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What do you think of the US sanctions against SUDAN ??

As some of you might know that there are sanctions agnist sudan by the US , so i need to know if you were a Sudanese what would you do ? Specially if those sanctions affects your life directly .

  • Jan 30 2014: Nothing. I do not think of them at all. In this area, I am the same as the vast majority of Americans.
  • Jan 29 2014: The idea is to get the Sudanese government to get its act together through a form of collective punishment.

    How effective it actually is is debatable, but the general idea is for the common man to push for change, particularly change which would assist the sanction makers.
    Of course, in a place like Sudan that sort of thing sounds pretty dangerous to the common man, and may not be in his best interest at all, but I never said it was fair.