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What is art? And why should we care what it is?

An old debate with new relevance. At a time when the value of an idea is paramount, creative programs are being marginalized or eliminated in our education system. Is this a paradox or a symptom of our disassociation from independent thinking because we have reached the saturation point of knowledge?

If our base level of knowledge has out stripped our ability to assimilate it, does creative thinking decrease in the general population (like a glass that has been filled to the brim)?


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    Feb 4 2014: Art brings attention to functionality be it aesthetic or figurative. It brings to view how much science exist around us. Art like beauty is in the eye of the beholder making it a great subject for debate. What are the standards, what is the criteria for what art should be or shouldn't?

    Art is context based, never always means what it presents, sometimes direct other times abstract, it could be worth a million words or interpretations. Art is living , our every day activities make up myriad of artistic expressions which in itself is art ( walking , talking, cooking, culinary gestures, dancing etc ).

    The world as we see it and experience is a work of art. Art makes science beautiful , art gives science form , art makes tomorrow exciting .

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