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Is homeschooling better than public school with the right programs and teaching methods that encourage learning?

In this time, where all education in America is becoming "standardized" and more emphasis is put on grades than learning, would pulling the student out from the school be a better decision than keeping him in on public school?


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    Jan 30 2014: Its all about priorities. If you are "social" you will have to follow the social norms. You cannot avoid these being "social". You will have to either choose between the "right" and society or you must consider the society is going on right path. What humen are most oppressed of? Society! If you do not care "much" of what other people might think about you whether you are infront of them or you hear them at you back, everything you can do by yourself is the best. Why we just throw our children into someone else's lap? a teacher? we don't even know him/her. Sometimes not even the name. We do not know his/her past, mental approach, tendency towards morality and religious/social/human values. And you let him/her shape the future of your child? Why don't you? because you don't' have time? where is your time? earning? and then you give that earning to that school that has that teacher, don't know good or bad? If you skip that earning and you won't have to pay that. Simple!

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