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2014 Year of the Advocate: Bohemiare-the art of making art with a social platform for chronic survival, illness or trauma. I'd like from U!

What if disabled, chronically ill or chronic survivors could find a way for their voices to be heard using art as their social platform? Not even so much as them making art themselves but a tangible traveling art exhibition with a cyber-land media campaign where the chronic population, caregivers, family & medical community are invited to express their thoughts?

I did such an informal experiment on my YouTube Channel: KAISERMECFS. For me, I was just trying to survive when the odds seemed against me. In less than two years, over 100k hits from unlimited countries & unlimited languages were responding.

I found that when my art changed drastically after surviving ongoing medical crises, I was afraid for the “real society” to see my new art, as it was so different then my Wild Tiger Conservations days of Exxon & It seemed safe to show it to other sick people.

For the past 7 years, I have continued to make art hidden in my little village in Spoleto, Italy. I researched the changes in other famous artists from prior generations with chronic issues & I learned this transformation had happened to them too!

I have a YouTube video called “2012 My Personal FDA Drug Hearing Testimony Submission for AMPLIGEN & other drugs” to give you an idea of art & a social platform.

I’d like hear thoughts from you guys. I am now in the process of forming a nonprofit and I like to hear your thoughts. I am still in the early stages. Francesca

BOHEMIARE… The art of making art with a social platform®