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Are you truly living life with a purpose?

I have realized that my life's purpose is to help others live out their purpose.

I was speaking in my old business course at Full Sail University in Orlando Florida when the strangest thing happened.

I took a day off from my part time job (and my only job at the moment) to come in to this classroom to speak to these bright eyed and bushy tailed students.

I spoke about what does it mean to live out your goals and dreams, the importance of networking, and what I have been through in my life. Losing my mother to breast cancer and then not having a father figure present.

Well, the presentation was great until I started crying. Yes, at the end of the presentation I was in tears. I got to the portion of my speech/lecture where I was talking about giving back. And I spoke on how my small business just established a scholarship program for low income and minority based students. I also spoke on how I never want to see another kid in debt again if that is humanly possible.

And I just went into tears. I couldn't get the words at. The passion took over me and it was a beautiful and embarrassing feeling, but I am happy it happened.

I told the kids that I came back to speak to them in their classroom because I wished there were more people who would have done it for me while I was in college. Yeah, of course there is always a few guest lecturers but sometimes it was merely a business trip, or maybe the person was doing a tour. Nonetheless, my purpose was to sit there for about an hour and talk about how to truly find your purpose.

Then it hit me! This is what I want to do. I want to use my life, my business, my words, and my actions to help others pursue their purpose. To live out their dreams, and the things that are truly on their hearts.

Does anyone else feel like this? Are you living out your purpose in life? I would love to hear how you all are doing so. And if not...what is holding you back?

  • Feb 8 2014: Alex
    Your remark of how you never want to see another kid in debt again if that is humanly possible.
    Is a goal that can be attained by you. Seems like you already have started. A noble purpose.

    One of my purposes in life is to inform yourself and others about the ills of our US Government.

    Today the Government tries to enslave our youths with educational debts, or send them to Wars
    where they are educated to kill and maim, or provide fodder for politically designated enemies.
    Enemies who are at the very bottom levels of economic stability. Since Germany in WW2,
    the US Government never has fought anyone at or near the top of the world's economic scales.
    63+ armed conflicts against the broke and broken down. And then we didn't win them all.

    Try a little research in this area.
    The newest Economic rating charts and Warring Enemy charts are but a Google away.
    The nice thing about history. You really can't hide it. Although, there is an ex-CIA Employee
    who has written (for classrooms?) a World History from 1760 forward. Interesting, huh?

    Just tidbits to muse upon...
  • Feb 5 2014: Who knows? you do what you consider is best and hope.
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    Feb 3 2014: You will find many, many people share this purpose of helping others in this way. both informally alongside other things they do and as a central focus of their work. Parents, teachers, close friends, spiritual leaders, life coaches, many authors and motivational speakers...

    You have lots of company!
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    Feb 3 2014: I feel you. After accomplishing all I set out to do in life, published a book about it.
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      Feb 3 2014: Make sure you come back and share that book with us when you do!
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        Feb 4 2014: Hmmm, seems someone deleted the link to my book. You can find it at my profile.
        Great to read your story of helping others. Also checked out your website, nice setup with music player. Inspiring words about making mistakes.
        I think school system influences goals and dreams without considering bigger picture of United States situation.
        Instead, maybe focusing on strengthening aspects common to everyone is more universal. Your blog post about making mistakes seemed to do this, because we all make mistakes.
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          Feb 4 2014: One of the TED Conversations terms of use relates to self-promotion. As you might imagine, when a forum is free, it can get a lot of people trying to use it as a platform to publicize their self-published books, blogs, business interests, and so forth.

          The link might have been bumped automatically by a filter. You can link such things in your profile as you have. I think it is charming that your dad wrote you such a loving review.