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The TED Community Should Build a City for the Future.

This community is made up some the most wonderful people this planet has to offer and I think we need to leverage this better. What I am proposing is taking all this community has to offer and building the future with it. No country, No city is perfect nor could even this community achieve such a illusory concept, but by comparison to what currently exists I know we can do better. We discuss the changes that need to be made to government, education, healthcare, infrastructure as well as the difficulties in making them, all the time. So why not start fresh and build it better from the start. With such an enormous pool of talented designers, educators, investors and leaders all focused on the common good we could create a city in which people want to live and work. We could also use it as a testing ground for new ideas that require the complexity of a city allowing us to try things others can't or won't. With the ability to govern ourselves we could really analyze what works and what doesn't without bureaucracy and closed minds holding us back. One of the most powerful and diverse tools our species has created is the vary internet which has allowed this and many other communities to flourish. I think it is time we use it to overcome some of our greatest failures as a species and it starts with a real world physical hub of progress. A sanctuary for rational people in an often violently irrational world. This is a daunting project, but far from impossible. Once the city is build, is when it gets really complicated. I trust we can handle it together. There will certainly be no shortage of people seeking citizenship. With the knowledge I gained from two years of architectural school and many more spent on observation and research, I dare say I could design the bones of such a city myself, but what the TED community could build would surely make "My City" pale in comparison to "Our City". Lets claim the future of cities for those who will live in them.


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    Jan 26 2014: Great idea Sklar! Welcome to TED conversations:>)
    Where is our city going to be located?
    • Jan 27 2014: Thank you for your kind welcome Collen. I was thinking a site that meets at least these three criteria. First and foremost somewhere relatively safe/stable ie. not a hostile region by the measure of both it's political and geological environment. Next the location also needs to allow for growth of the city aka not tightly surrounded on all sides by our neighbors at all times or at least the ability to build both toward the sky as well as underground. Lastly the ability to self govern enough to to be able to try out new concepts, make adjustments and get rid of laws etc. that don't work for us. A remote island claimed by no man perhaps or inside a mountain. Maybe, in the tree tops of a lush forest. Possibly even under the ice of an arctic wonderland. Selecting the site will be a group project and require research. I am not the decision maker. This project will require many minds working together.
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        Jan 29 2014: Sklar,
        Have you ever read the book "Walden", by Henry David Thoreau? Your idea reminds me of it, even though you are speaking of a city, while Walden was about living separately, simply, sustainably. I think some of the same characteristics might apply for members of the type of community you speak of.


        Honestly, right now I am not in favor of an icy arctic wonderland, because it feels like that right here and now, with extreme cold and ice storms. Although I am content, because I know I cannot change the weather patterns, it is not my preference:>)
        • Jan 29 2014: Thanks for your recommendation. Do you know of a natural sounding text to speech program? I really don't read as much as I should. I actually have an aversion to reading more than little chunks at a time. I have mild dyslexia and astigmatism the combination of these have it so I can't speed read because my eyes don't want to focus fast enough but that's alright because I can still read while they are fuzzy but throw in the dyslexia and I end up either reading very slowly or having to reread sections. Not to mention the headaches. I have however started to get into audiobooks a little in recent years. I am not a fan of the cold either but it wouldn't be cold in the city itself just above it on the surface. It's not my first pick but think it has merit.
        • Jan 30 2014: Thank you very much for the links!
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        Jan 30 2014: My pleasure Sklar....hope they are helpful:>)

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