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Shahin Taghikhani

Energy Coordinator at TUV-NORD, University of Tehran

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What is the intersection of renewable energy and an individual person?

how can a system or such a device being made so that every individual would be able to affect renewable energy systems on their every day life. what would happen if every person could inject energy to the grid...like if every person have an device that could produce 5 WATT from renewable sources and he/she could inject that really easy to the grid. in this case we do not need any storage device for long time and high capacity. Imagine if every individual in this population could produce a little amount of electricity and send it to the grid, how much energy we would have?!


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  • Jan 25 2014: Why create more slaves? The oil slave trade is simply buying up energy trade. New day, less pollution, but same slave trade. If we are ever going to change this world built on unrelenting greed we will have to stop feeding it. Stop giving them all your money and invest it back into the community or individual self sustaining resources. Bigger is NOT better, Bigger promotes bullies and force. Go back to the community for solutions.
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      Jan 25 2014: I am not saying create more slaves. I'm just saying if every person could inject power to grid every individual and can get paid exactly at the same moment like an ATM machine for food or transportation or other thing , then we motivated people to produce more electricity which could be used as soon as it come to grid and there is no need for storage . Of course there should be planning and corporation to install and backup this system but this system would be a way which, we use people greed about money to control their behavior about producing renewable energy. this would be an education too for people. one of the biggest problem for renewable energies nowadays is their ROR( Rate Of Return) in investment. but this system I think people would touch the return rate at the same moment.

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