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Shahin Taghikhani

Energy Coordinator at TUV-NORD, University of Tehran

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What is the intersection of renewable energy and an individual person?

how can a system or such a device being made so that every individual would be able to affect renewable energy systems on their every day life. what would happen if every person could inject energy to the grid...like if every person have an device that could produce 5 WATT from renewable sources and he/she could inject that really easy to the grid. in this case we do not need any storage device for long time and high capacity. Imagine if every individual in this population could produce a little amount of electricity and send it to the grid, how much energy we would have?!


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  • Jan 29 2014: the store. seen plenty of great gadgets for harnessing renewable energy, some of them on here (favourite and most promising is http://www.ted.com/talks/bill_gross_on_new_energy.html), but what good are they when they can't be bought anywhere? sell it and they will come.
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      Feb 1 2014: would you buy it, if it was in an online store?
      • Feb 3 2014: no because i wouldn't be able to install it myself. don't have the tools or the expertise.
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          Feb 4 2014: what if it was simple enough that you could install it yourself without any tools ?!
      • Feb 4 2014: if it was simple enough to install, we wouldn't be able to connect it to the grid. this is the problem with this and so many ideas on TED, great ideas, no company implementing them.
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          Feb 4 2014: But I think it can be simple and user friendly enough to be connected to the grid by the user it self. It just needs some basic structures which private companies or governments should implement them. Imagine every area in a city has an central hub which let people who living in that area use a terminal to send power to the grid and then you can just connect your device your-self.

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