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Tax free non-profit organizations

It is hard to understand any organization that makes 9 Billion a year as non-profit. That is the case of the National Football League. They pay Roger Goodell 29.6 million a year to manage that money. He then disperses it to the owners, and teams. Is doing this money laundering as the taxpayers are "cheated" out of hundreds of millions in taxes a year.

I only use the NFL as an example ... PGA, NHL, etc .. all have the same 501c3 agreements.

They are the true 1% that is never attacked or considered. They make 9 Billion a year not have a Billion dollars total over the years. That makes them many times richer than the wealthy but pay nothing. Taxes become necessary at the lower levels when the NFL makes payments out.

Should we reconsider the professional sports as charitable organizations or is this just a tax dodge.

This is also true of all college bowl games, and many other big money events.

This is easy to research ... look into it and express your thoughts.


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  • Jan 25 2014: I did not realize that but I am not at all surprised. Companies formed corporations to get out of liabilities, now they are not happy with paying any taxes at all so what is the next step? My guess is they will want all of us to work with no benefits and for nothing. Opps... they are already doing that aren't they! They just do it in another country that cannot defend it's self.
    Aren't these corporate people just special?
    I propose a bounty like we have with some of the other unwanted creators that disturb us in one way or another. Everybody ante up a dollar and winner take all. We could all go out for a thanksgiving hunt. Whoever bags the most get's to retire for life. Of course we will want to video tape it to make the next viral Youtube video.

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