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How would you make a difference with $1 million?

Do you have a big-impact, million-dollar-worthy idea that could spark some sort of real change in the world?

Good, because nominations for the TED Prize are open! As the Prize team makes their way through the thinkers, leaders and dreamers who've already applied, we wanted to hear from the TED community -- what would YOU do with the $1 million TED Prize? Submit your answers here. We'll be collecting some good responses for the TED Blog. And we very much invite you to go beyond this brainstorm and officially nominate a mentor, colleague, friend -- or yourself -- at http://www.ted.com/nominate by Monday, March 31.

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    Jan 28 2014: I would set up a Mr. Father/ International Father of the year contest (either locally or internationally depending on how far a million dollar stretches) where contestants are Fathers and are nominated based on parenting skills, community activity, proactive involvement in enhancing the quality of Fathering/parenting skills etc.
    My reason is that much of the problems we face as a global village stem from poor attention paid to the formative years of a child's life. The tough tasks that teachers face can in many ways be traced to suboptimal parenting and absentee fathers.
    This is not to say that mothers are always perfect, but generally the biological parenting instinct comes more naturally to mothers.
    In this day and age, with the stressful and multifocal waves of change sweeping across family life, it is almost sad to admit that Fatherhood and Fathering needs a bit of a shakeup and some incentivisation.
    I personally see beauty pageants as a complete farce and the sooner we rid ourselves of this vanity stained scourge the better.
    Why not invest the million dollars in creating a new type of beauty contest, one that can help mould our now more constructive aspirations. Fatherhood is a good place to start.

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