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I'm proposing to create a charter school in Boston based on the ideas of Ken Robinson and Howard Gardner.

The charter school will be based on individualized attention to students, professional development of teachers and a curriculum based on skills needed for the 21st century. I have seen the incredible results on students learning when they are given individualized attention. In addition, the school I'm proposing will give meaningful professional development to teachers based on real classroom experiences. I'm looking for any and all feedback. Thank you.

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    Jan 23 2014: As so many schools, both public and private, are built on these concepts, you might want to start by visiting the association of charter school professionals in your state,, and visit the websites of its many charter schools. You will likely find features you want to emulate. You don't need to "reinvent the wheel" when it comes to building with such widely popular and widely applied ideas.

    Beyond charter schools, you could look at the websites of some of the nation's best private schools or their association. Here is a link to the big independent school association which, you will find, has the sort of ideas you describe in its mission and orientation:

    This is from the NAIS page:

    Howard Gardner is still at the Graduate School of Edication at Harvard, I believe, so I would expect he might have had particular influence in Boston-area schools over the thirty years since he presented his most famous work.
  • Jan 25 2014: You might want to replace force with attraction. That alone would be light years ahead of our present system.
  • Jan 24 2014: Hi John,I am interested in education,could you share more information about what are the ideas of Ken Robinson and Howard Gardner here?What motivate you so enthusiastic to build a school to focus on their ideas?Thank you:)