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What would make a wonderful sustainable tourism destination?

People are tending to convert from mass touristic packages to more cultural and educative touristic destinations.
Sustainable tourism is a kind of tourism which helps a local community to progress economically, socially, and environmentally.
What kind of destinations could we propose?
What kind of activities, a tourist would want to perform, in a way that he can learn a new culture, discover new areas and at the same time contribute to aid its locals?
Please share ideas!

  • Jan 27 2014: Your own back yard.
  • Jan 26 2014: Home makes a wonderful sustainable tourism destination.When I found severe pollution in my hometown,I thought of immigrating to another place,but later I am aware of lots of things draw my leg to stay,they deserve me to abandon poisonous air and water,that's family's love,the land fed me grown up...So escaping not the way to solve any problem in our life.
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    Lejan .

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    Jan 24 2014: home
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      Jan 24 2014: wait, Lejan ., is that tourism?
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        Jan 24 2014: If you understand tourism as to see new things and to experience new cultures, then yes, it is tourism.

        If distance to home is your measure, then it wasn't.
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    Feb 17 2014: I agree with Bryan Maloney, "your own backyard"
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    Jan 30 2014: No, I'm a Landscape Engineer, but I'm currently working on a project involved in sustainable tourism, that's why I'm gathering info and brainstorming because it's my job to analyse and select destinations with interesting cultural elements. Will make sure to send you a link as soon as the website is ready.
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    Jan 30 2014: why are you interested in this topic, Joseph? are you a travel agent, or.....?
  • Jan 27 2014: Charleston, South Carolina.
    I know it is advertised as a big tourist destination, which it is, but, there is so much more than that. There are so many hidden gems right in plain site. The local marketplace off King st. is absolutely amazing. The locals are very welcoming and happy, can't blame them, the weather and the beaches are beautiful. Also very educational, self-explanatory.
  • Jan 26 2014: So I am a big book fan and in the alex rider books ( don't judge) there was a guy who was building a hotel in space. It dident work of course but it would be a cool thing to spend a few days in space
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    Jan 24 2014: Explanation continuation ... :o)

    As you asked for a 'wonderful sustainable tourism destination' the distance to that location becomes an issue. Flying half around the globe using current energy sources isn't sustainable and can therefore not be considered wonderful.

    If you believe in global warming as a result of the burning of fossil fuels, as I do, and if you understand 'sustainability' at its core meaning, globally, then it is of high importance how far one travels on vacation.

    So if its about to get in touch with new cultures, I can easily make friends with a multitude of people from all over the world which all happen to live in my home town to get to know and to learn from them. And in case friendship deepens, no distance separates us then, as well as it would have positively contributed to the integration process of 'foreigners' at the same time.

    If it is about to see something 'new', I found, that there is so much to discover in and close by home, that this alone would take me years to discover.

    So pretty much only weather and 'exotic' places (because 'exotic' people are already within reach) are a bit difficult to either manipulate or to get to, when one stays at home, yet when one does, it certainly is wonderful sustainable!
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    Jan 24 2014: well, Joseph, I'm very enamored of milk, so I'm quite aware of something called dairy tourism, where people can visit an aggregate of dairy farms, perhaps view the operations or even work on the farm. It seems good that it helps city folks reconnect with nature and with their food?
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      Jan 24 2014: That was helpful Greg, it made look into new horizons. Thank you...
      Its seems that you are fascinated by milk, i was reading through your profile, must be great living in the milky way :P
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        Jan 25 2014: so is there any kind of farm tourism in Lebanon, Joseph? Well, I certainly enjoy living on milk. Is it something you could ever see yourself doing?
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          Jan 25 2014: There is a farm in the Bekaa Valley called Taanayel, its amazing and it has many visitors throughout the year. I was there last month, i ate the best Labneh ever.
          You can google it im sure there are plenty of photos.
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        Jan 26 2014: did you go for overnight stay? What took you there, simple tourism? How did you choose that destination, perhaps it is affordable, or.....?
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          Jan 26 2014: I was on a wine tour with an NGO called "Baldati", im a member of this NGO and we constantly do tours and hiking events throughout Lebanon. Although Taanayel farms have nothing to do with wine, but its located in the Bekaa valley, which is well known for wine making.
          and by the way, im very enamored for wine...
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      Jan 24 2014: Have you ever made experiments with Kefir, Greg?
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        Jan 25 2014: kefir is manipulated somehow, Lejan .? I think I prefer the most natural milk, least tampered with, straight from the udder.

        By the way, Lejan ., is Germany a brutal country, there is much brutality in her history the last 100 years?
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          Jan 25 2014: Kefir is a 'symbiotic culture of yeasts and bacteria' and starts a fermentation process within milk. This not only forms a different taste, but is also known to have very positive effects on our digestion process, as it goes in harmony with the intestinal flora.

          Unfortunately brutality goes way deeper in history for my country than just the last 100 years, but during my lifetime I did not experience or encountered any more brutality here than in any other western country I visited.
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        Jan 25 2014: well, I appreciate the suggestion, Lejan .. I have the sense that I do best with milk when I just leave it alone. To me it is delicious as is, really a fantastic taste.