May this be by stick (RoundUp) or by carrots (guano fertilizers), the form of discipline doesn't change its very existence ...

          So if your garden directly improved this world in its biosphere stays questionable to me, as the world did just as fine before it. But that doing what one likes helps spreading good vibrations towards others, is beyond my doubt, by which your garden is improving indirectly and as long
        • thumb
          Feb 1 2014: you don't make me work in it ... :o)
      • thumb
        Feb 1 2014: Ok are a success....I am now ROFLing:>)

        No chemical weaponry, artificial fertilizers, or roundup here my is compost, made right here in the gardens, and good ol' would LOVE it!

        I will NEVER make you work in the gardens. There are, however, extra shovels here if you ever decide it might be fun:>)
        • thumb
          Feb 2 2014: Without clear video evidence of you ROFLing, I take my success granted by your kindness!

          And on this I mean clear evidence and not the usual shaky and blurry footage we get to see for flying saucers or such alike ... :o)

          It also remains to be seen what is more likely to happen. You capturing yourself and an extraterrestrial spaceship on tape, or me embracing your kind offer in free will and clear mind... :o)

          If I was your garden, I would desperately hope from now on for a close encounter of the third kind, rather than for a drastic change in hormones of some strange German guy ... :o)

          And on my next turn on this planet as a worm, I will definitely LOVE your compost. Until then, I appreciate this sort of recycling more intellectually than emotionally ... ;o)
  • Jan 29 2014: And I. In which way I contribute?:
    I try to be:
    tolerant with those around me.
    honest in all my business
    a pacifist
    not a racist.
    animal lover
    politically commited,
    solidary with powerty.

    How do I get?

    I am official participant of a forum in El País, a spanish newspaper that allows me to express and share my ideas. I also contribute to an ONG that provides aid for the poor, now I am in TED which is also a good platform. But above all (This could be sound rare) I try to keep the Commandments of my religon and to be respectful and listen people of other.
    I think some of this is available to everyone.
    I am triying all this but sometimes I go wrong because I am human
  • Feb 11 2014: Dear friends, Due to hourly difference it is time for me to leave this house, do not argue nor break the vases. Please be good. (just kidding!!) I carry all of you in my heart. Farewell
    • Feb 11 2014: Yesterday in a meeting someone said: "this is my last opportunity, thus its vital that... (___x____). "

      A bit latter I pointed out that that story they put forth, of it being their last opportunity, seemed illusory ... for it seemed evident to me that there could and would be other opportunities in their lives to come... (besides the notion this particular opportunity is the last chance to do something in life to improve this world seem contradictory to the idea that we have can and ought to use every now as a new opportunity to do something to improve this world...)

      Somebody else at the meeting said : "someone didn't mean to say this was their last opportunity in life ... they meant that this is just the last opportunity they had in their life thus far"!

      I said "Oh! That particular notion interpreted that way changes everything".

      We laughed at the different possible interpretations... though I am still wondering if someone actually got the notion that the stories we put forth can produce the realities we experience and everyone ought to seek a certain kind of storyline which be enriching and benevolent.

      Remember if you tell someone not to think of an apple they will likely think of an apple ... so take care of the vase it's contents and for heavens sake remember to always keep it as it ought to be kept... closed what ought to be closed and opened what ought to be opened.

      Paco did you mean you where just kidding about that plea to be good?

      We well each and everyone remember to do something each moment to improve this world and a bit beyond...
  • Feb 11 2014: * argue posit same?! (Steven Why )

    Wanted to pull up here something from down below:

    I said and quoted Steven : Indeed "any outcome is really just a precursor to another journey, irrespective of the previous outcome, and so each story is written as we march inexorably thru life". I have to wonder if it be self-evident to some individuals who carry their past experiences into preset and future expectations, especially when their conception of today is based on the outcomes of yesterday; rather than based on what be now; or what will be next.

    Intrinsically there are different paths: some better than others, some much much better than others. That some can take a bad bath (path) and manage to learn something good from it (say not go down that way) hardly changes the intrinsic value of the path. For example take the first line in this comment... evidently argue and posit have different meanings while also sharing certain similarities - in essence both could denote - a statement that is made on the assumption that it will prove to be true -

    as people get older people some learn to stray within a certain path, because they learn certain ways to deal with what what 'society' teaches them. Many learn to give the answer that 'the other wants to hear', rather than get into a scrimmage with 'them' over what be, especially if to them one answer or the other answer be the same thing: an answer to get scored by 'the other' to get approved or rejected. Some have learned to say a- what the other thinks and wants, rather than what happens to be... or even better what ought to be.

    I have learned something in this particular back an forth: succinctly put the value is on the learning. Some prefer this outcome some prefer that outcome. if we see the words individuals use as indicative of what individuals 'prefer' ... what would each one's words indicate?

    - That certain stuff matters and has intrinsic value and ought to be written into each storyline
    - that __________

  • Feb 10 2014: Many Thanks Esteban for your thumb. Just saying goodbye. In a few hours time this conversation will finish, my job needs my full time. On a month of vacation I did three conversations in TED. I wanna thank you for all your contributions they have been very valuable to me and I think to all of us, excuse me, If have not answered any, has been for no understand exactly the meaning. In a movie about Wall St. The super-chairman of a great investment bank ordered his employees to talk to him as if he were a child. I also need that kind of communication because I have not been blessed wit the gift of acuteness. Anyway Esteban A big Hug. Has been a pleasure for me to have you here.
    • Feb 10 2014: Many thanks Paco for initiating, guiding and contributing to this conversation. Indeed in a few hours time this conversation allotted time will terminate while each takes with them what they learned. I found many valuable insights and hope to have returned the favor to others by successfully conveying what I considered important. I realize some may not have understood exactly the meaning I meant ... just hope that what each managed to understand helps improve this world for them and others.

      In a way many of my comments could be boiled down into:
      Seek the better story (acting accordingly to what happens to be and can be )
      --- Let's choose the ultimate better stuff ---
      (Do what ought ought to be done, as it ought to be done, when it ought to be done)

      Of course there is the whole issue of how does one know what ought to be done, who actually knows it, etc... If pressed to summarize it even further I would state:
      --- act according to a conscious choice pro wellbeing ---
      (in one word : ---LOVE!--- )

      I liked Narcis Ioel Murza Reply

      A better world comes out from a better you. So...
      1) See the life as a gift
      2) See the world as a pssibility field, as a construction site
      3) Believe that love will finally win
      4) Be the unexpected help or smile, prayer or song for the other :)


      I would read the above as:
      1) See everything as a gift
      2) Understand the now as a pssibility field, as a construction site
      3) Know love
      4) done something to improve this world
      Be the tipping point to help bring a smile, prayer or song for the other :)

      David Puttnam ted talk posted today sort of provides a bit of a glimpse into : Only say what's true and do what's right

      Again many thanks Paco for initiating, guiding and contributing to this conversation.
      • Feb 11 2014: Thank you very much once again Esteban. I especially appreciate the content of this post. For my part, have you here has been my pleasure.
  • Feb 10 2014: Come didatta, come educatore, mi sono sforzato di trasmettere al discente, almeno in parte, la consapevolezza, cioè non che cosa si deve pensare ma come si fa a pensare (ammetto che è più ambizioso di far imparare a ragionare in quanto pensare è facile. mentre è difficile sapere come si fa!), per la quale vale la pena di dedicare le energie migliori da parte del giovane affinchè si ami per il suo pensiero.
    Credo infatti che alla scuola non debba interessare l'individuo che funziona, bensì l'individuo che pensa, con la speranza che possa contribuire a creare un mondo migliore e desiderabile. Thanks.
    • Feb 10 2014: Google translated it as ...

      As a teacher, as an educator, I have endeavored to convey to the learner, at least in part, awareness, that is not what you must be thinking, but how do you think (I admit that it is the most ambitious to learn to think as they think it is easy to . while it is difficult to know how to do it!), for which it is worthwhile to devote the best energies by the young for you to love on her thought.
      I believe that the school should not affect the individual that works, but the individual who thinks, with the hope that it will help create a better world and desirable. Thanks.
      • Feb 10 2014: Many thanks Esteban for the translation.
        • Feb 10 2014: The wonders of google translate! Copy paste copy paste... and its probably about fairly accurate :-) ...
      • Feb 10 2014: Esteban, please, don´t tell the trick about google because we all thought you spoke italian. Just kidding!!
    • Feb 10 2014: Many thanks Carlo a question: The individual that works + The individual who thinks = mustn´t be equal to the ideal?
      • thumb
        Feb 10 2014: Paco & Esteban you can correct the translation manually to get a accurate human translation for websites. Many Polyglots are working on World Mentoring Academy's intro Video, and will be doing the whole MOOC, so we have no Language barrier for Non-English speakers. We have over 750 Univ courses with 170 leading to Univ credits. One student earned a BA in Bus Adm in 6 mos for less than $5,000(books & testing fee's) from a Regionally Accredited Univ. Another earned 89 Univ credits in a month. We have 3,300 students, 800 studying Languages. WMA has 49 courses in Foreign Languages using material that the Rosetta Stone & Pensular are based on.
        • Feb 10 2014: Michael: Many thanks for the information, very useful for me.
        • Feb 10 2014: Many thanks Michael Williams for your Thumb.
      • thumb
        Feb 10 2014: I believe from the translation that Ghiringelli is saying that as a teacher he endeavors not to tell a student what to think but rather how to think, which is a more ambitious practice, that he seeks to cultivate a love of thought, and that a school should think less in terms of preparing someone to work than of preparing someone to think- that the world would likely be the better for it.

        I would add by way of comment that this perspective is widely held by teachers around the world- that we want our students to learn how to think for themselves rather than simply to accept uncritically things they are told or that they hear or read, and that we want them to continue to love, or come to love, thinking and learning.
        • Feb 10 2014: Many thanks Fritzie for the clarification.
        • Feb 10 2014: Fritzie, in theory every teacher around the world would do what you said ... in practice only true teachers do that :-) similarly learners would learn to learn rather than memorize something to approve the test... and in a better world everyone would embrace whatever happens to be the better ways to be. Slowly but surely will eventually get there by individuals tellings ...
      • Feb 11 2014: Dear Paco, l'ideale esiste in quanto ideale poichè l'individuo che funziona (tradotto con 'works') è solo un ingranaggio del grande apparato tecnico-burocratico, mentre l'individuo che pensa ha tutta la propria originalità, creatività, responsabilità. Many thanks
        • Feb 11 2014: Just a change of ideas Carlo. Do you think that often the student who thinks becomes a problem for the teacher? and How do you think the rest of students would respond in the presence in the same classroom of those students "a bit special". Is there a way to evaluate those behavior for the purpose of ratings or scores?
          First of all I assume and agree with you that the "ideal" or preferable is a student who Thinks but... is the educational system prepared to receive him?
          Do you think to create special groups of students with the same characteristics would enhance the individual perfomance?
        • Feb 11 2014: the ideal can exists as just ideal
          the ideal can exists as realized ideal

          Similarly possibilities can exists as just possibilities
          and possibilities can exists as realized possibilities

          when the individual who thinks work it out... into actuality they can realize possibilities, visions, dreams and ideals!

          one can bring about this originality, creativity and responsibility into the matters be it physical, ideological, emotive, or some other domain.

          Paco noticed that I could not respond below your comment...

          I think that the educational system and many individuals are not prepared to receive them inquisitive minds ... creating separate groups will hardly enhance the individual performances it would just put the thinking ones aside and allow business as usual in the rest of the place. what would be nice would be to find a way for the system to change and be improved... by the individual contributions... most of the time its the other way around the individuals are made to change and be part of the system... (note that sometimes the system is us/the others) thus at times the individuals are made to change and be part of us rather than us change and be part of the individual...
  • Feb 10 2014: I might not have done anything yet, but I am working on something. I initiated an NGO that will empower personality, entrepreneurship, talents and leadership in Nigeria. I named it PETAL Empowerment, which is meant for young children, teen girls, and the less privileged ones. And our first project "project foster" will take place on the 14th February 2014. with this project, we will empower the less privileged children around us, and put some of them in primary schools through our scholarship program. through this organization, I hope to Help every young child develop the urge for development and participation, Encourage local entrepreneurial innovation, Transform our societies by educating people to accept and include those who are physically, economically and intellectually handicapped, Guide and coach little children on the journey of positive childhood, Annul the consequences of social inequality, re-orient our societies and promote the building of positive values. I hope I can drive change with this......................
    • Feb 10 2014: Many Thanks Benedicta. Your projects are worthy of success. Do you have any support for financing? and the professional staff to carry out? All the best.
  • thumb
    Feb 10 2014: Apparently this question will always let people think about what good things they have done, so I think the goodness in the soul in everyone of us can push us to do things that as we say for better life. I am sure most of us done things that help other people, however the number of people you have helped or motivate is a big concern. therefore most of people don't value the little thing they have done for others.

    for me i believe that the action i have done, not all for sure but good number of it may help other people specially the one I am always surrounded by which are family, friends, mates, and neighbors. But the feeling of motivation to others is not that effective for me. In other words the love of helping people is what keep me going.

    What I meant to say that no matter how much actions we do, they may not improve the world as much as we think but they do improve it even the one we don't notice it much.
    • Feb 10 2014: Hello Hussain and welcome. I undrestand that anyones who cares about his family, friends, mates and neghbors as you do. also cares for his "Global family" Maybe with less intensity but, yes You do. think about that.
    • Feb 10 2014: Hussain,

      What I perceived you wanted to say was that even the small stuff matters... how much simple actions we do and barely notice can and do improve the world ... sometimes much much more than we think and are aware off thus to improve the world we ought do even the little stuff and notice it...
  • Feb 10 2014: Many Thanks Lamb Lamb for your thumb. Iám glad to hear from you!!
  • thumb
    Feb 9 2014: Yes, I was a university teacher. I think (I hope) I made a positive difference for many students, both adult and traditional.
    • Feb 10 2014: I am sure Jim Guild .I think University Teacher means oversee the continuity of education by transmitting values and knowledge at the highest rate to the next generation. Thank you for being here.
      • thumb
        Feb 10 2014: Paco, I refer to myself as a teacher rather than professor though I was tenured and served as a department chairman because I always felt the student was the center of the experience. To profess is to stand and lecture and feel like the giver of knowledge. To teach is to guide, nurture, mentor and sometimes act as a surrogate parent or friend to get the student trough to their goals. Not all of them made it. But I think I had very good results. If some of my students went on to successful careers and families then I made a very positive difference to the world.

        Good question and I've enjoyed the responses.
        • Feb 10 2014: Many Thanks Jim for your answer. I believe you are quite right, to teach is to guide, nurture, mentor and for me a complement of the education received at home by the children, in some extreme cases a teacher may be the only moral guide for a student. but about that you know more than me. Jim Good experience for me to have you here! All the best.
        • Feb 10 2014: Jim,

          Thanks for the way you defined 'to teach' ... till you did that I had associated more of a professor role to the task... I wonder if there ought to be a new words for mentor-teacher-student-guide which better conveys the notion surrounding the shared experiences.
  • Feb 9 2014: Yes. I have been involved in the development of newly patented technologies that are able to directly address the most urgent world social issues. This jurney has not been easy or pleasant. But we are very excited in the developments in 2014 that have been initiated. We are currently bringing these new technologies to the world market and the word is just starting. Please visit our website to make your own evaluations.
    • Feb 9 2014: Many Thanks John for expand the information. All the best.
    • Feb 9 2014: John,

      Redefining 'the waste' into 'the resource' certainly changes 'The world of wasted materials' into a rather bountiful 'resourceful matter'. Reprocessing is a world of endless potential akin to plant animal environment coexistence's.

      Sent a message through the website contact info. looking forward to further private dialogue on exploring a particular endeavor...
  • thumb
    Feb 9 2014: *Begin Fanboy Message*

    Yea, I point people to TED talks when I believe the information is relevant to them.

    *End Fanboy Message*

    • Feb 9 2014: Many thanks Melvin, for the thumb and for being here.
  • Feb 8 2014: It worked. Congratulations Again!!
  • Feb 8 2014: You are right. There is always a possibilities In a giving up custody to ex-husband, the situation was bad and father was a Navy Captain remarried and very supporting wife to accept the girl.

    In a second case, I had fought hard to keep marriage but her sister came in a way. I told people make mistake but she was so dominant. I thought if she get a job, she will do well. She is Walgreen manager now and her both daughters are in college with scholarship. She is full of confidence and very appreciative with my indulgence. I had a honor to act dad and give bride away in the her marriage.

    If we do not take chance, nothing happens. Both were risky. But it worked.
  • Feb 8 2014: Paco et all...

    Something that could improve this world involves guiding the stories we tell and retell in a certain way. Some like to cultivate the ideas of nonjudgmental inclusion of everyone and everything that each may enrich the tapestry when to enrich the tapestry involves following a particular order while including stuff as it ought to be induced. Something I learned to understand is that some 'seductive' stories like pandoras box can open a can of worms ... which may lead to all sort of adventures. Evidently only some adventures are actually worth experiencing and doing so only in a certain way. In other words some possibilities ought to remain as possibilities forevermore... only the beneficial possibilities ought to be pursued and this only in a certain way. For whatever reason, be it the curiosity to see whats inside, be it the innocence, be it a dare... sometimes individuals perform an action that may seem small or innocent, but that turns out to have severe and far-reaching consequences. In a more positive way : sometimes individuals perform an action that may seem small and innocent, AND that turns out to have wonderful and far-reaching consequences. This conversation core revolves precisely about what individuals have done to improve this world. Which may inspire others to perform acts that may seem small and insignificant AND which turns out to improve this world and a bit more.

    From experience I know for a fact that there are necessary and unnecessary view points to consider... there are boxes and possibilities which ought to remain closed forevermore. I am aware that we need to be on the lookout an vigilant what we allow to flourish in our gardens. When I see someone propose and cultivate the a proposition that we should cultivate everything I may point out that we should only cultivate what be beneficial and good.

    Is it the case that 'we should include all points of view'? I say only some ought be included and allowed to prosper.
    • Feb 8 2014: Many thanks Esteban I sincerely appreciate your contribution that is as valid as respectable as any other. Thank you again for participating in this conversation so thoroughly.
      • Feb 8 2014: Paco,

        Is it actually the case that that any contribution is as valid and as respectable as any other?

        I certainly understand that we should encourage everyone to contribute and enrich this conversation through being open and receptive of every point of view; while at the same time remaining vigilant of what we allow to flourish into the commons.

        Evidently some contributions just happen to be more valid and respectable than other contributions... and for clarity sake let's distinguish and decouple what the individual contributions are, from the individual beingness. Akin to distinguishing A) the individual group from B) the individual beings - that happen to be in some group. Evidently some groups are valid and respectable while some are something quite different. Equating them all leads to blurring what distinguishes them one from the other.

        I do think that sometimes to seek and resolve 'conflicts' can and does 'worsen' the 'conflict' ... that's why instead of focusing on the what separates we ought to focus on what integrates ... sometimes one better focus and seek to cultivate that which transcends all conflicts through addressing and fostering that which brings about a better world... and evidently only doing some stuff helps...
  • Feb 8 2014: Here is your call Barry. All the Best.
  • Feb 8 2014: Frank Barry Many thanks for your thumb. and Thank you for read me.
  • Feb 8 2014: Paco, This conversation ending in 3 days can be extended if you want to do so.
    I would truly like to read what others have accomplished in improving this world.
    This below is personal, and since it just occurred today, I am a bit distraught myself.

    Today my daughter drove 3.5 hours to the Stanford Medical Clinic for a surgical consult.
    The Surgeon refused to do surgery to remove her adhesions. He said he felt she needed
    to provide more information with multiple visits to her local doctor and/or emergency room
    visits. Before seeing the Surgeon, she had gathered all her many medical records about
    the problem, and the Surgeon had those in hand. He wanted her to return to her local
    doctors and have them find a different diagnosis, and for here to visit the local emergency
    room upon each occurrence, so as to have the data saved..

    The Surgeon scheduled her for an appointment for a work-up next month at Stanford.

    That is 30+ more days of severe pain, and pain management, and then a work-up.
    I am at my wits end.

    My daughter was distraught. She has suffered for years. Multiple prior operations for the
    removal of adhesions had given her relief in the past. Now, every morning for the last 4 years,
    her right side swells to double size, while causing severe pains that travel from her hip down her
    leg, and also upwards throughout her rib cage. Doctors and Emergency Rooms cannot seem
    to find what is causing her pain and swelling.

    She only just did (last week) qualify for MediCal Insurance, but the computer system hasn't been
    updated with her information. Unable to verify coverage, Stanford wanted to charge her $800
    for the consult, and refused to believe that she had qualified for MediCal Insurance.

    Is there anyone who reads this that might come forward with a suggestion?
    I write not for money but for information.
    Information that might possibly improve one person's life.
    The life of my daughter.
    • Feb 8 2014: Frank,

      In addition to what you are doing look into holistic energetic medicine. Sometimes the physical manifestations stem from other stuff...they are the symptoms... rather than the causes ... which may reside elsewhere and each ought to be dealt with accordingly.

      When I first read what you wrote I thought you where going to point out how the medical system is setup to pump up the costs... and keep recursive patients in a loop... rather than just fix them once and for all and sending them on their way. I read that there are many simple cures (both preventive and corrective) for conditions which are shunned because these practices are economically unfeasible dew to their low costs and high effectiveness. In other words they work so well, cost so little, that it is presently economically unfeasible to make money out of them ... thus these highly effective solutions are shunned by everyone... hopefully things will change and individuals will appreciate the value of stuff on it's own rather than how much it costs or how much they can make from it... I realize that for you this situation involves how to improve one person's life that being your own child. I hope that what I have said helps you in some way, and that you find an effective resolution soon. If it's ok with you and your daughter would like to make a plea for a healthy beneficial solution, in fact will proceed to do so ...
    • thumb
      Feb 9 2014: Frank, Your story caught my attention and touched my heart. I have been through a similar experience with my own health. It was a ten year battle of complications after tumor removal. The tumor was wrapped around my septum and a large portion of tissue was removed along with the tumor and septum. This left a large hole in my face and as a result, a severe build up of scar tissue began to grow and spread. The scarring began to take over my face and attached itself to my upper pallet, causing my mouth to seize. I sought help from some of the most expertise surgeons. including the chief of reconstructive surgery at Penn. I was turned away by more than six surgeons, was called a "medical mystery" by several doctors, and others simply refused to correct the result of another doctors work. They were all scared of failure as this was a very unusual case, and the procedure to cut away the scarring was highly risky. I was losing my ability to speak and was having trouble breathing as my airway was becoming blocked by the scarring. I developed obstructive sleep apnea and was just waiting to suffocate once my airway became fully blocked. I had no hope. I accepted that I would likely die in my sleep from suffocation.

      Then one day I was watching the discovery heath channel and saw a doctor by the name of McKay McKinnon in Chicago. He handles medical challenges that no other doctor will touch. I contacted him and he reviewed all of my massive medical records and agreed to see me I went to Chicago on February 13, and met with this kind caring doctor and was finally given hope. He devised a plan to free the scar tissue and open my airway. I could not stay in Chicago for the month it would take to recover, so he provided this plan to a local surgeon in NJ and I underwent the surgery that freed my mouth and opened my airway.

      Please do not give up this fight. Dr. McKay McKinnon is at 680 N. Lake Shore Drive, Suite 1208, Chicago, IL, 60611. All the best to your daughter
    • thumb
      Feb 9 2014: Frank, I failed to mention in my comment that I also received both supportive care, kind concern and assistance in providing my transportation to Chicago from the Society of St. Vincent de Paul. I contacted them and explained my medical condition and explained that I did not have the means to travel to Chicago to meet with Dr. McKinnon. This organization generously provided the airfare for me to travel to Chicago to obtain the consultation to save my life. I don't know if your daughter has the ability to get there, but there are medical charities which assist with travel arrangements if she is in need.
      • Feb 9 2014: Amy, Thank you for both comments.
        My Daughter just left for a few minutes and when she returns I will let her read these
        comments you have been so nice to send. She most likely will forward them to her

        She has also suffered for many years and had many operations for the removal
        of adhesions which gave her some relief for a while, following each operation.
        Then her body would begin to swell each morning and the pain would come.
        Now, it is every day of never ending pain.

        The local pain-management doctor is planning on a blocking procedure to be done
        as soon as her MediCal coverage can be verified. When she called, the MediCal
        lady told her she was approved for coverage, and that MediCal would upload the
        newly insured's in a batch sometime soon.

        Amy, You did not mention how you feel today. Are you well?
        I hope and pray that you are mending.
        Again, thank you.
        • thumb
          Feb 9 2014: Frank, I will keep your daughter in my thoughts that she gets the help that she needs.

          As for me, I have undergone 15 surgeries, including the removal of a portion of my upper pallet so that I can speak. After that surgery, the scar tissue once again began to grow as it is something that the body just does naturally. So I completely understand what your daughter is experiencing as I got relief from each surgery for a short time, and then the scar tissue returned with a vengeance, requiring more surgery to remove it. Finally, a reconstructive surgeon decided to use a rare treatment to prevent the regrowth of the tissue. It was a procedure that is done via IV and the medicine used was named Mitomycin. Perhaps you can inquire as to if this treatment may help your daughter and stop the legions from returning.

          The procedure did work for me and while I have some residual effects, through the grace of god and the efforts of some wonderful doctors, I am still here, and looking forward to watching my son get married in a few months. One year ago today I would have never thought that would be possible.
  • Feb 7 2014: I feel inept --
    I have during my life made promises to myself, aimed at improving the lives of others.
    Only to "fail to try" and thus my memories of the circumstances leading to said promises
    haunt me.

    Ordinarily, I am a rather harsh critic of others, and maybe that is enough to improve this world.

    I am safety oriented in the workplace. During a stint as a plant manager manufacturing circuit
    boards, I prided myself for our safety record. But, the one day I took off work to have my wisdom
    teeth pulled, a shear operator cut his fingers off with the shear. Each day, every day, I had always
    stopped at the shear and admonished the "strip catcher" working behind the shear to be careful
    not to assume the shear wouldn't cycle again after making a cut. But that day I was not there to
    warn him. That was in the early 1960's. I still feel the guilt.
    • Feb 7 2014: Frank your story touches my heart. I am not a man of many words but I tell you briefly the following: Many problems in my life have been solved by religion. Let´s say: I do not think you are inept, we can not fight Fate, from the beginnng of the time, nobody really know how it performs, That day you were not there to warn him, but that´s not your fault.
      Moses killed a man by accident.and was a protected by God. if you are a religious person you will understand that God only knows why these things happen. You can not carry the burden of your guilt your whole life.I´d like to hear you say that you will overcome it. Finally you should reflect on everything in life could have been worse. So mi friend Cheer up.
      • Feb 7 2014: Paco,

        Why some choose to carry something for their whole life rather than recognize it, learn from it and let it go presents an interesting notion to wonder about. Ideally one should face the situation and overcome it as the situation presents itself, though in practice one may have to deal with it multiple times before succeeding. A friend told me that the difference between those who persevere and those who don't resides in how they see falls and 'setbacks' ... those who see it as falling forward and just a part of the particular experience where better off than those who consider it reflected negatively on their success. In the game one hits some balls and one misses some balls ... the thing is to hit a bit more balls especially the really important ones... though conscious that one will hit some important balls and one will misses some important balls ... its just part of the game... sometimes the key resides in showing up and playing !
        • Feb 7 2014: Many thanks Esteban, your opinions are always interesting and appreciated. All points of view are neccesary if we want to expand the picture. Ah! Many thanks for your Thumb!
      • Feb 8 2014: Paco,

        I think you know that I hold that only the necessary points of view (whichever they may happen to be) are the necessary points of view
        In other words only certain points of view are necessary... in particular the necessary points are the necessary point; an unnecessary point of view be an unnecessary point of view... though we may still want to have some of them points of view.


        ... including only some points of view leads to an expanded picture and expanded understating of the picture!

        Of course we should encourage each to express their points of view, and help them understand, distinguish and decouple the individual statements from the individuals themselves. There is a huge difference between a factual observation and judging an individual ... thats a mistake is a completely different call than stating someone be a mistake ...

        lets keep from taking a point of view of a certain way and projecting such judgements unto an individual beingness
        • Feb 8 2014: Sorry Esteban I don´t know what you mean.
      • Feb 8 2014: Paco, thank you.

        I tell stories. My Father was the best nighttime bedside story-teller I have
        ever known. The value in a great story is when it captures the listener or
        reader. A story does not have to be untrue, and mine never are fictional.

        I just remembered a story that meets the criteria of this conversation.

        I picked up my 1955 Buick from the shop with 4 new tires and a brake job.
        Driving on a frontage road beside an elevated freeway I passed 3 small children
        playing in a little red wagon against the curb on my right. My speed was 25mph.

        Suddenly, from between 2 parked cars, a small boy on a bike was in front of me.
        I slammed on the brakes, leaving 4 equal patches of rubber on the road. I hit him.
        Jumping out, I gathered him in my arms, and rushed into a shop where a lady took
        him from me.

        Suddenly, a loud noise and a huge sound of crashing occurred. I ran back out to
        the street and saw a large Buick flying through the air. It landed on that little red
        wagon. I rushed to the Buick, passing the 3 little children who had come to see
        my accident.

        A huge lady was behind the wheel and was injured. An ambulance was there almost
        immediately, called by the lady in the store, for the little boy I had hit.

        Everyone survived. No serious injuries.

        Why did I pick up my car from the shop that day and at that time?
        Why did I have 4 new tires and a brake job?
        Why did I hit the boy, yet not injure him?
        Why did the 3 little children all leave their little red wagon to come see my accident?
        Why did the Buick fly from the elevated freeway?

        Why did I never remember the children's names?
        • Feb 8 2014: Because you needed to be there to make a difference... in their lives and they in yours!
          Same thing here... each needed to make a difference... in their lives and others into theirs!

          Can I use your story that you just shared?
        • Feb 8 2014: Dear Frank I have read a lot of philosophy and theories, and you know Frank. In almost all books and quotes the words Fate & Fortune are written in capital letters, seems as if all human beings had afraid or the two concepts.Nobody knows why certain things happen so about your Why I simply tell you: I´don´t know but i wish you all the luck in the world.
    • Feb 7 2014: Frank,

      From reading your words I would say that you are also a rather harsh critic of yourself :-)! Which could be seen as a blessing or a curse. The good news is that you can choose how to judge each one, taking into account the particular circumstances and even choose to reconsider the judgement calls made. Of course this involves recognizing the facts involved including all the judgement call and what it is one choses to reconsider

      I would venture to say that you have improved the lives of others through the promises you made to them and yourself! For some reason I think that you are a rather objective critic of circumstances, even-though you say that you are a harsh critic of others. What I find curious is how you choose to blame yourself for the carelessness of others, especially given the fact you alerted them to be careful of the dangers on multiple occasions. In a way I think that you where there to warn him, he just choose to ignore what you told him and found out the hard way to pay more attention. At some point each has to just let go and trust others will do what ought to be done even if one isn't standing/sitting next to them.

      Reliving what happened can make it happen all over again or can transform it. I prefer to learn and move on than keep skipping back to replay the same issue over and over. What can you do now to change and improve this world? Just do it!
      • Feb 8 2014: Yes Use that story if you like. I am glad you did like it.
  • Feb 7 2014: Hello James, Yours is a grippig story. I think many of us ( Im´just a bit older than you) we have enough background that should be valued by the younger generation. Unfortunately I don´t know much about computer nor informatic procedures but I am sure that some people will read yor contribution with great interest. For my part thank you for bring your project and I wish you all the sucesses.
  • Feb 7 2014: Nice question... Every one have the ability for leaving his print in this world. for making a diffenrece in this world, it all stands to his ability iof choice... yoiu, me and everyone can improve the world if he choses to do that... thus it is left for the choice of wanting to do that or not../.
    • Feb 7 2014: Hello Ahmad and nice answer. To contribute to make a better world, sometimes is so simple as a way of being. Surely we choose the same option. Thanks for your contribution
    • Feb 7 2014: ahmad,

      I think that for making a diffenrece in this world wanting to do that or not ought be carried over into appropriate action. Please keep in mind that everyone leaves his print in this world... it can be for good or for something else depending on what each chooses to do (and not do). In a way the choice is what kind of a difference will each choose to make. BTW that's something each determines moment by moment... what kind of a difference will I choose to make at this moment through what I choose to do (not do) now. That moment is now history, what kind of a difference will I choose to make at this new moment through what I choose to do (not do) now.
      • Feb 7 2014: Esteban
        I do agree that every one leaves his own chance in this world, even at a very tight level; but not everyone do make a difference.. and that what i am pointing at... and from what i got from you is that you took the ability of chance and combined it with chance by saying the moment is now a history; i can not hide that this is a possible but it has a very low low probability of happening... and no one can know when it happens . For you point of view you want the all external effect and the best environment to be found at the same time and most probable may not happen.. thus to make a difference once must have the idea strategy and plan to work on and be able to express it to show is power and ability of moving to the better way of life.. thus the moment by moment thing is to work on plan and creats the best environment to succeed with that.
        • Feb 7 2014: Ahmad,

          Why do you claim that not everyone makes a difference? Why hold that the choice we make this very instant be insignificant rather than quite significant? What each thinks/feels/does this moment can be vital for what takes place next and thus one ought act accordingly!

          The fact that something has a low low probability of happening hardly alters the fact that it will be what happened (of course after the fact) ... to make a difference one must make a difference ... it may help to have the idea and strategy and plan to work on and be able to express it and to show the power and ability to move to the better ways of life... still to make a difference one must make a difference ... the moment by moment thing is to do each moment what one ought to do each moment to make a difference in that moment... hopefully to create the better environments to succeed and be in... Heck a simple smile may change the mood of an interaction... (for the better or for the worst) ... my point sought to express that what we do now this instant matters and can do so in quite a significant way ... and that thought you/me/others have this moment can and does make a difference to improve this world.
  • Feb 7 2014: Oh yes. I have tried very hard. And serendipity was both kind and cruel to me. I'm 58 now. But at 35 I was given a generous severance package from a Wall Street bank after working there for 17 years. I had advanced knowledge of all technological trends and it was my job to report on movements in technology to the CTO. This was 1990. I wound up being swept by activism and vision into the UN/NGO community in NY where I was entrusted to be a UN representative for a leading NGO concerned with technology and communications. I got to be part of committees looking to reform the UN and create some kind of greater out-reach. At the time, my country was busy fouling up Iraq for the first time. It dawned on me that everyone was twice my age and had very little knowledge of the technology that was about to break. It began to dawn on me that I could be the one to make a major difference in facilitating the UN's mission and my mind began inventing solutions that created a way to bring secondary education into contemporary participation with the proactive and preventive outreach arms of the science divisions of the UN.

    I still sit on this knowledge--with patentable inventions which have to do with informatics and getting rid of generation loss which makes information still dynamic and useful instead of scattered, old and academic. But I was completely unaware that my country, the US, had a long right wing history of wanting no part of the UN and wanting to see it fail. I had not learned all the things I know today about the permanent war economy and the reasons they wanted to paint Agenda 21 as a nefarious "one world order" take-over. It is not only benign but a potential boon to global progress. And had I been able to secure funding I would have created this "node system" as a franchise for every university, high school and private business interested in micro-finance and development. It sickens me that I'll die with this knowledge and vision unfulfilled..
    • Feb 7 2014: James,

      So how to change that long ( ______ )history of wanting no part of the ( _____ ) and wanting to see it fail, to a permanent economy that is 'benign' and a potential boon to global progress with a major difference in facilitating the ( _______)'s mission? inventing solutions that created a way to bring ( _______ ) education into contemporary participation with the proactive and preventive outreach arms of the science divisions coupled with dynamic and useful learning, the activists drive to take action with enthusiasm, the backing of 'businesses', guided by a beneficial spirit and including the hereditary wisdom certainly requires a singular conception.

      Just maybe you will yet succeed to carry out and implement what you know and see the vision fulfilled. What are you doing now to make improvements happen throughout the world?

      Me I am taking a story, rearranging it a bit, adding my contribution and sharing it with others :-)
      • Feb 7 2014: The only question I can glean from your post is what am I doing now to make improvements happen throughout the world? I am but one person. And I come from a disadvantaged background. I burned through the money I got as a package to leave my job trying to fulfill the vision I spoke of.Accepting relegation to just paying bills when I know where there are trillions of dollars to be effected by the ideas I would put into motion--some which would profit me personally and allow me to take better care of myself is a depressing state of reality. All I can afford to do is vigilantly write on this primitive Internet and hope for serendipity before age claims me.But I have been in places at times to be able to engineer "convergence" media applications and the details can't fit into a little box here on TED. I don't mind dialoging on them and you can send me a message if you'd want to do that.
        • Feb 7 2014: James,

          I wished that I knew the answer to help you (me) and others put into motion the vision that brings about shared benefits which allows each to take better care of themselves and others. Like you I hope that by participating here and else where through serendipity and discovery something takes place that changes it all for the better. I was really enthusiastic last year with an initiative I had called 'pro-virtus' through which I sought to promote virtues ways and inspire others to act and support such ways. I thought 'others' would instantly see the value of promoting virtuous ways of being and of the latent need to do it or at least help those doing it... Thus far have not been able to find the support to help ... will send you a message to at least exchange ideas who know something may emerge from it...
  • Feb 6 2014: I agree with you Colleen I´ve just proceed to delete my two interventions.
    • Feb 6 2014: Paco,

      I consider that a part of your intervention is actually worth jointly pursuing in the last few days allotted for this conversation. In particular it may be worthwhile to jointly explore how individuals and groups can collaborate to do something to improve this world.

      What do we really want to cultivate in abundance?
      How does one invite everyone to focusing on generating a particular beneficial bias?

      There are those who have abundant optimism, joy and be akin to a little kid... throughout the world ... so what can one do to help these voices spread and 'infect' others to improve this world? Evidently a key factor in making a better world is getting individuals to act in a certain way that tips the balance in favor of making a beneficial difference ... each be entrusted to endure a responsibility to be leaders forever while each strive to do what ought to be done!

      I am very intrigued by the responses that this comment will generate and would like to see them... question is will individuals choose to read this, whether they will choose to respond, and whether they will contribute something enriching

      FWIIW each has a definite position in every issue and ought to ensure that they contribute it towards cultivating a better wold...

      I would like to thank you for opening up this conversation and would like to tank each and everyone who has participated in it.
      • Feb 6 2014: Many thanks Esteban. You are always welcome.
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    Feb 6 2014: I help the Pay It Forward movement in my community. Which runs great vision for this world,advocates willingness to help people in need,despite how tiny,little thing it is. As it advocates,how the world would be like if anyone in the world cares more about others and gives tiny contribution to pay it forward.
    • Feb 6 2014: Many Thank George for let us know and bring your job here. Reading your contribution came to my mind the Barbra Streisand song "People".its lyrics, you know are my response.I wish you all the success.
  • Feb 5 2014: Colleen,

    Was too crowded below to respond there... besides it might be convenient to push this topic to the top of the conversation...

    Shifting from an old belief/paradigm to embrace something new can involve all sort of feelings/thoughts/behaviors...

    "the split", which happens when a person seek to let go of the old and embrace the new can sort of involve taking a step of faith where one is suspended with neither one nor the other... any hesitation causes one to sink and be unable to make it to the new side ( and returning to old one is also curtailed). Walking over the abysm can be likened to walking on air or walking on water or walking on mud or walking on solid ground... anyone heavy sinks and someone light floats ... with the appropriate 'buoyancy' one just walks on the surface... or swims across it... or flies over it ... Sometimes this process requires that we let go of an addiction and embrace a habit; say let go of walking on others and instead walk besides them... if we are in water it may involve letting go of the others (and the floatees or life vests) , learning how to swim and move to stay afloat, how the currents move etc... One may need the support for a time and then one needs to learn how to fly... or as Jonathan Livingston Seagull would say learn the next way to move instantaneously... embrace something new can be quite a challenge as well as letting go of certain beliefs can be quite an adventure. Resolving the inconsistency and the paradox can be a key factor... I like to say that both the charlatan and the righteous will claim to tell the truth... the difference is that one does it... of course the implication is that the key is to ensure congruency between words and deeds (and deeds and words)... though generally the words come first... because one is trying to cultivate something new and different, while still "being" with the old belief/paradigm... that's part of the reason I harp about using positive notions always...
    • thumb
      Feb 5 2014: Esteban,
      I did not offer that information because I do not understand it, or need another analysis, and if that is important to be it!

      Perhaps you are right, in that the "charlatan and the righteous will claim to tell the truth". I believe that ANYONE who claims to be "right", simply has closed his/her mind to new possibilities.

      There is no reason to "push this topic to the top of the conversation" is not specifically the topic of conversation here.
      • Feb 5 2014: Colleen,

        I considered pertinent to address the issue and consider it related to the main question of this whole conversation. So there is at least one reason to and based on your statement it's evident that you choose to ignore/disqualify it. Personally I know of some who claim to be 'right', while being open minded to new possibilities ... heck sometimes they even just happen to be right!

        Something I think I have done in my life to improve this world involves helping individuals reconsider what they think/feel through a change of what they believe/think/feel/experience....

        Edited to add Fritzie please read this thats why I gave you a thumbs up
      • thumb
        Feb 5 2014: Esteban gives a thumbs up sometimes simply to get someone to look back at a thread he/she might otherwise not visit again. He wants to make sure I know he didn't give me a thumbs up because he actually thought I had made a valuable contribution with my post.
        • thumb
          Feb 5 2014: LOLOLOLOL.......I got that Fritzie, and I was making another joke:>)

          I gave you a thumbs up so you will notice this comment with TWO notices....cannot stop laughing:>)
      • Feb 6 2014: Colleen,

        Na, I gave Fritzie a thumbs up to simply alert of my response to you ... which I wanted Fritzie to read ... I made the comment in my response to you also to draw attention to reading it...

        This whole thing about the thumbs up seem to me to be way off topic...
        "However, its perceived meaning varies significantly from ..." individual to individual ... so it seems some need a bit of clarification on the subject matter ... ( )

        I use it to mean anything from know 'I have seen your statements... and find it worthwhile to let you know that I seen it' to 'get someone to look back at a thread he/she might otherwise not visit again"... the edit was to transmit the idea of 'hey you please read this' not what was stated above... now can we get back to the actual subject of this conversation...

        Tell you what I would like to read how some have changed the stories they and others hold to transform the world for better...
    • thumb
      Feb 5 2014: I must agree with Colleen that, as this thread asks "Do you think you have done something in your life to improve the world? your post does not appear to be on Paco's topic.

      If you have not done so already, you might apply to open a thread specifically about the challenges of changing your mind about something. Many people may be interested in that topic, but it is off topic here.
  • Feb 5 2014: Esteve Many thanks for your ideas that I listen carefully. I will clarify you the U.N. issue. the problem is that I was selected in many times and as I said previously here I was about to form part in a Mission to Burundi as controller of supplies. But... The mission was cancelled (or so I was told) Now I am part or Cáritas Spain dedicated to the care of the poor, my profile was competitive because in my TED profile you only see the parte in which currently act. Anyway I admire your push and wish you every succes.
  • Feb 5 2014: Many Thanks Mariana for your thumb. and Many thanks for being here with us,
  • Feb 5 2014: Colleen. No more words BUT ABOUT CAT SMILE because I thought We have already talked enough about it.. I don´t know how can you say that when in the same post (cat smile) I asked you that I needed you here. Confusions and misunderstandings between us seems to be increaing: I Insisit: My only desire was not to bring that up and so forget it forever. Clear?. From here I send you my 1002 apologies
  • Feb 5 2014: Colleen. No more words BUT ABAOUT CAT SMILE because I thought We have already talked enough about it.. I don´t know how can you say that when in the same post (cat smile) I asked you that I needed you here. Confusions and misunderstandings between us seems to be increaing: I Insisit: My only desire was not to bring that up and so forget it forever. Clear?. From here I send you my 1002 apologies
    • thumb
      Feb 5 2014: I am still here Paco, and I do not feel any confusions or misunderstandings between us. I am very clear that you said you do not want to bring it up again, and here you are bringing it up again!
      • Feb 5 2014: You Win Coleen if I say something is Bad If I apologize Bad, If I made clarifications Worse. So for 1oo3 times I beg your pardon. I am not a person who wants to have always the last word but I´ve apologized many times and this will be the last.
        • thumb
          Feb 5 2014: Paco,
          My participation on TED has nothing to do with winning anything.

          I repeat....I perceive NOTHING to pardon......NOTHING to apologize for.....I was not/am not offended by anything you wrote.....I sincerely hope you will abide by your own words, and "this will be the last". PLEASE....for yourself....let go of it!
      • Feb 5 2014: Colleen,

        Want to highlight the idea : "I am very clear that you said you do not want to bring it up again,
        and here you are bringing it up again"!

        I do this with the intent to raise awareness how individuals can think about what they claim not to want, while still thinking about it... when they ought to just think about what they claim to want by thinking about it. The statement "I don't think that (________)" is actually a lie for one has to think something to write/say it. The thing is many seem to have lost their critical thinking skills (or still need to develop them).

        In a practical sense... from your words... I am still here. I do feel/think clarity and do consider understandings between us. I am very clear of that you said you want to bring into the conversation and here we are bringing it up!

        I would like to express my appreciation for your statement and your contributions and for being here. Hope you value something from each one...

        edited to add:

        Indeed "some think/feel there isn't any useful purpose in analyzing other people all the time".
        I do happen to think/feel there is some usefulness in analyzing everyone and everything all the time; one just might learn something useful :-) I do accept your comments in a kind way.

        I also hope my inquisitiveness will be perceived and accepted in good kind manners.
        • thumb
          Feb 5 2014: Thank you for your kind words Esteban, and hopefully you will accept this in the same light.

          I do not think/feel there is any useful purpose in analyzing other people all the time, as you do.
      • Feb 5 2014: Colleen Just one last word about your smile. You have the most beautiful smile that I´ve ever seen!!, so simile now again. and tell me something about Groundhog (Phil?) Day. I think they have said Phil has seen his own shadow and then you hope 6 weeks of extra winter. Is Punxsutaweney close to your home?. So Colleen good humour as always.Let me buy you a virtual bottle of champagne and make a toast to friendship. is o.k.? (sss... this happens a lot to make a better world)
        • thumb
          Feb 5 2014: Thank you Paco:>)

          Yes, supposedly the groundhog saw his shadow, and supposedly we have 6 more weeks of winter. It's always up for interpretation:>) Pennsylvania is quite a bit south/west of my home, so we could say that technically, whatever happens with a groundhog in Penn, does not apply to us way up here in the north country!

          I LOVE to share champagne and toasts to friendship....I accept:>)
      • Feb 5 2014: Cheers Colleen All the best!!
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    Feb 5 2014: I have started an innovative program/Contests to encourage and support non-commercial original thought, as well as to develop and establish real values for the unknown and unique. I believe that the soul of originality now is hidden and not easy to find in our commercial world immersed in mass production and false values.

    Our obligation is to search for this very soul of originality and give it a chance to become a soul of our cultural future.

    We have been publishing the most original works in the Fine Art Magazine for years (purchasing a full page for the artists), and keep introducing unknown art work of the talented struggling artists (from America, Europe Australia. China, Japan and other countries) to public-in-large.

    Honestly - this pricy page is meant and paid for my own original art to be promoted -- but I give this space to other artists, free of any charges.
    • Feb 5 2014: Thank You Vera for explaining your project here, I hope you´ll find your target and personally I wish you all the success.
  • Feb 4 2014: i would set up a weekly comedy improv at the office... 30 minutes...give people a chance to make others laugh....
  • Feb 4 2014: Many thanks for your Thumb Elvin. May God one day I could visit your wonderfun country!
  • Feb 4 2014: I would love to have a big list stating all the things I have done to improve this world. But in my own humble way - I have spent many years teaching the underprivileged. This has made a small impact to some children and has been life changing for few.
    • Feb 4 2014: Welcome Kamini. I find your have made a very satisfying work, maybe the result have not been the one yow wanted but you should think of those few who you has been able to help, the seeds do not always germinate but is our job to seed.
  • Feb 3 2014: Thank you Colleen You are very kind. Best regards
  • thumb
    Feb 3 2014: Both the Talmud and the Koran say something like "if you save one life, it is as if you saved the entire world."

    The message in this common perspective, I believe, is related to Drew Dudley's TED message that we often do not notice or acknowledge in ourselves and others the smaller things we all do that can matter greatly in themselves but also when taken together with the actions of others.
    • Comment deleted

      • thumb
        Feb 3 2014: Paco, I made reference to these two compendia of moral teachings because of the length of those traditions rather than because of their presumed source.

        What called the principle to mind was that many people are very quick to discount "small" and quiet contributions others may be making "under the radar."
        • Feb 3 2014: Yeah Fritzie I understood so I proceed to delete my reply due to is a personal note and does not add any interest to the conversation.
  • thumb
    Feb 3 2014: Paco, I would like to think I have done at lest as much good as I have unintentional bad. If you ask me this direct question my honest answer would have to be: It is not for me to judge. History / time / outcomes will be the actual judges.
    I am not concerned about the big things I did in my life .... I question if I lived my life with honor.

    I love the quote: You are never so tall as when you stoop to help a child.

    I wish you well my friend. Bob.
    • thumb
      Feb 3 2014: I LOVE the quote says a LOT with very few words:>)
    • Feb 3 2014: Robert I regret the misinterpretation That it was not dedicated to you. I have not read more than your first line and no need to contiue with the rest. My apology, you are always welcome here.
      • thumb
        Feb 3 2014: Paco, There was no rebuke of you. I only intended to say that others will judge me ... I only hope to be worthy of praise and acknowledge and correct the faults.

        I have always felt welcome in your conversations ... you sir are a gentleman and a pleasure to converse with.

        Thanks .... Bob.
  • Feb 3 2014: Yes indeed! Colleen.
  • Feb 3 2014: Sorry Colleen I find Cheshire cat adorable and not for a moment I thought I could offend you I pray you accept my apology.And now right hand upwards there are no replay button I can assure you. About the cat really regret the misnterpretation, that will not happen again.
    • thumb
      Feb 3 2014: I did not choose to be offended Paco, and simply wanted to clarify that my intention is NOT to be mischievous, which is what the Cheshire Cat is known for:>)
      • Feb 3 2014: And for my part I consider my comparison as an unjustified familiarity and I beg you to accept a thousand apologies. It won´t happen again.
        • thumb
          Feb 3 2014: Well Paco, that is a judgment you make for/about yourself. I did not judge you, or your intent, so in my humble perception, there is nothing to apologize for.

          Remember another part of this conversation where we speak about expectations and judgment?

          Here is part of my recent comment..."I suggest letting go of personal judgment, and opening the heart and mind to new information."

          I walk my talk Paco, in case you have not noticed:>)
  • Feb 3 2014: This is a personal note. So far I appreciate the criticism but I would prefer ideas and facts, some people must have the courage to express their own ideas rather than criticize or object others´ as standard, because such behavior adds nothing to the general conversation even often can prevent the free expression among the participants. So criticism are accepted but preferentially ideas, facts and propositions ..
    • Feb 4 2014: Paco,

      A preferential idea from which many of my contributions stem involves resorting and using a positive framing...

      Indeed 'people must have the courage to express their own ideas' and if someone 'dares to question the ideas expressed' realize that the questioning is related to the ideas rather than the individual. Individuals also ought to realize that questioning something need not be seen as a criticism ... it could simply be an observation to point out something.

      To me it's evident that every behavior adds something ... I wish everyones contributions would add something beneficial and to promote and encourage others to contribute in a positive manner.

      The concrete proposition is to always use a positive frame which cultivates what you desire to cultivate (hopefully what you desire to cultivate will be in line with what ought to be cultivated)...
  • Feb 3 2014: Many Thanks Fritzie for your Thumb and for read me.
  • Feb 3 2014: Many thanks Sean Brother for your opinion and for your thumb. You are always welcome!
  • Feb 3 2014: Dear friends. We are about to reach half of the conversation time. I am not a person of many words. you already know me I prefer to listen and allow others to freely explain. I am however trying to answer all of you personally. Anyway.

    At this point I want to thank (again) all the participants the large amount of contributions, All of them have been very important to me and imagine to all of you. From offering a smile to deforestation, programs on t.v.... and a very large range of activities and attitudes. Yes, I´d say people from here are positively contributing to a better world.
    About the way of express it, sometimes deeply other simpler but always effective and positive. “Positive”, the magic word. I have not seen anyone dye of happiness but many for depressions and sadness that lead to illnes and even suicide. Life was created bipolar as a radio stack, apparently the two poles are necessary for the radio (life) to work, the option for everyone is simple What pole do you want to join?
    Thanks TED for allowing this conversation and for the multicultural opportunity to relate among the participants.
    So a Big Hug to all of you and now ..The show must go on...for at least 7 days.
  • Feb 3 2014: Many Thanks Steven. I read carefully your contribution and I don´t have much to add because it speaks by itself and for me es enough I admit is really a valuable work. Just an observation. I don´t think you are doing any advertising but a general information so you are free to indicate the link to your site. I hope to hear from you here.
    • Feb 4 2014: I don't include the link, as unfortunately i see to many ted talk as propaganda where someone is selling a new book or whatever, all you need to do is click the bio. And I dont want to add to that.

      But in some ways the link is unimportant to the message, which again is;

      It's not that hard to help - all you have to do is try.

      And the reward can be from people emails, telling you their stories, and how the little you have done can mean so much to so many. And believe you me, that's a reward worth having, you realize, capitalism aside, there is so much more in you than you ever believed. I hope may people can get that same feeling that one's done something for humanity - and if only for a single moment, to feel that humility, that awe, and that connection with all mankind.

      That's a feeling worth having - it'll last your whole life.
      • Feb 4 2014: Many thanks Steven since I am newly come to TED I had not appreciated what you tell me about propaganda but I think you´re very free to not post the link. About what you say on "It's not that hard to help - all you have to do is try" Sometimes you want to do things but life or fate rejects your intent. I tell you: I tried desperately both Unted Nations and International Red Cross to join their teams but I don´t know if due to factors as age, nationality or professional background yeah I was elected but never got a mission.External factrs sometimes play against your will. .
        • Feb 5 2014: Paco, I'm sorry, I cannot accept and will not accept that external factors sometimes play again your will, for example age, nationality or professional background.

          You see, and I honestly know your wrong. [ in the nicest possible way. :) ]

          I'd like to explain why, you see you Paco don't need the red cross, you Paco dont need the united nations.

          All you need is a small amount of energy, and some will power to make things better. I got no permission to give away education, and it did upset some people who were trying to make a buck of similar material.

          But you see I dont need their permission, and I explained to them, if people cant afford what your selling, then they are never going to buy. In fact, by me giving free material away educates people, and those people will then (hopefully) get jobs (many have and still do) in the industry, and then if they require more skills then then can come to you. So I am not competition, I am in fact helping your future too.

          You see I make no money from the material, no ads, no requirements are pushed onto people. Even though some have offered recompense, I say no. I never did it for that. I say to those, the only payment I require is your success. And when you are, please let me know, and keep it in your heart to share and help others.

          I see your from Spain, and it's high level of youth unemployment, I'm sure someone skilled like you Paco could teach young people, not for a qualification, not for money, but to know in your heart when you leave this mortal coil, you made a difference.

          I see your a writer, what better qualifications are needed than that, humanity has been telling stories since the says of the cave of the swimmers rock paintings. What a pleasure to give people, all sort of unemployed youth, the ability and skill to tell their own stories.

          Who knows where that will lead you, who knows what joy you might find, who knows what contribution to society your students will make.

          I really wish you the best at it :)
      • Feb 4 2014: Steven,

        Thank you for what you said... Indeed one ought just seek to help and extend the hand... and see what happens... if others accept it or reject it at least one holds the feeling and knowledge that one did what one ought to do...

        BTW a friend shared with me an insight that has remained with me for more than 30 years... it can be summed up in four words "Do it and Learn"! In other words one can choose to learn always from everything (Be it a success be it a failure one can always learn from what was done and what happened). That same friend had two other wonderful insights "1- Saying it's easy demerits the action, for if one does it it was because it was easy and if one doesn't do it then one really must be quite bad at it" 2- 'Try sows and reaps failure', for if one succeeds then one failed to just try (one actually did it) and if one fails then one justifies it as having done what was required without actually accomplishing a worthwhile task... Thats why my friend would say "Do it and Learn"! It's a win-win-win situation... the only way to lose is to not learn a thing from the situation... and thats practically impossible for those focused on learning something always...

        Hope you and others appreciate this gift...
        • Feb 5 2014: You know Esteban you right.

          But it does not matter if you fail, I would rather stand before any God, and say "Yes, I failed, but I did try. And I too learned from that failure, which helped me understand why"

          But people too often think failure is a bad thing, far from it, it gives you humility, it gives you (if you want it) courage, it gives you determination.

          Too often people think they need other permission, or need to be part of a group to help, nothing can be further from the truth.

          And here is a simple example, people of wealth often hire a personal trainer. So if all you do is help people individually, you are being their personal trainer, in what ever field, but giving them the opportunities normally only afforded with wealth.

          Similarly, you might even be able to do it at work. I for one have imparted skills at every job I ever done, some people I even taught at home too, if they desired it.

          In that case, as I've said, "It's not that hard to help - all you have to do is try", in the above case, what do I really have to do? Turn off the TV. Is that so hard?

          And isn't the soap opera you're living, you participating in, with your student, better than watching something that's on tv?

          Sure sometimes it's hard, sometimes it's a pain, sometimes it stunning, sometimes it's a laugh a minute, but what's the point of knowledge to keep it to yourself, to hoard it - like some do with their money. Life is meant to be shared.

          It would seem to me that we are all mothers and fathers of children less fortunate, even though they are not born of us, that none-the-less makes does not have to make us any less connected on this small blue planet we all share together.

          All we need to do is reach out and connect, and when we do, we too become connected with the whole, with humanity, theirs and ours.

          Isn't that what Michelangelo painted in the Sistine Chapel, The creation of Adam, man reaching out and connecting with God.

          Maybe there's a lesson there :)
      • Feb 5 2014: Steven,

        Indeed, learning can make a good be even better AND transform a mistake into an insight... BUT its a bad idea to think that we need a bad idea to learn a good lesson for one can learn a good lesson from a good idea one follow-through and accomplished.

        I would rather stand before God, and say "I did it AND succeeded, I am grateful for the opportunity to do and learn. All of this which happened helped me and others understand why, how, when, with whom, in which ways... "

        People too often think failure is a good thing, because SOME MANAGE (if they want it) to learn from it, humility, courage, determination. Do notice that the good thing stems from managing to learn humility, courage, determination... which one could manage to learn in multiple ways; some of them rather good ways! I do understand the notion of taking whatever happened (bad, good somewhere in between) and transforming it into something worthwhile. it is just that I see a bad idea as a bad idea and a good one as a good one; for this helps me keep things simple :-).

        I agree 'Too often people think they need other permission..' to help others when in actuality one can just help them and giving them the opportunities normally only afforded with wealth. The thing is that some will only value the help or accept it when they choose to pay for it. I have run across individuals who would rather negate and devalue the help than accept and appreciate it; especially when the help exposes something some would rather remain unexposed. Kind of like the ruler without clothes fable: some would rather pretend to see than acknowledge they just don't see it. It would seem to me that we are all siblings on this small blue planet we share. It would seem we ought learn from each other and help each other lear from the unique contributions and gifts each holds while finding ways to enrich and benefit each other and the place.

        I appreciated the comment of 'hoarding it' for it links into another conversation
        • Feb 8 2014: I would rather stand before God, and say "I did it AND succeeded, I am grateful for the opportunity to do and learn. All of this which happened helped me and others understand why, how, when, with whom, in which ways... "

          You know I think God would be okay with you saying "i did it but I FAILED, yet I am grateful for the opportunity to do and learn. All of this which happened helped me and others understand why, how, when, with whom, in which ways... "

          Because at least he knows - you tried.
      • Feb 8 2014: Steven,

        Indeed I think God would know what each did, what happened and a bunch of other stuff... independent of what we actually say...

        I was just saying that I would rather stand before God having succeeded than having failed... either way maybe the important things is to do certain stuff and learn from it so that one can be grateful for the opportunity to do and learn certain stuff. while recognizing how all of this helps one and others understand why, how, when, with whom, in which ways...
        • Feb 10 2014: Esteban,

          I posted that it matters not if you succeed or fail...

          For one simple reason, and that not related to your preference, it's related to if anyone else reads this. Too often people dont try because they think they will fail. And they need to realize that neither outcome matter, because both are beyond your control.

          What I'm saying is, it matters not the outcome, the value is in journey you take.
      • Feb 10 2014: Steven,

        What I am saying is that I rather have a journey that is valued and successful; that people ought to 'act' because they may always learn from it and who knows may even somehow succeed!

        if anyone reads this they can choose between the two story lines:
        1- it matters not the outcome, the value is in journey you take
        2- the outcome obtained and the journey you take both have value

        Of course the understanding and insights gotten from the journey (the learning) can suffice to justify the adventure, and succeeding is an additional bonus obtained by some.

        To me it's self evident that it does matter if one succeed or fail...I would rather succeed ...
        To me it's also evident that regardless of what happens one can learn... and the value be in what one learns with or without the journey, achieving or not the destination.

        Too often people think they will fail, that what happens is beyond their control and thus choose to do nothing. and fail because they failed to act and influence what would happen. And they need to realize that their contributions do matter and influence what happens. A simple act may be the tipping point for the outcome matter! Granted some stuff is beyond your control though some stuff is within your control!

        What I'm saying is, it DOES matters what each chooses to do (and not do)! What each chooses to think/feel/act/ and how they do these things the attitude each has, the framing one uses, the story-lines one holds.

        To me it's evident that the preparation, the implementation, the remembrance and a bit more all be parts of the everlasting journey... and it certainly matters the sites, outcomes, companions, routes, activities experienced.

        Paradoxically if it where true that 'it matters not' then why keep repeating 'it matters not' rather than just agreeing that it does matter ?
        • Feb 11 2014: Well I say this about the outcome, a wise man can learn - from either outcome, therefore both can and do have value. If both can then realistically all one can speak of is a 'preference' of what one wishes an outcome to be, not value.

          Further how do you know what you wanted to achieve, but didn't, was not the journey that is the one you were destined to take? That the road that perceived failure takes you down is not the one you were meant to be on in the first place?

          Further it too it's self-evident that any outcome is really just a precursor to another journey, irrespective of the previous outcome, and so each story is written as we march inexorably thru life.

          Intrinsically neither path is right or wrong, just a path. But as people get older society teaches them not to stray off a certain path, generally thru fear and to accept that others define what you believe to be your goals - what you believe is success. Which is also reflected in adults vs children, one fears and is constrained to stay within the path of the shape when coloring in using crayons, the other is not. One is free of constrains and others perceptions the other is not.

          Fear, age and societal norms all play a part in your perception, your wants and needs, your opinions of success, to realize that is to understand that, and when you do - only then you too can find the true you. But to be honest, that's not for everyone, for many it's an easier choice to let others make the decisions for you, to define your preconceptions of what success and failure is, that's what advertising agencies do, and they do it well... see Dan Ariely talks here on TED.

          But i think we digress too far from the origins of the question, into the realms of the less traveled roads of philosophy, best left for another time and place and conversation.
      • Feb 11 2014: Steven,

        I have learned something in this particular back an forth: succinctly put the value is on the learning some prefer this outcome some prefer that outcome. if we see the words individuals use as indicative of what individuals 'prefer' ... what would each say?

        Indeed "any outcome is really just a precursor to another journey, irrespective of the previous outcome, and so each story is written as we march inexorably thru life". I have to wonder it that be self-evident to some individuals who carry their past experiences into preset and future expectations, especially when their conception of today is based on the outcomes of yesterday; rather than based on what be; or what will be.

        Intrinsically there are different paths: some better than others, some much much better than others. That some can take a bad bath (path) and manage to learn something good from it (say not go down that way) hardly changes the intrinsic value of the path. I also realize that some can take a good bath (path) and manage to learn something bad from it. I just realized that 'bath' and 'path' are only a dyslexic letter away. meant to say path and then wrote bath and ended liking them both!

        Indeed as people get older people learn to stray within a certain path, because they learn certain ways to deal with what what 'society' teaches them. Many learn to give the answer that 'the teacher wants to hear', rather than get into a scrimmage with 'the authority' over what be, especially if to them one answer or the other answer be the same thing: an answer to get scored by 'the other' to get approved or rejected. Some have learned to say a- what the other thinks and wants, rather than what happens to be.

        adults vs children be free of constrains and bound by constrains when they color and write.

        In a way you argue*: others define what you believe to be and thats wrong
        where as I posit: each defines what they believe - be it like others believe or based on what be

        * argue posit same?!
  • Feb 3 2014: After working in the educational field for a short while , i was horrified at the cost of school courses, and the 1 trillion+ that people in the US alone are in debt in terms of educational expenses. For many others, in less fortunate countries the debt option is not even viable, they basically go without education, and the opportunity it affords.

    Yet we have the technology - a distributed technology that can save people from this per-ditigal dilemma of distribution and costs. The internet.

    So I set up a site, not hard when you grab a few friends, talked to people and companies to give education resources, use the internet itself to popularize the site, and bingo, those that had no opportunity or face debt now can access it for free. We don't care what country people come from, all are welcome.

    I'm NOT here to advertise it, I'm not going to, that's not the goal. --- What is the goal? - To tell you that it can be a very simple proposition and not one that takes a lot of effort. Too often people think, oh man that's beyond what I can do,well ifyou share it around with your friends or acquaintances, it becomes significantly easier. I hope you see the simplicity of what we've done, and how just a little can go a long way specially for the people that have no existing choices.

    You know, life can be so much easier when you give a helping hand, and maybe if you need help some can hopefully help you too. If we all do that, I think we all can make significant improvement on the quality of life, without waiting for government or god to do - what's within our power to do.

    I too hope it inspires you to try too.
  • Feb 3 2014: Taki Eddine Bin Rabah. Thank you very much for your Thumb!!
  • thumb
    Feb 3 2014: I think sadly, many people don't contribute to the world. In modern society, so many people have so many things on their mind: shopping lists; emails; money; relationships; etc. That it is not a priority to do something to improve the world. In most cases, it is the government that instills the infrastructure to be 'good' - recycling or soup kitchens for example - but many people don't think to do these things. It's sad, but I think true.
    • Feb 3 2014: Many thanks Emily for your contribution I completely agree with you but I Think from the group we call "People" we can differentiate the good from the bad. So we can learn and extract the best and refuse the evil. Sometimes I think life was tought as kind of a radio battery with a positve pole and a negative pole. There are those who choose to be on the positive side, and others int the negative but without both poles, the radio doesn´t work, you just have to know in which part want to be.
  • Feb 3 2014: Many thanks Esteban for your Thumb.
  • thumb
    Feb 3 2014: About 10 years ago, Paleontologist Richard Leakey visited Stony Brooks University. NY.

    I attended to see one of the most remarkable individuals of our time and to listen to his unforgettable lecture.

    He started with a story about his trip to London when he needed to replace his artificial limbs (Leakey lost his both legs after his plane crash in 1995.) In London he was crossing a busy street but one of his prosthesis leg broke. It was a rainy evening.

    Leakey could not get up on his own and somehow crawled to the sidewalk. It was an upscale area of London, where he was laying on a sidewalk under the rain, without any help - for over an hour. Well dressed and preoccupied with their own business people were ignoring him. They thought that man must be drunk, Leakey was guessing. After some time a real beggar helped him to get to the phone booth to make an emergency call.

    Then suddenly Leakey has pointed onto an image of the prehistoric skull of a very young man, displayed on the screen. Leakey then told a different story - this prehistoric skull had a horrific head injury but the injury was healed. Leakey explained that it was no possibility for a young injured man to survive even for a few minutes on his own.

    That young man was rescued, taken to a safe place, fed and even cured.

    The comparison that Leakey made was devastating: Postmodern London - and prehistoric African wilderness.

    Students were "amused" reacting on Leakey's witty words, laughing and gigling during this lecture.

    I cried - feeling desperate..
    • Feb 3 2014: Many thanks Vera for so "Human Story" I´have seen two similar cases one of a person collapsed on a subway staircase and the second a road accidente before which no one stopped but that is a constant in every country, in every city. The spirit of this conversation in TED mainly aims at exchanging experiences and attitudes to try to differentiate ourselves from barbarism and I think everyone here is united for the same goal. It is a matter of personal attitude. You are always welcome.
      • thumb
        Feb 3 2014: Thanks for your questions, and for reading my story, Paco.
        • Feb 3 2014: Many thanks to you Vera for your nice contribution you are always welcome
  • Feb 2 2014: Fritzie. Further to my last post, I see now why you wanted more information about my view of conditional giving. My last paragraph was to do with being fit to give, i.e in a sound enough mind and body to give. Thinking about that further, there may not be any such concept as completely unconditional giving where we are involved. The human animal has the ability to modify it's surroundings to the point that it is partly separated from the natural laws i.e weather, soil type, water supply etc. All of the above can be manipulated / overcome through our intervention eg regarding food. If that is the case and we can isolate our needs then nature will always give conditionally as we will not be inclusive in the natural order on a certain level to be subject to the whims of nature i.e we will not necessarily die off in the same circumstances that would have killed stone age people as their reliance on nature would be greater. That would still depend on that separation being sustainable though, What is your view?
  • Feb 2 2014: Yes, I have done something by trying to keep the English language accurate. To that end;

    If so. Could you explain?

    Should be corrected to;

    If so, could you explain?

    In fact even this is not correct but perhaps close enough for a foreigner for now.
    • Feb 3 2014: Pete,

      Please explain to what post one ought to associate your response...
      • Feb 3 2014: Hi Peter. If what you mean is that the level of English is inappropriate in this conversation. I would tell you that: foreign people here we (all) are trying to do our best to translate as best as we can, feelings, attitudes and emotions. and that is not easy Apart of that, in we (foreigners) exist the will to communicate by removing language barriers by adapting to you. If the quality of the communication is not enough good, the general results of this conversation indeed are, so many thanks for your intervention and I am sure foreigners will try to do the best we can.
        • thumb
          Feb 3 2014: Hi, Paco.
          Surely, we do our best.
          Firmly, our wishes to improve our English and our communication
          Rightly our best willings for all TED members and participants.
          And we're grateful to all them.
        • thumb
          Feb 3 2014: We are ALL "foreigners" to each other on TED.
  • Feb 2 2014: Hello fritzie. I have just watched the film about acumen and saying yes to every person that asked for something. I find it very interesting to give or to offer to give something (time, money, goods, food , water, shelter etc) to someone who is perceived as not needing a certain resource, commodity etc. I suppose that most people would not think about giving if there was not a perceived need on the part of the giver and without input from the potential receiver..However, I suppose it depends on what the potential giver perceives as valuable in general and specific terms. I have very little in the way of money, infact i look to give as much as possible to causes I believe could do with it as I believe the monetary system to be parasitic in its acceptance of the use of interest (usury) therefore do not look to have savings as a rule and especially savings that would attract interest. You could say that I could put any money I may receive into a savings account that pays interest and then pass the interest figure on to a charity in the form of a donation, however I believe that would be putting someone else in debt through the interest that would need to be paid on the money lent from the amount deposited. I would rather not promote debt at source or any other way as I would then be a significant part of the system and I see that as an example of the conditional giving that most people seem to see as an acceptable part of life. I understand that I may have to use / put aside money at some point eg for dental treatment,funeral expenses and the like. If it is possible for me to accomplish such needs without money I would rather do so, However I would not look to gain an advantage by eg offering my time at an undertakers for that reason as again that would be giving conditionally. I believe that to give myself freely I have to have an awareness of my own survival needs. Therefore it would make sense that to give to others I must first feel fit to give.
  • Feb 2 2014: Many thanks Uba for yor thumb and... I Thank you with a smile!! Be Happy!
  • Feb 2 2014: Thank you very much, Fritzie for your Thumb. I am very happy to have you here. See you around!
  • Feb 2 2014: Many thaks Medini Pradhan for your Thumb, I am very honored. All the best.
  • Feb 2 2014: Many thanks Deepak. I enjoyed your story. People of all ages feel the need to commicate with others, the concept of friendship has evolved from having friends in your neigborhood to have them scattered around the world and this is achieved trough internet by establishing friendships online I think that is very good because biases are knock down; color, race, religion, social status are no longer relevant to prioritize intelligence, solidarity and consequently all this leads to a good friendship.
    The problem in fact is the platform Personally I am not much of Facebook because I may be an open book, but only to certain people. the story you tell comes to announce a lack of options for those who seek some different. This world would improve through a good communication among its inhabitants That is a litlle what we are doing here thanks to TED. You are always welcome
  • Feb 1 2014: Hi again Esteban. I think each person discovers his own self-defense mechanism by himself and if it works informs the rest as if it can help; as drugs (medical) their effetiveness is not guaranteed for everyone.
    About my apology I have the habit of answeing everything immediately and when I can´t do it I like explain why. Simply is a matter of personality.
    • Feb 1 2014: Indeed... was sharing a mechanism that works for me hoping you and others may find it useful ... and something wonderful happened in the process... I got to refine the mechanism a bit...

      In regards to having the habit of answeing everything immediately and when one can´t do it explain why ... I find it wonderful... and from reading what you said I would venture to say you value and appreciate having such a way ... my invitation was to drop the sorriness ... in principle we each do the best we can... I think you meant to say something along the lines of I wished I could had responded earlier had I had the time to do it...

      From an energetic constructive point of view ... which would you rather pick:
      - I am grateful to now have the opportunity to respond ... because ...
      - I am sorry that until now I had the opportunity to respond... but...

      My questioning about the judgement call of lateness was also along the lines of which story line would you rather cultivate... Personally I just consider that you respond when you respond if you choose to respond and can respond...

      I hope you and others perceive this more as a general observation rather than a personalized issue... in other words consider the particular example as an instance of something with far reaching repercussions... each instance we choose to pick a perfume that smells nice (gratefulness) or smells not nice (sorrowfulness) ... our being will irradiate it... and permeate everything we do... In a way its evident to me that you pick niceness regardless of the actual 'sorriness word that crept in there'. My intent here is to show you and others something to improve the world... which involves the words/thoughts/ideas/stories employed... If we can choose either option Then why use this one rather than that one... the difference is great....

      I hope you see how I thread in some of the words and ideas you expressed earlier... and I hope you appreciate me doing this...

      Be well now and always...
  • Feb 1 2014: Maybe yes. Built a social network that will make people more familiar with each other. How?

    Here's the story of Ajay, a guy who was looking to make new friends online but due to some limitations, Facebook couldn't be of much help. Let's find out how-

    1) Ajay had a bad day. He just left home and moved to a new place where there were not many people knowing him personally.

    2) He uses Facebook on regular basis but it doesn't allow him to make new friends. He sends new people living nearby friend requests but most get turned down with reason "we don't know you".

    3) He stays home, kind of guy who doesn't go out much and prefers spending time on Internet.

    4) Now, he's desperately feeling the need of making new friends who he can hang out with and no existing social networks or at least none that he could think of would let him spend some time with strangers. He's stuck.

    5) Facebook allows to connect with friends while Frendsdom helps you make new friends and stay connected with them in fun way. It is the situations like these that forced development of this website i.e. "How to allow people to expand their world".

    6) Back home Ajay got online and made the changes he was told would transform his social life.

    7) Now Ajay has so many people knowing him from all around the world.

    8) He knows what it is like to be at Opera House at the time of new year. Thanks to one of the friends he found from Australia. He knows how cold it can get in Canada. He just gets to know more about exotic people and expand his world. Some of the people he met on Frendsdom are going to make a visit to India and have also decided to have a meeting with him.

    9) That's how we just have helped Ajay expand his world and make new friends.

    So I guess that's how our product can help people expand their social circle and thus helps this world improve in some ways. In case you want to learn a bit more, here you go-

    Thanks a lot
  • Feb 1 2014: There is mounting evidence that leaving a record of our experiences makes families, along with other groups, work more effectively.“The single most important thing you can do for your family may be the simplest of all: develop a strong family narrative,” wrote Bruce Feiler in a New York Times article.

    Personal historians believe that the story of every person, family, community and organization is valuable and should be recorded and shared. We help people develop and share their stories of resilience, compassion, and lessons learned. By doing so, we improve this world.

    My personal role has been to help grow the Association of Personal Historians, (, a trade association that provides professional development for the world's personal historians. I currently serve as the organization's president (2012-2015) and have spent an additional 6 or so years in other board positions.

    I am a freelance writer who makes approximately 1/2 my living as a personal historian, coaching individuals in the art and craft of writing about their lives. Compared to the other half of my work, writing for businesses, I feel that my work as a personal historian allows me to feel that I am personally and professionally involved in improving this world.

    Never doubt the power of story to move the human heart.
    • Feb 1 2014: Sarah,

      Indeed 'the power of story to move the human heart'... the vital role stories told have ways of transforming the world... and thus the importance of telling good stories... through and with witch to improve.
    • Feb 1 2014: Many thanks Sarah. I agree with you and with Bruce Feiler´s article. I would say that the stories on family sagas are of great interes, even narrated in both films and books have shown a great acceptance usually because they are stories of overcoming both individually and collectively and the best of all, these stories tell us how the objectives were achieved (or not achieved) but always lessosn of pure humanity.
  • Feb 1 2014: Paco,

    The Webster's definition of aspirations is "a strong desire to achieve something high or great." Anything that falls within that definition is what I encourage, inspire and communicate.

    I am a trainer and a coach (trained) and work independently with a variety of clients, mostly in Northern California but also work in the western U.S. My company info can be found at

    It is not difficult to deal with adults. I tell them very clearly what I expect and what is possible for them as they participate in the program. If they are not meeting expectations I engage in a coaching session to determine what is stopping them. If they continue to not meet expectations they are withdrawn from the program, if the team (the other participants) concur.

    Those who participate in all of the mandatory sessions and other requirements receive a "certificate of graduation" at the end of the year. If they miss mandatory training they receive a "certificate of participation" at the end of the year and are allowed to upgrade to a graduation certificate by making up the missed session the following year.

    We usually have 60% women and 40% men. We have participants from various ethnic and racial backgrounds including: African-American, Hispanic, Asian, & Caucasian. You can read more about the program by visiting
    • Feb 1 2014: Many thanks for your contribution Sherry. I fully agree with the Webster´s definition and very interesting the fact that people regardless of age needs to keep learning and excelling, many things that you (all) are exposing in this conversation are beyond the expectation that we (participants) had at the beginning. Information such as that you provide us as well as your experience doesn´t need farther expansion. Many thanks for the links. I hope this serve as information and aid for all of us.
  • Feb 1 2014: Hi Esteban I have just read the story of the wolves. That story would remain forever in my memory and from here I recommend that reading to the participants.
    You say you wonder how each could expressed what they desire to state using only positive notions.
    I´ll tell you that sometimes when I wake up I look like an empty bottle I can fill me with perfume or with dirty water, if I choose the perfume (positive) I´ll try to block the negative and even my face will irradiate, but... if I choose the dirty water (negative) I will be grumpy all the day and my face will be dark, my aura also blackish and people will notice. You can use. Either option is free but the difference is great.
    • Feb 1 2014: Paco,

      I think you will appreciate and understand what I am about to express better than some...

      I created a shield to block the negative... it was impermeable strong and effective ...
      then I realized that the shield blocked everything ...
      ... so, I modified it to be permeable to allow only good through...
      then I realized that a better shield would involve a forcefield that transformed everything that passed through it to be good... I write now I think of an even better shield, one that can serve to encapsulate others and stuff.

      To use your metaphor the dirty water can be placed into a container that filters it out and even transforms the heavy metals into useful building block substances ... rather than blocking a punch and getting into the fight... one can direct it in a gentle manner and use it within the graceful dance one prefers and move with it...

      BTW the bottle/glass/cup is always full! Neither the optimist nor the pessimists recognizes the full truth of the matter with their assertions... the realists does - full of what now there resides the great difference... I think you know that sometimes to learn something new one has to empty the cup when the truth of the matter is one has to fill it with just the correct notions.... which may involve turning it upside down and allowing some contents to flow out and others to flow in...

      OBTW, Why did you choose to be sorry and jude your reply as being late? I am glad you replayed when you did as you did... Understanding that sometimes we have other matters to attend to...
  • Feb 1 2014: Many Thanks Esteban for the thumb an your valuable contribution and support to this conversation. Sorry my late reply. Saturday in households is a complicated busy day.
  • Feb 1 2014: Thank you for your reply. I know we can't help them all but, while talking to them you can if we really listen to what they are trying to say, we can hear the internal cry, for I would like to do something awesome in life, I think that we can tell the one's that have been living a life that is not full and wanting more out of life. There are so many that don't care about anything but themselves and can't or wont listen to anyone but what they want. the world has taught people to say not me. It's say to say this but we know that we live in a me world not a we can world.
    • Feb 1 2014: Ideas worth spreading ...
      -Thank you for your reply.
      - help them all
      - talking to them you can if we really listen to what they are trying to say,
      - we can hear the internal (call), for I would like to do something awesome in life,
      - I think that we can tell the one's that have been living a life that
      ... the world has taught people to say not me. It's say to say this but we know that we live in a me world not a we can world...

      me can live in a world that is a me and we can world... where there are so many that care about everything from themselves all the way to those who will come latter on into the future... can and will listen to everyone that wants, would like to and will do something awesome in life... in a way that why we are here for...

      Smile, and share that awesome experience of wonderful lives... as we live and help live
    • Feb 1 2014: Hi Gene very nice to have you round here. I will make only a brief comment to your intervention. You know in religion there is a proverb that says more or les: God helps those that allow it. So as you are not God, Do your best because neither the prophets convince everyone, it is life and not you who will rate. All the best and happy weekend.
  • Jan 31 2014: Yes, I was one of those kids in school that was told I had learning problem and i was retarded throughout my school years,I struggled and not knowing why until i was much older, Having been told that I had dyslexia. most of my teacher told me I would not a mount to nothing in life. But by the grace of God, I served 6 years as an Army Ranger, 4 Years as a Fireman. Taught in a privet school. I have build many houses, Have taught myself how to repair watches and now I teach it. I can do anything I put my mind to. even though I had a poor education and still struggle with spelling. I think I have come a long ways from what I was told as a child. God has given all of us gifts that others don't have. we just need to find out that they are. Thanks for this web site it's great to see people care. May the Lord bless you and your work.
  • thumb
    Jan 31 2014: I believe in connecting the dots and that's how I contribute my bit to improve this world. I believe, networking plays a very important role in one's life as that is one of the ways to interact and brainstorm and build up something constructive.
    • Jan 31 2014: Many thanks Harsh You are right, Internet allows us to stay connected and multiculturally express our ideas, If your job wouldn´t exist I could not be here neither this debate. Thank you very much for being here,
  • Jan 31 2014: Thank you Hannan and be The peace of God with you.
  • thumb
    Jan 31 2014: Dear Paco,
    Pleasure is mine. Thanks for appreciating and wishing. God Bless.
  • Jan 31 2014: Dear Esteban. You are welcome here whenever you want. I meant this can not become a duel or a verbal tennis match between two participants.because that undermines the whole conversation and therefore moves away the general attention from the main topic.I regret any misunderstanding. I hope to hear from you soon.
    • Jan 31 2014: Paco,

      Thanks for the clarification... I sort of wanted to play an ideological bouncing ball game where everyone jumped in and participated ... though it seemed most just wanted to play a different kind of game... consider that this 'dialogue' itself involves doing something in life to improve this world? I certainly could explain, though would like you or someone else to do it ... I wonder how to pass the ball so someone else and get them engaged into expanding this back and froth ... I am certain they can contribute to make a better world likely by engaging in this conversation...

      Some already are doing it without realizing it... for example Gene Atchinson made a contribution I found rather useful... I just wonder if it could be expressed using only positive notions... that goes for what you said too... I mean this ought to be an opportunity to enrich the whole conversation by moving towards the main topic the general attention of individuals...
      • Jan 31 2014: Hi Esteban. You´re welcome. Well I think I am participating just now in your bouncing ball game. This dialogue itself involves an interest for knowing and express what participants do in their opinion to improve the world, we have a range from the most simple things as giving lessons in gardening to build a bridge. Participants are happy to express themselves, sometimes briefly, others widely but they always express something tangible and think they don´t need greater depth.
        This conversation itself does not pretend to make the world better, but to know how each one contributes and to what extent.
        Even United Nations fail to improve the world, we in this conversation are more humble and everyone contribute with a grain of sand which means good will and desire to do something by explainig to others what is important to them.
        As for me personally I explained which was my contribution including proposing this conversation and devote my time by responding to each participant in the best way that I can.
        • Jan 31 2014: Paco et all

          I am going to send back the ball with a bit of a positive spin ... I learned that the way to change the whole involves doing something simple and tangible, which anyone can choose to do at any instant ... all that one has to do is change something themselves! When I change myself, I have changed the whole. In fact even changing a grain of sand within a thought one holds can change the whole...

          As you stated : This dialogue itself involves an interest for knowing and express what participants do in their opinion to improve the world,

          This dialogue ALSO involves an opportunity to do something that changes the world... and each of us chooses in which direction to send the ball. Recognizing that we have it within us to make the world better and influence what happens this way or that way can be a humbling experience.

          As you said: good will and desire to do something by explainig to others what is important to them.

          Something I find important centers on cultivating good stories ... good empowering respectful stories. I find that through them we can transform what happens and enrich it... one way or the other way... that is why I sometimes (many times) will present an alternative or will ask did you really want to feed that beast rather than this beast... ( I assume everyone here has read the two wolf story( ).

          Every step in the right direction is an important step... sometimes just the intention can make things better.

          I wonder how each could expressed what they desire to state using only positive notions... that goes for what everyone states. I mean this ought to be an opportunity to enrich the whole conversation by moving towards the main topic using inspiring words and ideas...
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    Jan 30 2014: sometimes it's what people don't do that makes the world a better place.

    me, i play guitar and sing.
    • Jan 30 2014: Very smart your reasoning, Scott; in so few words is impossible to say so much.. In my opinion your sentence deserves to be included in a quotes book, Regarding playing guitar and sing. Any special style? folk maybe?. Thank you for being here.
      • thumb
        Jan 30 2014: i play acoustic rhythm guitar so folk goes well with that combination. although i'm hesitant about mixing politics and music, i think the folk movement gave an important voice to those opposing a rather draconian government at the the time (Americanly speaking).

        i think a pop song is the perfect vehicle for expression - namely poetry in a very accessible form.

        while there is a lot of rubbish on the pop charts (my opinion) there is and have been some incredible combinations of lyric and melody - 1967 seems to be an important year to my taste in music. so many great bands and great songs.

        i'll admit, that performing is a selfish act in that I really enjoy it and, although i try to adjust to suit most audiences, every now and then, i do it for myself.

        music is a wonderful thing that seems to be universal and ingrained in human experience.

        there's no money it. that's a huge part of it's attraction
        • Jan 30 2014: Hi scott I am very fond of american music. I agree with you in what you say 1967 but for me is the frame between 1965 to 1973...4? Maybe I am a nostalgic but I don´t find something comparable at that time. I am very sorry about Pete Seeger death. I stopped to look at the chats long time ago. Surely you know "I need you" by América one of my favorite and very easy to play accoustic. .
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    Jan 30 2014: I think i have provided guidance to many students who were entering their professional life. Luckily i am having a position where i can offer them learning platform so i try my best to accommodate them. I have guided them to find their goal of life first. I urged them to develop vision where they want to be in future. I am happy that many of them are at good positions in their professional lives.
    • Jan 31 2014: Hello Hannan I understand you are kind of teacher or counselor. are you? I would underline a sentence of of your speech. "I try my best to accomadate them" I think that shows a great heart and personality, and of course you seem to be contributing to a better world. Thank you for being here you are always welcome.
      • thumb
        Jan 31 2014: Dear Paco,
        No i am not teacher by profession but to some extent .. yes.. :) I am telecom professional and holds one management position. Since i belong to technical department so many students come to me either for internship or jobs. Some of them join me in between their graduation and some after completing them. Some join me to learn things before entering to telecom market but some of them are confused what they really want to do. So i try my best to use my professional experience and guide them accordingly. I believe that helping people in achieving their goals is our contribution towards better world. :)
        • Jan 31 2014: Hi Hannan I understand.and completely agree. You say: I believe that helping people in achieving their goals is our contribution towards better world. :) It is a great true for me. I really wish you luck with your work, you really are an example to follw, Thanks for bring your experience to this place. All the best!!
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    Jan 30 2014: i think that no one can change the world individually. but he or she need people from same attitude and mentality. only if he can change. At that time he will be a leader. In other sense if we want to change the classroom means, the members of the classroom is going to change. suppose when only one person changed, we cant say the classroom has changed. Because the classroom represents the entire members of the class. not the individuals. Likewise if there is a need to change the world means, the people in this world has to be changed.
    • Jan 30 2014: Many thanks Shihabudheen. Sorry, It is not about to change the world individually it is about the fact of doing something to get a more habitable place, this ranges from building a bridge or just to be kind to the milkman., is when you are determined to be a better person every day. It is not aboung being a leader in your class, is about being your "own" leader and being your only owner. I agree in what you say about we need people from same attitude and mentality. All the best.
  • Jan 30 2014: The penny exercise is a stereoscopic eye exercise. We call it "Penny Power!". In this exercise we use two pennies that when looked at in a specific way, by slightly crossing the eyes, three pennies will form. You can see this demonstrated in either of these videos on You Tube or For parents I have written a step-by-step guide that can be found at They can also contact me directly and I will work with their child over Facetime or Skype. I am located in Elko, Nevada, but I have used Facetime to help children as far away as Australia, and it works very well. Once the system is learned the children as young as 6 years old will complete the eye exercise daily. It only takes about a minute a day. It is fun for them and they will show other students, thus helping them overcome their reading problems as well.
    • Jan 30 2014: I´ve just seen the videos. Really interesting!. Thank you very much again. Your notes are a vauable contribution to this debate. and also a reference for those who might be interested.
  • Jan 30 2014: Many thanks Grailhagh for your contribution. One participant in this debate asked me to define my phrase:" I am animals lover" and I think, the best answer or explanation is the work that you do with them. I think who love animals love the mankind. I agree with you, a person can not change the world by itself, but without realizing the good people do hundreds of little things daily to help it. You´re always welcome!
  • Jan 30 2014: Many thanks Richard. You are always welcome here.
  • Jan 30 2014: Animal lover could be define as a very fond of animals is that what I meant. My real name is Francisco de Asís. He was a Saint very fond of animals too. Perhaps the influence comes from there. So I could tell you what you can learn from animals and the love they can give you but,perhaps, that in other conversation. Howewer I respect your opinion. Animals, as people around you give you joy but also many penalties. Thank you for your contibution. All the best.
  • Jan 30 2014: Yes, though the stories told using an enriching form...
    • Jan 30 2014: Hi Esteban! Could you expand a bit your idea? Sure Your wiew is interesting.
      • Jan 30 2014: Succinctly put when someone tells me I am stubborn I thank them for noticing and complementing me on my determination ... by the same token when someone complement me on my determination I wonder if they are in fact noticing and complementing me on my determination ... or just pointing to 'something' in a nice way.

        Thinking about the stories told using multiple views enables me to form a deeper understanding ... akin to taking two slightly separate flat views and creating a depth perception; which is almost impossible to attain from just one view. The whole is more than the sum of the parts kind of thing... I sort of constantly analyze 'the essences' of what is being said ... and think about the stories told ...

        I still seem to require a better way to share the insights and coproduce the enriched stories in such a way as to catalyze beneficial transformations for each and all. For example I find this conversation enriching and hold your intent well meaning. I also would like to have a better way of pointing out the fact that in essence you induced me to think about 'complains' and 'hostility' along with the rest of your rather excellent invitation... for the record I think you actually intended me to think about good things as I hope everyone consider.

        I do acknowledge that many people do focus on what you mentioned just as I acknowledge that many people also focus on extraordinary acts of kindness... I even consider that you would agree each here ought to find how to improve this world? and followthrough with the appropriate actions to improve it.

        Yes lets each examine individual behaviors and contribution to make a better world... and find ways and forms to make it so. Sometimes the story told can change completely what we perceive taking place... lets ensure that we focus and help everyone focus on the better ways...
    • Jan 30 2014: Many thanks Esteban, I understand. So let´s say here are intervening many people of many nationalities and thus things are seen from the point of view of multicultural exchange of opinions. Neither space nor individual time will allow us a deeper analysis. The whole of what is being said is important for the rest but participants can´t make a study of each review. As you mention: "The whole is more than the sum of the parts" and the sum of the speeches I understand that we will give us a very good result. At the end of the conversation we can draw conclusions. Yes, The individual contributions are being so valuable that actually would require a deeper analysis including why not? yours; due to this talk is open to any participant who can make a particular study or observation, you can and I invite you to speak and intervene freely and make the comments that you consider appropriate on every intervention. Until now the depth of the aswers is marked for the participants themselves. All the best
      • Jan 30 2014: I am puzzled why you said "Neither space nor individual time will allow us a deeper analysis".
        any comment here is sort of an open observation and invitation to speak and intervene freely ... as you sort of mention each ought to make the comments that they consider appropriate on every intervention.

        I agree most contributions here be marked for the participants themselves as expressing what they hold. Few choose to engage in deeper shared analysis ... they could thought based on what they do its evident they choose not to. In a way it applies directly to the question you asked... many could take actions to improve the world, thought based on what they do its evident thy choose not to... the curious thing is that a smile and a frown take about the same amount of energy...

        WHAT have done in your life to improve this world?
        WHAT to do now to improve this moment?
        Think a happy though, smile, and make someone else do these things... when you meet them, while you are with them... as you leave them... heck seek to leave an impression that whenever they think of you they smile... and think happy thoughts /stories and take actions to improve the moment and the world.
        • Jan 30 2014: Thank you Esteban. Let´s in graphic terms. Yow know what a party is. There is the Party itself (My topic) There is a Host, me, and there are the guest or participants. The host welcome guests and care about them, the host assumes that the guests at his party should discuss and interact with each other and the host moderate the party and be with all but it is not his responsibility if the guests don´t tinteract because he respects the way they do, they are (all) honor guests and have responded to his call.. And like in a party who is not comfortable in it, leaves because the site in not what he expected and leave others to behave freely. A proof of the intensity in the debate is our mutual conversation, but I understand this should finish. I am very satisfied with the progress of the party and I welcome everybody. I have not nor I will say another single word. Regards.
      • Jan 30 2014: Paco,

        Like the metaphor you used ... from 'I understand this (our mutual conversation) should finish' I sense a couple of things and think that I better thank you for setting up the party. so thank you. Glad you are satisfied with the progress of the party I have enjoyed our interactions... may mingle with others (or not) ... be well...
  • Jan 30 2014: Issues the world is facing: a) Global Warming - reduce waste and recycle at home and community - intitated this in school) Pollution of plastics - do not use plastics bags, use recycleables only. l educate friends and family. Intend to do further research on the impact of plastics to the environment when i grow c) Open burning - report indidences of open burning to authorities d) Shared good ideas on education reformse) Advocate that education is made available for every one or every childand f) Help fellow class mates in their studies
    • Jan 30 2014: Many thanks for your contribution. Yours are things that are worth imitating and a very good collaboration to this debate. You are always welcome!
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    Jan 29 2014: Paco, I am developing a program of replication of successful projects, such as reforestation, missions, orphanages, among others that have already proven to succeed on this hard line of altruism and charity, as I write I am trying to get in to TED as an speaker of the TED conferences, but if I may... why is the question?, are you doing something in particular you'd like to joinf forces with?
    • Jan 30 2014: Yes my friend for several years I was in Galaxy as you probably know is the U.N. human resources for missions abroad., maybe because of my age or professional profile (mainly organization and commercial) was unsuccesful, -altough- I was really about to form part of a peace mission in Burundi taking care of the control of supplies unsuccesful as my attempt to be a volunteer in The International Red Cross (Geneva). There my c.v. rests for years. At least I tried! Now I support Cáritas España (N:G:O) fightng poverty. If you do a TED conferene i would be very happy to listen beause you and your work seem full of good experiences. Thank you for your contribution
  • Jan 29 2014: As a former teacher and principal I have helped many students and parents over the years. However, nothing has been so rewarding to me and life changing for the people I am working with as this new discovery. Dr. George Manilla is a dyslexic who lives in Elko, NV, a small mining and ranching community in Northeastern Nevada. He has developed a simple non-pharmaceutical system that helps people overcome their dyslexia. For the past year I have been helping him by working with children and training teachers in this system. The results have been amazing! For me, the experience of watching a child learn how to see the words clearly for the first time is nothing short of remarkable. I truly believe that this program can change the world for dyslexics. What is really crazy is that they stereoscopic eye exercise we use as part of the Reading Vision system also helps people with migraine. I recently published a video and step-by-step directions for free at Another interesting fact is that we have worked with children who have other disorders such as autism, and Tourette's, with similar results. This simple system has been life changing for these people, and if we can get our message to others, it could be a positive improvement to the lives of many who struggle with these disorders. For more information go to
    • Jan 29 2014: Personally I believe you make a wonderful work It is a great pleasure for me and for everubody to have you in this debate. I think we all would be very pleased if you would like to tell us some more about your experience.
      • Jan 29 2014: Thanks for this opportunity. I received an email from a special education teacher who is using the Reading Vision system with her students. Two of her students are Autistic. They are in 6th grade. She started working with them last spring and at that time they were very non-social but high intelligence. They would both pace back and forth at recess and not talk to anyone. Since she started working with them she began noticing improvements in their behavior. Within a few weeks the two boys made an appointment to play with each other at recess. When asked how her kids are doing, here is her response:

        We are doing good. It gets challenging this time of year because the LD kids think they can breeze by the penny exercise with little effort. It becomes a race with the next guy. I am trying to stay on top of them.

        I just had a substitute teacher in this morning who subbed in Michael's classroom on Friday. She knows Michael from Grass Valley. He didn't say anything to her all day (she was wondering if he remembered her) but was very good. At the end of the day when it was time to come to my room, he opened his classroom door, turned around, waved and said, "Goodbye Mrs. Young, nice to see you again. I hope I can see you sometime soon." She said, "It just melted by heart."

        Also, I am working with 2 kids on their handwriting. One is producing legible work as compared to the beginning of the year. His teacher came to me last week and said he couldn't believe what an improvement he has made.
        So, thank you for what you do to help kids!!!!

        This teacher sent reading test results to me on her 8 students who have dyslexia. She tested them in September and again in December. 1 student had normal growth, 3 had one years' growth and 4 had two years' growth. These are special education students. This is typical of the children we work with. Amazing results in a short period of time.
        • Jan 30 2014: Very good experiences and very good results. It sounds like you are a great professional. Now: 1 Could you explain to us -what is a penny exercise? 2. What do you think the members of the family can make to help this kids? My sincere Congratulations.
  • Jan 29 2014: Hello Fritzie you´re very kind. Thank you for your thumb. Anyway I am not Mr. Perfect I am full of flaws but if there is a good part is that I know them and fight them. Sure I will enjoy the TED talk. Thank you again for your contribution.
  • Jan 29 2014: Two things:

    The LEARn (latent early-life associated regulation) model of idiopathic neurobiological disorders, wherein genetics and environment are united by explicit, testable mechanisms through a verifiable and testable biochemical maintenance of latency between exposure(s) and manifestation of disorders.

    LEWAS (longitudinal epigen/enviromic-wide association study). This unites genetic and environmental/life history surveys with study of the presence, absence, timing, and severity of a given disorder, thus permitting more complete models of the risk and etiology of complex conditions than are afforded by conventional epidemiology or genetics-only assays.

    I have co-authored several papers on the former, mostly concerned with Alzheimer's, including early-life (childhood) risk factors that contribute to Alzheimer's. I have co-authored only a few papers on the latter.
    • Jan 29 2014: I understand that your contribution is extremely valuable. Humbly I am not at your height to make any kind of consideration except for manifest my gratitude for your explanation and for being here. Best regards
      • Jan 29 2014: Stop that.
        I merely go with my strength, as does anyone else who wants to do some good in the world. Ranking ones contribution vs. others' only leads to conflict.
        • Jan 29 2014: I agree. Thank you very much indeed. If you wish to contribute with something else I´ll be delighted to hear from you.
  • Jan 29 2014: Hello Abdul and nice to meet you. Your is a very constructive and positive contribution, you can not explain better in as few words. Congratulation you are always welcome.
  • Jan 29 2014: Hello Darrell and thanks for your comment. Answering your question I interpret it depends on the tone and the manner of the correction, because nobody in this world have the absolute truth. Anyway to seek the truth in this world seems to want do it for better. All the best
  • Jan 29 2014: Hi Carolyn. Thanks for being here. I am very impressed by your thougths. A person with these principles is not a passive person. To write and publish a book is very difficult and in fact many of which are publised are not worth it, To exchange ideas between us is good for everybody. people do have a tendency to underestimate ourselves and it should not be so, especially, if you think about all the obstacles you have overcome in your life. Possibly you have enriched the lives of fact you´re doing it now from here. So I´d like (and hope) your contributions. All the best
  • Jan 29 2014: I anger a lot of people by providing evidence that many of their closely held beliefs are flat out incorrect.

    Is that making the world better, or worse?
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    • Feb 1 2014: Carolyn,

      I want to hear your singular story... In a way when I read what you wrote I saw myself reflected in your words... I too work on including a third options which takes the dualistic separate views and produces a deeper perspective... kind of like 3D views rather than separate flatland's views ... your mention of "spirituality and justice in lue of plagerism on the aspect of competition" reminded me of an Idea that I like to share... 'Competencias' is a Spanish word that can mean both 'competitions' (winner-looser confrontations) and/or 'abilities' (those who attain a proficiency and can accomplish the task win - the rest are in the learning process of getting it)... I even initiated writing a book where the hero motif would experience it all being both being an insider and outsider and a bit more... the story was a quest for truth; an adventure which involves a journey from the plains to the mountain top with lots of twists and turns on the way. My intent was to have a narrative where the hero confronted many situations and managed to advance a bit further towards the mountain top where truth was waiting for the hero to arrive. At that point I wanted the encounter to bring about an understanding that flowed throughout the stories and leads to an 'oh I now get that and this and everything in-between' leading to a full reconsideration of the whole story. I planed to use a framing what had as a sideline the notion of being 'against the control and power driven group' though it was more like being pro the order stemming from individual actions taken. Explaining how some first submitted to ridiculous form of worship and how some manage to follow better ways... I was to include the ways of being beneficially rich and wealthy so that one can appreciate everything as it ought to be... Leading to active individuals throughout each stage and moment. I was to include self-sutaining memes

      ( )
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    Jan 28 2014: No.

    As Horace Mann said so famously, "be ashamed to die until you have won some victory for humanity." I'm ashamed to say I haven't won any victories for humanity yet. Still working on that.