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What do you think about the role of international organisations in conflict situations?

The situation in Ukraine is explained by the influence of Russian authorities. The fact that Ukrine and Georgia are willing to join European Union and NATO has not been adopted by Russia. What do you think about the role of international organisations in this case? according to you, do they have an adequate reaction?

  • Jan 23 2014: Effectual international organizations work towards their own interests. They're not there to help you if you're not part of them, and therefore they only help when convenient. Competent, but not necessarily well meaning.
    On the other hand, we have the ineffectual international organizations, like the UN. Over sized committees that usually fail to take meaningful action because they involve too much conflicting interests. Well meaning, but rarely competent.

    Either way, its best to learn to rely primarily on yourself. That way, when the chips are down, your first line of defense will be someone you can count on.
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      Jan 23 2014: There is one thing, which is obvious for everyone: Russia is going to turn back communism again. We have seen what has done this regime to us... So, because of the fact that Russia's resources are very important for the Europe, it means that everyone should be quiet toward this evil politics..!
      I agree with you that UN bodies can not do anything...
      Than, who SAVES the world at last? the answer is bvious: no one.