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What is art? And why should we care what it is?

An old debate with new relevance. At a time when the value of an idea is paramount, creative programs are being marginalized or eliminated in our education system. Is this a paradox or a symptom of our disassociation from independent thinking because we have reached the saturation point of knowledge?

If our base level of knowledge has out stripped our ability to assimilate it, does creative thinking decrease in the general population (like a glass that has been filled to the brim)?


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      Feb 2 2014: The comment to which this replied has been deleted leaving this for now as it does relate to other elements n this thread especially those pertaining to the "message" within art.

      This is very interesting and onto something. My friend Jane McCloskey ( daughter of Robert McCloskey..make way for ducklings etc.) started out exploring what informed her fathers private work, never seen by any of us,(still )t lead her into an exploration of sacred geometry in art that she has had an enduring attraction to. I hope her book on this will be published, its been fascinating to see that in finding the sacred geometry in the art she also finds keys to the meaning , the message in it that has engaged her with the work over time She seems to find the keys that unlock messages that speak to all of us for all time.

      Sacred geometry of course is the heart of all mathematics and all of creation. So there is, Jane has discovered, a connection between art and nature and the very structure of the universe through scared geometry.

      Also recently I found a quoe that said a longing for beauty is a longing for connection with the universe.
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        Feb 3 2014: Yes, Lindsay, I agree. Maths are the soul of creation, of Universe. And I agree with your friend's concept about art. I have a friend who is a dentist, and he, when designs a prosthesis,- tooth-, he ends his work adding, to the measures of the gap to be covered in patient's jaw, the Art of the mathematical rule of the 'golden ratio' to finish this tooth's design. Besides, in his clinic you always listen to Beethoven or Mozart. Nice, isn't?

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