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Shahin Taghikhani

Energy Coordinator at TUV-NORD, University of Tehran

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What is the intersection of renewable energy and an individual person?

how can a system or such a device being made so that every individual would be able to affect renewable energy systems on their every day life. what would happen if every person could inject energy to the grid...like if every person have an device that could produce 5 WATT from renewable sources and he/she could inject that really easy to the grid. in this case we do not need any storage device for long time and high capacity. Imagine if every individual in this population could produce a little amount of electricity and send it to the grid, how much energy we would have?!


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    Jan 29 2014: I have heard of pressure pads that, when walked over, create energy - if they were in every tube station or even on every road, think of the amount of energy you could produce.

    Something I heard on a BBC World Service Radio programme, Click, were these renewable highways, where street lamps where powered by the wind created from a moving car. There are loads of other ideas that are being developped to create these smart highways: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p017k03w
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      Feb 1 2014: that's another thought too. Using car movements in highways to produce electricity.
      Can those pads be implemented under the shoe !?

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